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Just a Toy Part II

Tonight would be different. She could feel it deep inside; she wouldn't take it anymore. She was tired. Tired of his pained gazes and absent words. She sat unmoving on their bed, trying hard not to think. Still thoughts of her empty life continue to haunt her, not only while waking, but also in her dreams. A single tear slides down her cheek. She swiftly hides it away, much like her feelings. She feels weaker each time night draws near, knowing she isn't good enough for him... or anyone for that matter.

The paneled door slides open and he steps in, his cold black eyes surveying the pink haired beauty sitting like an angel upon his bed. He steps carefully along the hard wood floor, fearing one misstep would shatter his small illusion. The illusion that he was happily married to a woman that loved him in return. He finds himself before her. Jade eyes refuse to make contact, instead they seem fixed on the moon outside the bedroom window.

He takes a seat beside her. Feeling unworthy to be in the presence of such a woman. She was a powerful medic nin, the strongest woman he knew. Yet he didn't know. She was much like his illusion, what he thought he saw was never really there. He thought he saw a woman who loved him. He shattered that illusion long ago, when he left her sleeping on that bench.

His rough hands move up her soft arms. Still her eyes do not meet his. His left hand moves to her chin, gently turning her face to meet his. Her eyes are still downcast. He moves in to place a kiss upon her lips, hoping that one kiss will tell her that he needs her more than anything. Unlike each night before this one, she turns her head aside. He pulls back, uncertain. She stands, hiding the tears in her eyes. She walks to the dresser and pulls out her robe. She binds it tightly around herself, and leaves.

He sits upon their bed, wishing to undo the past.

She stands outside, looking at the distant moon. He does not see her. He only sees a woman. As her jade eyes scan the moon she thinks she hears her cold heart beating. It only beats for him, her reckless child of a husband. Beneath her china doll skin lies a broken and cracked soul. One that can never quite be healed. She thinks for a while on her life so far. It seems to be nothing compared to the world. She is, after all, just a tiny fragment of this large existence.

She married him. So she must, give him what he wants. She has nothing better to do with her life at this moment. He has needs. She will meet them.

She walks back into the room and looks upon her husband. His face seems distant and cold. Slowly and surely she takes off ehr clothes, her eyes never meeting his.

He looks upon his wife and sees only pain and sadness in her jade orbs. He approached her carefully. In a matter of seconds he is holding her closely. He strokes her hair soothingly, wishing to take away the pain in her tortured eyes. He leans in, his hot breath mixing with the cold air against her ear.

"I'm sorry Sakura." He pulls away, not looking her in the eye. "Forgive me."

His body swiftly pulls away from hers and without a second thought he steps to the door. He pauses for a moment and looks back at his wife. "I never meant to hurt you." He leaves the room, closing the door behind him.

She takes a seat upon their cold and loveless bed. A single tear slides down her broken face. Two words leave her damaged lips: "Thank you."

Life, to them, was like a reckless child playing a game.

Only this game would not end until both were broken beyond recognition.

Just shells of the beautiful porcelain dolls...

they once were.