Green Eyed Angel

Chapter 1: Morning Angel




Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Just touch my cheek before you leave me
Oh my baby
Just call me angel of the morning, angel
Then slowly turn away from me

Bonnie Tyler: Angel Of The Morning.




"Paging Doctor Haruno, Emergency Room 3." Came a loud voice from the overhead. A petite pink haired woman barely had time to take a sip of her fifth cup before wrinkling her nose and dropped her full cup of coffee into the nearby garbage can. Leaving the small cafeteria in a rush, she nearly missed her assistant, Hinata, who blushed and handed her a clipboard.

"This is the information for our next patient." Hinata said softly.

Sakura Haruno nodded as she quickly scanned the page briefly, her feet walking in fast pace toward the emergency room. Nearly every room in New England was full tonight due to a couple of accidents from the heavy storm. The storm came unexpectedly and Sakura was not surprised that many people had not been prepared for it. She herself had barely made it into the hospital before huge drops of rain along with thunders and lightings came crashing down flooding the roadsides. She was sure to hear that many houses and homes are flooded on the news by tomorrow. It was quite rare that New England had been hit with a storm this huge. Usually, the weather forecast took their time to warn the citizen at least a few days before to avoid any mishaps.

Thrusting into the emergency room, Sakura almost cringed at the sight of a young man, in his early twenties, laid on the table howling painfully as Tsunade, Sakura's mentor and her assistant Shizune tried their best to staunch the rapid blood loss from his upper body and limbs.

"Damn it, Sakura. I paged you hours ago." Tsunade snapped as she motioned for her to take her spot next to the bed. Sakura murmured her apology, mentally correcting Tsunade that it was merely five minutes ago, before donning her surgery gown and gloves and tackled the injury. It was fairly a deep wound, Sakura supposed. The story had been that the young man had been in a car accident where he was hit from both side forcefully, coupled in the fact that he was driving pretty fast for the weather, resulted in three fractured ribs, broken arms and a crushed leg. Sakura asked for a blood transfusion since he relatively lost a good amount of blood, mostly from the injury along with minor cuts that was too small to attend to at the time.

Five hours later, she was beyond exhausted as Sakura slumped into a chair tiredly. It was a little past midnight and the hospital had died down a bit, though some of her co-workers are still working on the newly admitted patients. She was supposed to be home hours ago since she was here since the early hour of six A.M.. Mentally dismissing the idea of going home since she did not think that her car could take in this weather anyway, she had asked Tsunade to extend her shift and had opted to stay the night at the hospital instead. She was used to small cramp spaces and learned to sleep and not complain on the small chair in the offices.

Since the night was far from over, Tsunade had accepted her request without questions asks like her usual self. Many nurses had not been able to make it for their shifts due to the weather since some had afternoon and evening shifts; the hospital staff was sure short-handed at the time, not that she was surprised. During her busy hours from running from one room to another, she had managed to steal a few minutes to take an update on the news. Traffics jammed on highways and floods already filled some houses to the ground. The town's deputy, Shikamaru and his team are having a rough night too. She made a mental note to call Ino since she knew that her best friend was not likely going to sleep at all tonight until her husband get home safely.

The windows shook from the forceful wind as she caught some glances of the trees swaying dangerously from side to side. She only hoped that the trees would stay in their places and not hit the hospital or the houses. Taking a small afghan from the sofa, Sakura covered herself from the slight breeze that the rain provided and settled herself on the sofa. She found herself unusually tired as soon as her back hit the couch; she succumbed to slumber almost immediately.




Sasuke Uchiha growled lowly in his throat as the heavy rain continued to beat down onto the windshield of his car. It was stupid of him not to check the weather and even more stupid by deciding to drive himself up to Maine instead of flying in. It was already two in the morning and he was far from his destination. He had opted to stay in a hotel when he found out that the storm was not going to stop until tomorrow, but the closest hotel was already booked out and another nearest one was twenty miles away. In this condition, he was moving extremely slow due to a couple of accidents happening ahead of the road and he could hear police cruisers and ambulances roaring, competing with the heavy storm.

Sasuke had mentally berated himself for being so stubborn, a trait that he was proud of. However, at this moment, he could not feel like he was bringing this upon himself. He could have waited for a flight tomorrow, his business was not urgent at all. If his big brother were here, Itachi would surely laugh his behind of for his predicament, annoying big brother that he was.

A little voice inside his mind spoke otherwise. Maybe it was the fact that his so called Fiancée, Karin, was pressuring him into marriage that he wanted to put off as long as possible. He had thought it over millions of time of his asking of Karin to be his wife. His parents, particularly his mother, was not thrilled of his choice of a bride, but had kept her opinion to herself. However, she did not hide the fact of her disapproval of Karin's behavior from time to time.

Then there was Karin herself. Sure, she was forceful and adamant of marrying into the Uchiha's family or fortune, whichever one it was. Nevertheless, she was so sure of her feelings toward him and he did tolerate her. Maybe it was because that he had spent almost five years with her and she had always satiated his lust and he was comfortable around her. He had very little doubt that she would make a good wife, not loyal, but decent wife, and that was all he asks for. Loyalty was not something he looked for in women since he know for sure that he was not able to love anyone aside from his family. Marriage was a duty to him and duty to him meant that he has to fulfill.

Stifling another growl, he spotted a steep narrowed lane and deciding that anything was better than being stuck in this horrible traffic, he instantly made a sharp turn toward the lane. He could possibly end up in a completely new state, but that was the least of his worry right now. Shaking his head to clear away the thought, he switched his eyes from the road and fiddled with the radio station from the current news into a soft classical music station.

It happened so quickly that he did not have time to react. A blinding light came at him suddenly before a loud crash was heard. Sasuke found himself pulled backward by the seatbelt as he car swerved uncontrollably, heading toward a tree trunk. He was still lightheaded from the sudden crash that he could not placed his foot, his injured foot on the break on time and he braced himself as his car collided with the tree. The impact had his head banged with the steering wheel and he was conscious enough to feel the trail of blood trickled down the side of his temple. He painfully moved his arms, unlocking the seatbelt before hauling himself out the door. He was aware in his state that the war was going to blow up soon and that he needed to get as far away as possible. Sasuke grunted painfully as he crawled across the dirt and seconds later, the loud explosion was heard throughout the area.




Sakura was jolted awake when a hand shook her shoulder and an urgent voice calling her name. Opening her eyes slowly, she came face to face with Hinata.

"Hey." He said sleepily as she rubbed her eyes to get rid of the sleepiness.

"We've got an emergency. Another car accident, six people heavily injured in room four, five, six and seven." Hinata said hurriedly. Sakura nodded as she quickly rushed out of the room in a flash, heading toward the destination.

She found that nearly every available doctor was called on. She ordered the scrubs and gloves to be placed one before heading out to her station just in time a patient was wheeled in by the paramedic. Sakura had just placed a mask on her face, as the patient transferred from the stretch onto the bed and four nurses was available to assist her through the surgery. Surely, Hinata was there at the side, reading injury information and rearranging the tools, while the other three nurses plucked the mask onto the patient's face and another sticking a tab to secure the heart to the monitor.

"Scalpel." Sakura said clearly, as the tool was placed on her hand. She made a clean A-line cut after the nurse wiped away the residue blood from the flesh. It was not a pretty sight and by far, this was the most difficult injury she had dealt with in a while. The patient had a heavy internal bleeding; broken ribs and the kidneys were touched. Sakura spared a glance toward the pale face of her patient and her heart squeeze. He was a young male, to young to loose his life, and like every session of surgery she had performed, Sakura vowed that she would try her hardest of her ability to secure the patient's life.

It was definitely a long surgery for Sakura and her team to performed but the patient's life was no longer in danger and Sakura could not be gladder. He was transferred to a regular hospital room for recovery. The head Surgeon looked haggard and sleepless after hours on her feet non-stop and Sakura felt sympathy toward her mentor. On the bright side, the morning came accompanied with rays of sunshine bursting from the hidden clouds of New England. It was a great change from the storm last night and the townspeople could not ask for a better day to deal with the aftermath the storm had caused.

Hinata had gone home to her husband and Sakura's best friend, Naruto this morning while Sakura herself had morning shift and patients to look after. The hard night had passed without anymore people brought in and that she was grateful for. She had recognized some faces of the people she had known and prayed that they were all right.

After her routine morning coffee and a doughnut, she took a clipboard from the pile on the desk and went to check on her first patient of the day. She stopped before room two-thirteen, knocked softly on the door before pushing the handle, and went inside. The face of Mrs. Maurice greeted her as the old woman smiled radiantly.

"Good morning, Annie. How are you this morning?" Sakura asked sweetly as she went to stand beside her.

"Feeling much better than yesterday. I think it is time for me to go home, Doc. My granddaughter, Jenny is performing her ballet recital tonight and I can't miss it."

Sakura smiled softly. "Of course you can't, Annie." She checked Annie's status on the chart and smiled. "Lucky you, you're doing much better since last week, but take a nice rest before going out tonight, and don't overexert yourself." Sakura advised.

"Of course, Doc. Thank you for taking care of me this past week." Annie said gratefully.

"You're very welcome, and say hello to little Jenny for me to." Sakura said before bidding her goodbye and wrote on the status sheet for her to check out today. Passing it to the nurse, she murmured a thank you before picking up another chart.

This goes on until she was disrupted from one of the nurses from the fourth floor. Sakura took in her nervous facial expression and immediately asked what was wrong.

"It's the patient in room four-twenty." She said hesitantly. "We can't control him, so if you could…"

Sakura nodded her head. "I see. Where's is Tsunade-shishou?"

"Tsunade-sama is in a meeting."

"All right. Can you get someone to cover the next patient for me?" Sakura asked before getting into an elevator and pressed the fourth floor.

Upon exiting the elevator, a loud crash was heard and squeals of voices could be heard from the room four-twenty. Sakura hurried her pace as she half run, half-jog toward the commotion.

"What is going on here?" Sakura asked, raising her voice to be heard. A few nurses instantly shut the door and breathed heavily.

"The patient demand to be removed from the hospital immediately, Doctor." One nurse explained, Melanie, as Sakura read the tag pinned to her uniform. "It's impossible since he just had a surgery last night. Doctor, you operated on him so maybe you could talk to him or calm him down a bit?" she pleaded. "Please doctor, he's scaring away all the nurses."

Sakura heaved a sigh. She had many more patients to visit and this was not her floor. Since Tsunade was not here at the moment, she was considered the next best thing giving that she was trained by Tsunade herself. Sakura knew that she had inherited more than her skills but also her methods of dealing with patients and also her temper. Giving Melanie a nod, the nurse sagged with relief as she jogged away from the room.

Sakura gripped the doorknob firmly as she secured her feature, pasting a smile on her face, and opened the door. She came face to face with a pair of annoyed onyx eyes that seemed to want to burn her alive with his gaze alone. She remembered him all right, bloody face and one hell of an injury. Now in the light, no blood marring his face, his matching shiny black hair spiked in many different directions but it suited him just fine.

"Hello. I am Doctor Haruno. How are you today?" Sakura introduced herself with a smile but the man only narrowed his gaze in return. "I heard you have something on your mind." She ventured innocently enough as her eyes scanned his wound over. The bandage needs to be replaced and the wounds needed cleaning also.

"I want to leave." He commanded harshly. Sakura was taken back but she kept her face calm. He was sexy all right, but what a mean guy. Sakura slapped herself as she caught herself checking the patient out.

'Must be the lack of sleep and too many cups of caffeine.' She thought absently.

"I'm sorry, but you have to stay a bit. You're injuries are not even healed yet and you had just a surgery not many hours ago." Sakura amended.

"I want to leave now." He stated once more forcefully.

'Okay, mean and stubborn. Just my luck that I am stuck with him.' Sakura stifled a sigh as she pasted on her smile again. "I'm sorry, but you can't. Mr…?" Sakura raised a brow when he did not fill her in of his name. "Ano…what is your name?" Sakura asked looking at the man on the bed. He furrowed his brow a bit but did not offer any answers. Sakura strutted toward the edge of the bed and took out the clipboard that usually contains the patient's name and general information. She scrunched her brows together when a blank met her gaze. Thinking that the nurse had forgotten to filled in, she took a pen from the white coat and prepared to fill in.

"Your name, sir?" Sakura asked, her fingers poised above the sheet.

"…I don't know." He replied softly as Sakura looked at him perplexed.

"I don't remember." He muttered as Sakura's lips took a shape of an 'O'.

Damn! She was so looking forward to lunch too!








Author's note: Okay, so I finally sat my tush down and watched all of the Naruto's episodes available. I felt that I get to know the characters better now and that somehow, I could write them in their original characters without being so OOC.

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