Chapter 2: Bad Day


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Because you had a bad day
You're taking one down
You sing a sad song just to turn it around
You say you don't know
You tell me don't lie
You work at a smile and you go for a ride
You had a bad day
The camera don't lie
You're coming back down and you really don't mind
You had a bad day
You had a bad day

Daniel power: Bad Day.




Sakura stared at the man in front of her with an expression of something akin to shock as his stare turned into a glare. Sakura blinked and licked her dry lips. Okay, so far she had established that he had amnesia and that he was still mad or annoy, whichever one it was. She did a double check on the chart but nothing was written except his current state, which she took a wild guess that the nurse had hurriedly jotted down while he was resting. Biting her lips, she was contemplating whether to let Tsunade handle the situation once she gets back or just take the matter into her own hand and just test him herself.

"Do you remember anything?" Sakura tried another approach as she took a seat on the chair near the bed. He continued to glare at her but shook his head no.

"No name, no address or where you came from?" she persisted and he let out a low growl that had her raised her brows.

"Okay. A simple no would suffice." Sakura muttered underneath her breath as she wrote more notes down onto the paper.

"Hn." He replied as he turned his eyes to look out the window. Sakura reminded herself that she needs to deal with this matter calmly and respectfully since, he did not remember anything about his past. She guessed that she would be frustrated too.

"Okay. Tsunade should be back soon and I will have her take a look at you." Sakura said finally as she stood up getting ready to leave. His onyx flashed back to her almost mockingly.

"Aren't you a doctor? Why can't you do it?" he asked coldly.

Sakura narrowed her gaze just a tiniest bit but her professional smile remained in place. "Because the patients in the fourth floor are recovering from surgery and Tsunade takes care of them personally."

"Is this Tsunade a doctor?" he continued as if he did not notice her explanation.

"An excellent doctor." Sakura replied immediately.

"Then it is reasonable that she should hired an intelligent doctor as her staff, isn't it correct?"

Sakura was speechless. She does not know whether to take it as a compliment or an insult. Was he deeming her worthy or indirectly calling her a liar? She reminded herself to calm down. It looked like the said man was not going to back down and if she looses her temper as well; it will all go downhill from here. Keeping her smile in place, she tried another approach. "That's reasonable, but unless Tsunade direct an order, my hands are tied and I am unable to do anything. It seemed that you are not in so much pain. The painkiller should take affect soon and you will be resting for a while. Besides, with your injuries, I'm surprised that you are able to move and talk this much."

"I don't want to go back to sleep." He bit out bitterly. Sakura was beyond her control and she wanted nothing more to do with this unreasonable man. It was as if she was dealing with a bear with a soar tooth or a child with no presents under a tree during Christmas season. That is it. It clicked in her mind. He was doing all of this on purpose. Men in pain are so predictable. Sakura decided that by fighting fire with fire would not put out the flames.

"If you stay awake, you'll be writhing in agony." She said her tone gentle. He seemed to calm down a bit. Encouraged, Sakura continued. "We'll try to get in contact with your family."

"Che." He said before leaning back against the bed. Sakura helped him by fluffing up his pillow and handed him a glass of water. He took a sip, handed back to her grudgingly as she took it, and placed it on the rolling cart.

"Someone will be here to check up on you once you're awake." She said with a smile before walking out of the room. The nurses piled in front of the door, ears pressed against the wooden door closely. They blushed when Sakura abruptly opened the door with more force than usual.

"We…didn't hear any screaming and…wanted to know if you're okay, Doc." One of the nurses mumbled as the others nodded mutely. Sakura suppressed a smile. They were much older then her, some with kids of their own, but when a hot new patient arrived, they bunched together like gossiping grandmas. Sakura found it as an amusement. Of course, the only reason was probably the fact that he was from another town and young.

"I need a nurse stationed for him and it seemed that he might have caught a case of amnesia. Please report this to Tsunade-shishou about this." Sakura said before walking toward the elevator ignoring the opened mouth nurses who stared after her then piled against the window to see their troublesome but hot young patient asleep.

"How does she do it?" one voice asked in amazement.

"Sex appeal." Another answered before the whole crowd of nurses went back to their job.




Sakura opened the lock to her house and went inside after picking up two days worth of mail from the mailbox. Nothing but bills and more bills. Closing the door gently, she closed the door and head straight for the bathroom. Adjusting the water temperature, she poured in some bath soap and waited for the water to rise to the right height. Getting rid of her garbs, she stepped into the warm water and sighed contentedly.

It seemed just like yesterday since she graduated from Maine Medical School. It took her only seven years to graduate with the top ten percent of her class and she could not be more proud of herself. Of course, having the legendary Tsunade taking her under her wing was an added bonus. Sakura reminisced over her training with Tsunade and shivered. She had stayed up most the day and night studying verbally and memorized each medicine from modern pills to the ancient herbs. It was harsh especially when it comes to dissecting human flesh. Of course, she had practiced on deceased people who had donated their body for scientific purposes, but when she first graduated from college and a young intern at the hospital, she had operated singled handedly, with a few points from Tsunade, on a gunshot wound and saved the man's life. It was that moment that she felt something close to relief and happiness of her heart. Tsunade had explained that she was a natural talent, but no natural talent could be perfect if it was not put to practice. Sakura did just that and managed to graduate early with a master degree in the medical field.

She knew that she could make a lot more money than the hospital could offer in Maine. Of course, when in comes to money, California and New York offered the most salary but Sakura found that she lived comfortable in New England surrounded by her friends and the people she knew since she was little. It was more comforting than making triple her regular salary.

She decided to rinse herself since she has just enough time to eat lunch and catch a few hours of nap before heading back to the hospital for her evening shift. Some might called her crazy for spending almost every waking minute of her life in the hospital but they could not be more wrong. It had become her second home and more often than not, Sakura found herself bored at her house aside from when she has done sleeping. She actually found it a waste of time to sit on her behind while people are being injured.

Wrapping herself in her fluffy pink terry cloth bathrobe, she shivered fro the cold before combing her long pink hair with her fingers and letting it dry while she search for something to eat. Walking barefoot to the kitchen, she grimaced when she opened her fridge and it was empty saved from a carton of orange juice and a few chewy bars. She had not done food shopping for days since she eats out at the hospital and small restaurants for the past three weeks. Her mother would surely berate her if she found her daughter lacking nutrition.

The shrilling of the telephone cut through the silence. Sakura took one of the chewy bars, unwrapped the plastic before biting off the first bite, and chewed it as she walked toward the phone. Lifting the device, she placed it next to her ear.


"Ne Sakura-chan, Hinata said that you've been at the hospital for days." A loud voice broke through and Sakura resisted the urge to giggle. Her best friend was never going to change even though he was married.

"Somewhat inaccurate information. Only two days, Naruto." Sakura corrected.

"Bah! Tell that Tsunade-baachan to let her other worker help out too." Naruto complained over the phone.

"They did help out." Sakura pointed out patiently as she took another bite off the bar.

"Anyway, Hinata wants you to come over since you don't have food in you apartment." Naruto continued.

"How'd you know that?" Sakura asked with a quirked brow.

"Because we've got a camera installed in your kitchen." Naruto replied sarcastically.

Sakura laughed. "Okay. I'll be there in a bit."





Sasuke directed his glare toward the nurse in menace as she kept on chattering about god knows what. He was at the edge of his patient because of several reasons, one of them be that he could only remember his first name because the nurse had found a handkerchief inside the pocket of his trouser! It was preposterous. He did not even remember why he was in this place.

Second, where was the other Doctor? At least he could tolerate her presence. Not that he liked her or anything but, she did not seem to babble on non-stop like the nurses that he came in contact with. This had turned out to be a very bad day and if someone does not remove this creature in white nursing outfit, he was liable to kill. More of himself than others.

The door creaked opened as an older blond woman stepped in with a clipboard and a frown on her face.

"You're Sasuke, right?" she said absently as she flipped the pages over. "It seemed that Sakura was right. You do have a case of amnesia." She muttered and Sasuke caught the name Sakura.

"Hn." He replied. 'No shit.' He thought inside his mind.

"We can't get in contact with any of your family members since we have no identity of you whatsoever."


"Your car and your belongings were burned beyond recognition when your car exploded and nothing was left to be identified." She continued.


A vein appeared dangerous over Tsunade's forehead as she waited for anything beside the 'Hn.' Sound he was currently making.

"You also lost your ability to form coherent sentences also, I see." She remarked and got his narrowing glare as an answer.

"Melanie, a word please." Tsunade said as she stepped outside the door with Melanie followed suited. As soon as the door closed, Tsunade turned to asked.

"Have you been dealing with this all day?"

"Not really. Doctor Haruno came by this morning and managed to calm him down until the painkiller kicked in and he seemed more interactive towards her." He replied.

Tsunade grinned. She was not in the mood dealing with patient who are not going to cooperate and the young man inside was definitely one of those. Since he had taken a liking toward Sakura, the problem had solved itself.

"All right. Just keep him at bay until Sakura gets here." Tsunade said before walking toward the elevator.

"Yes ma'am"




Sakura shrugged on her white coat as soon as she got into the hospital and clocked in. after a hearty and joyful lunch at Naruto, she was stuffed as a turkey on Thanksgiving Day and was on full energy to get to work.

Walking out of the changing room, she went in search for Tsunade. She hoped that the nurse had sent in a request for the scanning of the patient. Greeting a few passing by nurses and co-worker with a warm smile, she knocked on the front office of Tsunade and went in when she heard a slight ruffle from the inside.

"Ah, Sakura. I was looking for you earlier." Tsunade said absently as she did not look up from the screen of the computer.

"What about?" Sakura asked as she took a seat across from Tsunade.

"The patient, Sasuke I believed." Sakura nodded as she recognized which one she was talking about. "I was in contact with Chief Nara this morning and it turned out that this Sasuke had no immediate relative that we could get in contact of. No information whatsoever. It looks like we're going to have to keep him until he regains his memory back."

"He could be from anywhere." Sakura murmured.

"Exactly. By the way, Melanie requested a patient change. Her current one is giving her deep migraine and she was thinking of filing in a law suit."

Sakura winced. "That bad huh?"

"Bad is not the word I would use but close. I heard that you are the only one who could handle him." Tsunade continued.

Sakura got a bad feeling about this. She was not going to face the incorrigible man if she could help it. "So I assigned you to be his doctor until he recovers from amnesia."

"Eh?" Sakura asked in surprised. "You're kidding right?"

Tsunade gave her one of her look of 'Do-I-look-like-I'm-telling-a-joke?'

"But…" Sakura protested weakly.

Tsunade leaned back against the chair with a sigh. "Sakura, I would love to drop him off on the nearest police station or even a bus stop, but his wounds are barely closing up. Think of it as a personal favor for your dear old mentor." Tsunade said seriously. "Who knows? Maybe you'll get used to him."


"Sakura, I know that you have this special ability to help people in need. You have done a great job so far and I am glad that you are a part of my staff. Are you going to turn your back on a patient who really needed your skill during his hard time?"

Sakura bit her lips. "No." she finally answered weakly.

Tsunade's face stretched into a grin. "I knew you wouldn't. Anyway, it's best that you go check on him."

Sakura nodded before getting up from the chair and walked toward the door. Her fingers poised inches from the doorknob. "Shishou, can I ask you something?"


"Why are you giving in the demand of this particular patient? Normally, you would not bother to go to this extent to assign any personal doctor for just a patient."

"Who knows…" Tsunade replied just as she turned back to the screen. Sakura exited the door when she did not get any real answer.

Tsunade leaned back and grinned as soon as she heard the door closed. Right there on her screen, the name Sasuke Uchiha was seen along with his pictures.




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