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Tales of Pokemon

Kratos lost the intro script... He "..."ed, which meant something not-so-nice...

"Lloyd! Ugh! Bulbasaur, use bullet seed!"

"Gah!" Lloyd awoke with the patter of seeds on his face.

Raine sighed. "Let's have someone else answer the question. Genis, how about you?"

The kid stood up. "This world is filled with creatures called pokemon. Some keep them for pets, others use them for battling. Some even ask them to help their owners."

"Correct. You can catch and tame these creatures with this," Raine held up a pokeball. "It is designed capsule style. You weaken the wild pokemon by draining it's Hp or inflicting a status effect, then throw the ball." Raine passed out five pokeballs to each student. "Use this for research, the shop owners will also sell them. Like Genis said, people use pokemon to battle and aid their owners, but there are also people misusing them, primary Team Rocket."

"Team Rocket was sealed away after Mithos had formed a pact with the Goddess Martel." Colette just said.

"Correct. The chosen receives a blessed pokemon, and they serve two purposes: Regenerate the world and seal away Team Rocket."

"But the De-Team Rocket is here again!"

"When the seal weakens, Team Rocket reappears."

Genis counted down silently. Three...Two...One...

A blinding flash came from the temple. Lloyd started, "WHAT IS THIS OMINOUS LIGHT THAT-" and was stopped by a death glare from Regal, who randomly appeared then left.

"Settle down, it seems like the oracle has come. I'll go check! Muhahaha!" Raine ran off before anyone could protest.

Lloyd walked toward the door, and would have went to the temple if not stopped by a certain person.

"Lloyd! Where are you going?!"

"Chill out, it's research. Colette, you comin' too?"

The blond girl nodded. "I'll go if you're going!"

"Fine." Genis groaned.

So the group headed to the temple.

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