Tales of Pokemon: Semi-Bonus chappie!

Since I couldn't access the Internet for months, there was a huge lack of updates. But I'll make up for that. See, this story lacks references to other stories ever since Fred the Cricket (just of the heck of it, bear with me) so I'm holding a "Contest". You can let one of your OC's pass by, noticed only by pokemon or not, and let them do whatever you want. There will be one visit per two chapters, and tell me via either review or PM (though I don't check my PM often). Now, onto the bonus!

(Before the events of Chapter nine...)

"Go! Pokeball!" the said ball shook once, twice, thrice... "Gotcha!"

"Her luck is amazing!"


"On the first try every time!

"Just look at that!" shouted the CM. "Colette Brunnel has just succesfully caught the twelfth pokemon! Her flawless catches bring her to first place, over Kratos Aurion!"

In the crowds, guess who? Yep, Pronyma and Forcystus. "Snow Cones! The necessary refreshment in the desert! Get your Snow Cones here!"

The MC spoke again. "We now offer our pokemon catching champion this rare pokemon."

"Thank you everyone!" Said Colette.

"And this brings an end to the Annual Pokemon Catching Contest in Triet!"

"Let us go now."

"Okay Mr. Kratos!"

(Ten minutes later...)

Lloyd drags Genis' body, not without effort, into Triet. "Aw... Man... He's... Heavier than I thought... Oh sh- Team Rocket!"