Chapter 1: The First Meeting

Around the high trails of the cursed Jusenkyo Springs, Ryoga Hibiki only had one thing on his mind, get revenge on Ranma Saotome his rival. He is mad at Ranma for playing tricks on him when they went to an All Boy's school together especially stealing bread from him as well. Ryoga will never stop until Ranma is dead.

Then suddenly he saw a big Panda running at him. Ryoga was skilled enough to dodge it without a problem. "Get back here Pop!" cried out a Red Haired girl with a pigtail. Ryoga was too slow to notice her quick enough. And then the girl crashed into Ryoga and their lips locked into one another.

Both were equally shocked of this. But this felt really good to Ryoga and he made the locking of the lips into a kiss. He even reached his arms around the Red head to comfort her.

But the Red Head AKA Ranma was not in a mood for any kisses. In her mind she was screaming that she was actually being kissed by a guy. Her body however was reacting against what she was thinking. The body was enjoying the kiss and her arms wrapped around behind Ryoga's neck.

After a while they let go to catch their breath. Ranma then looked up and realized that her rival Ryoga kissed her. So the only thing best she can think of is running away to catch up with her Panda father. "Wait! Can you please tell me your name before you go?" asked Ryoga.

Ranma stopped and turned to face Ryoga. "My name is Ranko" lied Ranma. Then she ran off. She hoped that she will never have to run into her rival again.

After that Ryoga went back to his business in searching for Ranma. He went down where the springs were and met up with the guide. "You are lucky that the girl did not bump you into springs, they are cursed" said the guide.

"So they are cursed, eh? Well I guess I should thank Ranko for that" said Ryoga. Then after a while Ryoga forgot about looking for Ranma and now wants to try to find Ranko to thank her.

To Be Continued…

Author's Notes: Thankfully in this fanfiction Ryoga never gets cursed by Ranma. I am thinking of using various episodes to continue this fanfiction. Can anyone give me some good ideas for future chapters? Just sent me PMs of the ideas.