This is told purely from my perspective and I've taken liberties with things such as Eddie NOT being Sam's father and Eddie's full name.

Six months. Eddie thought with some amazement. It was kind of unbelievable that he went from not being able to sustain a relationship for more than two weeks to being with a woman for six whole months. He was taking some ribbing from the guys – they couldn't help be amazed at what they perceived to be Janet's accomplishment. He smiled at the thought because not only had he attained this rare Eddie Latekka feat, he also realized that he was, for the first time in a very long while, an incredibly happy guy.

While he knew remembering anniversaries was more of a girl thing, he had this occasion on his mind for a reason. He'd been thinking about what it meant to be in this relationship a lot lately, and he also realized that he was more than just a little attached to Janet.

Eddie had made reservations for him and Janet tonight – at the site of their first date, Hugo's Hideaway. And, this time, he took it a step further by also making a reservation at a bed and breakfast not too far from the restaurant. That reminded him, it'd take away from a surprise a bit, but he'd have to remember to tell her to pack a bag. All in all, he was pretty proud of himself for remembering this anniversary and for the plans he had made for their first overnight trip together. He had even brought her a small present and some roses. He put the roses in the back seat, and placed the small box in his glove compartment before driving towards Best Friend's Windows.

As he drove, he thought more on their relationship. The subject of where they were at in their relationship hadn't come up all that much, but every once in a while Eddie would have flashes of them, still together, ten years from now. He was beginning to think about what it would be like to be married to her, to have children with her. Just flashes, nothing concrete and, as flashes do, these thoughts came and went very quickly.

But, he knew one thing for certain. He didn't want any secrets between him and Janet messing up this good thing that they had going on. Ruining his happiness.

One thing that he could remove as an obstacle was the secret that he and Hannah had once had sex. He knew what had happened all those years ago between him and Hannah had nothing to do with Janet, but he still felt she had a right to know about it. He knew Janet had come into their relationship with a strong understanding of his past and a good idea of how many women he had slept with. But it was an odd dynamic for him thinking about Hannah and Janet being best friends and Janet being in the dark about this small piece of history between him and Hannah.

Lord knows he'd tried to get through to Hannah before. However, back then, it was more about his friendship with Nick - and about Eddie's need to admit a past sin to his former best friend. And, he still did care about that. But this was more about his relationship with Janet now.

Over the years Eddie had thought that he had made his peace with the whole thing. He knew, due to timing and a paternity test, which he had insisted on, that Sam wasn't his kid. But, he really wanted to air this out with Janet, and with Nick, about that summer and why he and Hannah ever got together in the first place. Nick could wait, but he didn't want to wait any longer to tell Janet. It was eating at him a bit and he believed that the closer they got, the deeper their feelings became, the harder it would be to get this out in the open.

When he pulled in front of Best Friend Windows, he picked up his cell phone and called Hannah. He was surprised when she actually picked up. "Hello Eddie. What's up?" Hannah asked with a bit of annoyance in her voice. Eddie ignored her tone and said, "I have to talk to you Hannah. Things have changed. Please meet me at the diner in an hour."

"Come on Eddie, what's changed? You and I have nothing to talk about, remember?" Hannah wasn't going to be easy to convince, but he said something he hadn't said before, "Yeah, we do. Meet with me for Janet's sake. I'm going to tell her that you and I slept together all those years ago, and I'm giving you a chance to be a part of that conversation."

Knowing her friendship with Janet had been strained lately Hannah saw no choice in the matter, so she gave in and agreed to meet up with Eddie. "Okay, one hour. But, Eddie, think about it. This is ancient history, are you sure you want to go there?"

Eddie didn't answer. He just hung up the phone, still convinced of what he had to do.

When Hannah parked in front of the diner, she could see him through the window. Eddie had already ordered, it looked like a hamburger and fries, and he was seemingly oblivious to the fact that anyone would be joining him. She walked in and plopped herself down on the other side of the oversized booth. She leaned forward, arms crossed, speaking low but direct to Eddie as he continued to plow through his lunch.

"Okay, Eddie. I'm here. But, before you say anything you have to listen to me. Nothing good will come out of telling Janet about something that happened between us a lifetime ago. Come on, she's in such a good place, I've never seen her so happy. I've never seen you this happy. Is it worth the risk?" Hannah implored.

Eddie didn't buy for one moment that Hannah was making this plea on Janet's behalf. It seemed to him that self-preservation was a much stronger force with her. "Hannah, it shouldn't be a big deal. Janet is going to understand if we tell her now. After all, as you said, it was a lifetime ago. It was just sex. But she sure as hell is going to care if she finds out, say a year from now, that we didn't care enough about her to tell her." Eddie paused slightly, realizing he was talking to Hannah about his relationship with Janet in terms of years. "Like I said before, this is a small town. Nothing stays secret forever around here."

It had sounded pretty reasonable in his head when he was thinking it through, even if he had some doubts about Janet's possible reaction.

Hannah sat back in the booth and took in what Eddie was saying. She didn't like it the last time he uttered those words and she didn't like them now. She didn't want to think about what this secret could mean to Janet and how she might react. More than anyone, including Eddie, Hannah knew how deep Janet's insecurities went. What happened between Hannah and Eddie was years ago. But it occurred to Hannah, on more than one occasion, that cluing Janet in when Janet first began to date Eddie – before he proved he could be a good boyfriend to her – might have been a good idea.

Hannah stared down Eddie for a moment and continued, "Well, she's going to be okay with you Eddie. Janet's always been very aware of your past. But, it's different with me Eddie. I had a chance to tell her before you guys ever went on a date about what happened between you and me, and I just couldn't go there. And, to make matters worse, I really hurt her feelings a few weeks back. We're finally talking again, but it's just not the same right now." Hannah drew a breath and continued softly with raw honest emotion, "I miss my best friend and I'm really scared to give her another reason to be mad at me." This, Eddie believed.

"What happened between you guys anyway? I figured it had something to do with me fighting with that idiot Matt Lausch, but Janet never told me what really went down between the two of you." Eddie had been trying to get this information out of Janet because he knew it had hurt Janet's feelings - even if she tried to hide it but she refused to discuss it with him.

"What do you think happened? I defended Ray… and Matt, and she was naïve enough to defend you. We both said some hurtful things. It wasn't good." Hannah replied.

"Are you kidding me? You defended Matt? Are you a moron?" Eddie replied with disgust in his voice. He lost his appetite and pushed his plate of food away.

At that moment the waitress came over "Can I get you guys anything?"

"No thanks. We're fine." Hannah hastily replied. The waitress caught on to the tension between the two customers, so she took Eddie's plate and left them alone as quickly as she could.

"Nice, Eddie." Hannah squinted at Eddie and continued, "Ray told me what went down at Best Friend's Windows that day. I can understand your having a problem with Ray, after what he did to your landscaping business and all, but why the heck would you hurt Matt? What could he possibly have done to warrant being on the wrong side of your fist?"

Eddie started to fume. He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He'd kept this inside all this time. He told the guys something had gone down – but for Janet's sake he never got into the details.

Eddie laid it all out for Hannah.

"Give me a break, Hannah. You've got to understand. I've never told Janet exactly what happened that day because what Lausch said'd hurt her feelings. But, here's the thing – you know I can't stand Ray, that's not going to change any time soon, but Lausch? He was a complete and total jerk that day." Eddie paused and took a sip of his drink, before continuing.

"First Lausch started in on my business failure. And that was fine. I could handle that. I just wanted them to leave. But, then, he continued to try to get me going by giving Janet a hard time. And, Hannah, don't think for a minute Ray didn't have a hand in this. He didn't say anything, but everyone knows that Lausch is his puppet." Eddie didn't want to repeat the words, but he went on "So Lausch says 'Dating Janet is like eating pizza with a knife and a fork, it's just something you just don't do unless you really have to.' And it wasn't just the words; it was his tone, his intent. Hannah, I couldn't let him get away with saying something so rude, and completely untrue, about my girlfriend, so I decked him."

Hannah's jaw dropped just a bit.

But so did Janet's. Neither Eddie nor Hannah had seen her walk in.