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Things You Should Never Do Concerning Your Crush

1. draw little hearts around his name on your homework, especially when you know that he is going to end up borrowing it.


"…And then there will be a book report due next Tuesday. The directions are the same as last time. Just remember that you must include quotes from the book and…"

School could be so boring sometimes.

Sakura Kinomoto sat in her seat in the way back of the classroom, bored out of her mind, as Terada-sensei's voice continued to drone in the background. She knew that she ought to listen more, especially during math, which she was currently failing. But all those numbers and formulas and operations and solving for x and all that… Sakura really couldn't bring herself to pay attention.

So what did she do instead of listening? Daydream about Syaoran, of course. Ah… Li Syaoran. The popular. The hottie. The smart guy. Well, maybe not that smart, but at least he wasn't failing.

In other words, Syaoran was the guy that every girl in the school liked, no, loved, including Sakura. He was the perfect. And he sat right behind her during class.

But do I really love him? Sakura often pondered this simple yet complex question. All the other girls claimed to be madly in love with him, but she highly doubted that. Most likely, they just all like him for his charm and looks. But what about me? Am I no different from the rest of them?

Sakura wished that that were not the case. She wished that she actually was in love with him, and this was not just some childish crush. I mean, she practically thought about him 24/7. She only came to school because she knew that he would be there. She went to sleep knowing that she would be able to see him again tomorrow. And she dreamed about him too. Not every night, but when she did, it always felt so… good… to be with him, even if it wasn't real.

As Sakura thought about these things for the umpteenth time, she had absent-mindedly picked up her pencil and started drawing little hearts on her homework paper, which was sitting in front of her, waiting to be collected, and finished each one by writing "Syaoran" in the middle.

She sighed, closing her eyes. He was so cute… so handsome… too handsome… His messy brunette hair, his captivating amber eyes…

"Oi, Kinomoto!" a voice that was unmistakably Syaoran's whispered, knocking Sakura completely out of her little dream world.

"H-Hai?" Sakura responded, her heart pounding so loud that she was afraid the class might be able to hear it.

"Can I borrow last night's homework really quickly?"

"Hai! Y-yes, of course!" She quickly handed him her homework while Terada-sensei had his back turned.

Sakura let out a big breath that she did not know she was holding. It seemed that every time Syaoran talked to her, or even looked at her, her heart would beat twice as fast, her mouth would dry up, her face would go totally red, and her body would stop working.

So was it love? Sakura was still not sure.

"…Now I will be collecting the homework from last night. Please have it out on your desk." Terada-sensei's 'speech' seemed to have finally come to an end, and Sakura had hardly heard any of it. Oh well. She could always ask Tomoyo later.

"Oi, Kinomoto. Arigatou." Syaoran's voice chased her thoughts away once more as he handed her back her homework. "And Kinomoto…"

"Hai?" Sakura hadn't meant to make say it so squeaky.

"You should really pay a little more attention to what you do."


Just then, Terada-sensei walked by and picked up their homework.

I wonder what he meant by that?

The next day…

"Alright, I will be passing back the homework assignment that I collected yesterday," Terada-sensei announced. "It seems that everyone did pretty well on it, but there are a few that I want to go over today during class."

Sakura sat there, not paying attention, as usual.

But when she was given back her homework, Terada-sensei said something a little weird to her. "I believe there was something on here that you did not mean for me to see?"

Sakura's eyes widened, utterly confused. What could he be talking about? She scanned her memory for hints of what she might've written on it, but she had no recollection whatsoever. What if Syaoran… wait, Syaoran? Her eyes went even bigger than they already were. She flipped her paper over, and surely, it was there – the little hearts she had unconsciously drawn around Syaoran's name.


The whole class turned around and stared at her.


"Is there something wrong?" Terada-sensei asked with a concerned expression on his face.

"N-no, iie, it's nothing!" Sakura replied hastily, thoroughly embarrassed. "Gomenasai… sorry…"

She let out a sigh of relief as the rest of the class went back to doing whatever they were doing, but soon went back to her previous state of panic.

Syaoran had seen it too, hadn't he? He must've, when he'd borrowed it. Maybe this was what he was referring to when he had said that she should pay a little more attention to what she did?

This was too messed up to be true. So she pinched herself. Ouch. Okay fine, so maybe it was true.

But Sakura would not accept this. Absolutely not. Who would be so stupid as to let her crush find out that she liked him in such a pathetic way? No one. Well, no one except herself.

She scanned her paper once more. Indeed those hearts were still there, seemingly taunting her about her foolishness.

But then, something caught her eye. In the very corner of the paper, someone else had written something.

Her heart quickened. Her mouth went dry. Her face heated up. And it seemed that her body refused to move.

On her paper, in his barely legible 'chicken-scratch' writing, Syaoran had written four little words that pierced her like an arrow in the heart:

i love you too.

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