Hey here's a oneshot for you to chew on, I did this to get it out my system

Summery: Can a soulmate die having never met their other half?



Lying upon the ground in the mud and water a seemingly unmoving figure lay there, with what seemed to be a battle having taken place some time ago

What went wrong?

Lightening flashed in the sky, the dark clouds threatening to let down the weight they held upon the earth

I tried my best

Lightening flashed again highlighting the figure who looked dead half buried into the mud as they were

But it was not enough

Then with a slow movement the chest rose and fell a long breath released as unconsciousness began to flee the figure

I looked for you

Lids opened slowly to reveal glazed purple eyes that stared blankly at nothing

My other half

A hand moved fingers curling slightly and then stopped again seemingly lifeless once more

But could not find you

Breathing in slowly once more the females eyes slid closed as she turned her head a tear sliding down her cheek

My blood has fell

Laying her cheek on the mud but not feeling the coldness she reopened her eyes as she exhaled

I tried to fight

Turning slowly fully onto her side quills were revealed but the colour was distinguishable due to the mud and blood covering her form

To prove myself in some way

Memories passed her minds eye her ears limp as though she was dead with every movement she made

But I was foolish

With a crash of thunder and lightening the rain finally fell soaking everything in minutes

And I have paid with my life

Moving her eyes she looked down upon her hand, the glove so damaged that her claws, fur and extra knuckles were easily visible

I searched for you high and low

Another tear fell hidden in the rain as she slowly began to close her eyes again not able to feel anything but the stillness that had been with her since she had woken

But was so lost

Purple eyes glazing over again she thought she saw someone coming towards her position but soon that vanished from her mind as her eyes slipped fully closed

I had nothing to go on

Excelling again slowly, blood dribbled from her mouth as her whole body slowly went limp once more

But only the murmurings of my heart

Drifting away she thought she heard someone call her name but the darkness was so beckoning to her now after so long fighting it

And the Soul mate bond

Feeling the last bonds begin to let go she was stopped at one that shone brightly in the darkness the silver colouring of the bond giving her world colour in this relaxing darkness

That Silver link that pulled me to you

But the darkness did not seem so inviting now as the others heart called out to her almost saying 'you cannot have what you did not have'

But I have failed

Going towards it she gripped it pulling herself away from the darkness

Though you did not

Breathing slowly in she opened her eyes slowly tiredness in every pore

You found me instead

Looking up with brighter eyes than before she saw dark purple eyes looking back into her own and knew this 'she was home'

The half of my soul


What you think, it's been floating around in my head for a long while so I decided to get it written down and posted. It's really a prologue/One shot type of thing, I might one day write this up al the way but only if it is wanted.