Chpt 3

B pov

While speeding down the road, I was thinking about what had just happened. How could Edward even think that I would forgive him so easily after he broke my heart? I mean, he left me for 100 years making me believe that he did not love me anymore and making me live in misery and expects me to just forgive him by saying sorry?

The old Bella would have forgiven him without a second thought. But because of him the old Bella is gone now. I hate Edward for breaking my heart and then abruptly leaving, exposing me to Victoria.

I ran into my room, vampire speed, and started dry-sobbing. It was times like this when I wish that I could produce tears and cry. After 15 minutes I stopped crying and went to hunt. I was glad that my siblings, Avery, Mark, Tess and Tim were not here, they had never seen me cry before but all knew about what had happened.

After hunting 4 deers, I proceeded to go home. During the whole process, I couldn't stop thinking about Edward. I started talking to myself …

I hate him!

No, you don't

Who are you, and how do you know that?

Because I'm that thing which talks to you and tells you what to do … well, sometimes. And I know that you don't hate him because you still love him.

Oh, ok. But I really hate Edward, I mean he left me!

Fine, think what you want but I'm telling you, you still love him.

Ugh! Just get out of my mind!

Fine, fine, I'm gone.

E pov

I watched Bella's car speed away disappearing into the distance. I walked slowly to my family members, sadness taking over me. They too looked sad, even Rosalie. I started reading their thoughts to find out what they were thinking.

I can feel her sadness and anger, they were so strong – Jasper

I pity Edward. But whoa! Bella is so gorgeous now! Um, please forget I ever said it, Edward, and don't tell Rose too. She'll kill me if she finds out . – Emmett

I can actually understand why she did that, I would do it too if Emmett left me for so long. – Rosalie

I didn't have a vision about Bella acting like that. I hope he doesn't find out that I knew about it all along. Shit! You're reading my mind now aren't you, Edward?- Alice

"You knew?" I shouted at Alice after reading her mind. Jasper immediately put his arm around her to protect her.

"Well, I didn't tell you because you might try to run away." She replied in a quiet voice, "What would you do even if I told you?"

"I could have prepared my self or something!" I was getting angrier by the minute. I pinched the bridge of my nose, trying to calm myself.

"We can just go and confront her together tomorrow!" She shouted back. Without responding, I got into my car and sped out of the school. Alice is actually right, I would have run away. I decided to apologise to Alice, feeling really bad with the way I treated her. I will also confront Bella again tomorrow.

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