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The Call

"Goodnight honey," Yamanaka Ino kissed her blonde boyfriend goodnight. She gently untied and flipped her waist-long platinum blonde mane before covering herself up with their fluffy comforter.

"Sweet dreams Ino-koi," said the 23-year old Uzumaki Naruto as he kissed his girl fully on the lips. Ino replied with a subtle smile and before surrendering to a good night's sleep.

Naruto stared at his lovely girlfriend. He still can't believe that they've been going steady for 4 years now. Heck he can't even believe that they are planning to settle down before the year ends. All of their friends would soon witness their exchange of vows as they profess their undying love for each other. All thanks to that fateful night.


It was a heavy downpour that night, and Ino was soaking wet, stranded under the humble shelter of a bus stop.

"I can't believe I'm stuck in this rain," cried an irritated Ino. "Oh, why didn't I bring my umbrella with me!" she complained as she hugged herself. She was freezing from cold, and her white-turned-see-through blouse doesn't help at all, especially with all the passersby casting indiscreet glances at her.

Ino leaned at the post beside her and massaged her aching legs. She's been standing there for almost an hour. She thought of calling her best friend Sakura, but unfortunately, her cellphone's battery was dead so she just opted to let the rain die down a little and walk back home. But it seems that it has no plans of letting her go home anytime soon.

"Please God, send someone," she whispered in distress. All her hope seemed lost until she heard a familiar voice calling out to her.

"Ino? I-is that you?!" asked an umbrella holding Naruto. He was on his way home when he saw Ino. He even had second thoughts of calling her attention because they weren't that close. Nevertheless, by judging from the look of her face, he saw that she could use some company and help at that time.

"N-naruto?" Ino cried in amazement. "Thank God you're here!" she exclaimed as she hugged Naruto. She couldn't believe that seeing Naruto tonight would be such a delight for her. She never felt so overjoyed upon seeing somebody she knew. She didn't know if it's because of her situation a while ago that made her more appreciative of Naruto, or if it's something else.

"Hey!" was the only word Naruto was able to form when the Ino started hugging him. He studied the girl whose arms wound up around him like a vice grip. Her usually tidy ponytail was now messed up with damp hair, and her clothes are dripping wet not to mention her blouse clinging to her skin which only revealed her impressive figure.

Naruto dismissed the last observation he just thought. "What are you doing out here?" he asked her instead.

Ino slowly released Naruto of her suffocating hug before answering.

"Well, I was on my way home from Sakura's when this dog-gone rain started drowning me!" her statement made Naruto chuckle.

"Come on, I'll walk you home," he said with a smile.

"Really!?" Ino's eyes were wide with disbelief. She couldn't believe what she just heard. This boy, whom she doesn't greet nicely except for her venomous words and insults, took the initiative of walking her home.

"Yup. You wouldn't want to spend the night out here in the cold, would you?" Naruto raised his eyebrows at Ino.

"Of course not, silly!" she playfully nudged him in the ribs and thought, "He really can be sweet."

Throughout their walk, the two can't help but notice the good sides of one another. Ino finally realizing that Naruto had matured a lot, both physically and mentally, since she last saw him. While Naruto on the other hand, found out that Ino wasn't that hard to get along with. Sure, she could be a pain in the neck sometimes, especially when she's having a fit. But underneath that scowl and sharp mouth that doesn't seem to run out of words, is a fun-loving person. He also noticed that she'd grown more radiant ever since he left Konoha. They were having such a good time exchanging laughs that they didn't even realize they're already in front of the Yamanaka residence.

"Well, we're here. Goodnight I guess," said the taller blonde while wearing his trademark grin.

"Oh, alright. Goodnight then," said Ino. She was at lost for words. She was about to trot the front steps of their house and Naruto was about to walk away when it dawned on her that she's forgetting something…BIG.

"Naruto!" she called him back and quickly gave him a peck in the cheek. "Thanks for coming to my rescue a while ago," she finished.

Naruto was dumbstruck. He didn't saw that coming. Did Ino just kissed him?

"It's nothing," he said. He knew he was blushing terribly. Well, who wouldn't? It was his first time being kissed by a girl, especially someone as gorgeous as Yamanaka Ino.

"What are friends for, right?" he blurted out. He just couldn't think of anything else to say he was too distracted, perhaps by what she did.

At this the blonde girl smiled. "I owe you one Naruto," she said. "Why don't you let me repay you for what you did a while ago?" she offered.

Naruto's cerulean blue eyes shot up at Ino's statement. "N-no! You don't have to Ino-chan!" he shook his head. "I only did what a friend should do!" he finished.

"I knew it. A typical Naruto answer," Ino thought. "What a shame…cause Im planning to treat you 10 bowls of miso ramen at Ichiraku's tomorrow," she said in her most disappointed tone. She could already see Naruto's jaws hanging wide open as she mentioned his favorite dish. "It's just too bad Naruto-kun. But thanks anyway." She said casually.

Naruto gulped a few times before opening his now dry mouth. "B-but if..y-you insist on returning the deed Ino-chan…Maybe you could make that 15 bowls of miso ramen?" he grinned.

"Hmmm…" she pretended to think. "I guess I could, but only if you'll be here before 11, or else you wont get a single one," she told him.

"Just as I expected. Definitely Ino-chan," he thought happily. "Hai, Ino-chan!" he nodded.

"It's a date then. Goodnight Naruto-kun." She waved at him.

"Pleasant dreams to you too, Ino-chan," he said before turning away from her.


Uzumaki Naruto nearly laughed as he reminisced on how he quickly gave in to Ino's blackmail of 10 bowls of steaming miso ramen. He was about to drift of into sleep when he heard the muffled vibration of his cellphone under his pillow. He immediately got a hold of the item and saw who the caller was.

He glanced at Ino to make sure that she wasn't awakened by the sudden interruption. After making sure that she's still in deep sleep, he slowly removed the comforter covering his half-naked body before going out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him and answering the call.


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