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Dont Leave Me

Naruto awoke with the scent of toasted bread, omelette and brewed coffee tickling his sense of smell. He slowly opened his eyes and saw Ino carrying a tray of mouth-watering breakfast. He sat up straight, shirtless with their fluffy comforter covering his lower body, and smiled at his soon-to-be-wife.

"Good morning hon. How's your sleep?" Ino greeted her fiance with a kiss on the cheek and sat beside him on the bed, placing the food tray on her lap.

"Not so good," Naruto said with a yawn. "I only dozed off a few hours ago," he finished as he held Ino's hand and lightly brushed a kiss on it.

Ino raised her eyebrows on his last statement and pulled her hand away from Naruto's hold.

"And why is that Uzumaki Naruto?! Have you been doing something on your own while I'm asleep?" she said all the while focusing her blue green orbs on Naruto's cerulean blue pair.

"Wha-! N-no, of course not Ino-chan!" Naruto shook his head. He couldn't believe that she'll think of it that way. But instead of taking the smaller blonde's accusation as an insult, he decided to play along and get back at her for she's the one who started it.

"Why would I do that when I could always ask you to cooperate with me?" he continued while grinning mischievously. "Am I right, Ino-chan?" he finished while moving closer to Ino.

"W-wait just a minute, Naruto, hon," Ino said as she slowly removed the food tray off her lap and placed it on their bedside table.

"You should know by now that you wouldn't always get your way with me," she continued as she cautiously backed away from the taller blonde.

"Are you sure about that sweetheart?" Naruto asked her. His eyes sparkling with a knowing twinkle. He continued to advance on Ino as if he's a predatory animal waiting to devour his prey. He's pretty confident that he'll soon win this early argument of theirs. He then wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her until their bodies are in full contact.

On the other hand, Ino was trying real hard not to get distracted with her boyfriend's well-toned muscular body but to no avail. As she was about to protest, Naruto immediately took advantage of her vulnerable state and instantly kissed her fully on her parted lips.

Ino was shocked at the sudden behavior of Naruto. Nevertheless, she surrendered to her boyfriend's passionate kiss. Up to now, she's still mesmerized by the way Naruto kisses her, gentle but passionate. Hungry but loving.

Naruto slowly lowered her down on their bed, and began trailing soft kisses on her neck. She tightened her embrace and pulled Naruto so their faces would meet. She kissed him back as lovingly as she could and wasn't surprised when he returned the sweet gesture. She's thankful that it was Naruto whom she'll be marrying, because he never failed to make her feel that she's loved and wanted. She realized she could never find somebody else who'll surpass Naruto who still loved her accepted her despite of the mean things she used to spat at him.

She kissed him harder and caressed his tensed muscles. She loved the feeling of Naruto's rock-hard muscles under her fingertips. She played with her lover's hair and tugged at it gently when Naruto deepened their kiss. He got hold of Ino's nightshirt and was on the point of relieving her clothing when Ino's cellphone rang.

Ino groaned when she heard the latest interruption. "Just ignore it hon," she whispered to Naruto and began unbuttoning his pants. Naruto was about to consent when Ino's cellphone continued to ring.

"Ino-chan, I think that call is pretty important, we could um…do this later you know," Naruto told his fiancee as he rolled aside to give her enough room to stand.

"Argh!" Ino stomped in frustration and immediately picked up the item that caused her early ranting.

"This better be worth my time," she gritted through her teeth.

Naruto smiled as he watched his girlfriend answer her cellphone. He knows that she really hates it that much when something doesn't go her way, still he finds her adorable when she's throwing her tantrums. Maybe that's one of their unique characteristics as a couple. They appreciate both the positive and negative qualities of one another.

"Hello?!" Ino greeted the person on the other end not so civilly by practically shouting through the mouthpiece.

"Um… Good Morning. I-Is this Yamanaka Ino?" The lady on the other end replied.

"Oh shit!" Ino thought to herself. She knew that voice very well. Traces of confusion could be seen from Naruto's face as he watched his girlfriend panic.

"O-ohayo, Hokage-sama!" She stuttered. "How can I be of help to you?" she asked. Trying to sound casual and all.

"Am I interrupting something Ino? You sounded so irritated back there," Tsunade asked the younger woman.

"W-why would I be irritated? Maybe you just heard me wrong, you know, network problems, hehe" Ino explained trying to conceal her annoyance of the older blonde's disturbance.

"You have a point," the Hokage agreed.

"So what can I do for you Tsunade-sama?" Ino repeated. She wanted to get this over with as soon as possible since her mood was already ruined.

"Right, well, um...Sakura was supposed to come at the hospital at six this morning but unfortunately, whatever her reasons were, she failed to show up," Tsunade trailed off.

"What?! Forehead? A No-Show?" Ino was quite surprised with what the older woman said. Haruno Sakura? Her best friend and rival who's so into punctuality and professionalism, now a NO-SHOW?

Naruto's eyes shut up when he heard Ino mention her made up nickname for Sakura. He knew that Sakura must have overslept due to their late conversation the previous night. Or maybe…

"I hope she didn't do anything stupid," he said to himself. He was beginning to get worried for their pink-haired friend.

"That's weird," Ino replied. She just cant believe what the other woman told her. "So what do you propose I do Tsunade-sama ?" Ino asked. She's got the feeling that the Hokage would certainly ask her to be Sakura's relieve, but she felt it is her obligation to do so since Tsunade went to the extent of calling her.

"Now that you've mentioned it, I would like to request you to report early in the hospital and take Sakura's place for a while but of course I would also like to hear from you if you can approve of my decision," said Tsunade.

"Of course Hokage-sama," came Ino's quick response. Even though she's definitely pissed by the early trouble caused by the godaime, She's not in the right place to refuse the former's request.

"Thank you Ino, I knew I could count on you, I'll see you later ok?" and with that Tsunade ended their conversation.

"Hai," was the only word Ino got to say as she pressed the "end call" button and slumped next to Naruto.

"What is it Ino-chan?" What did baa-chan told you? Is it something about Sakura-chan?" came Naruto's questions.

"Yeah. It seems forehead didn't show up at the hospital this morning so Tsunade-sama asked me to be Sakura's proxy for the meantime," she said with a sigh and headed towards the bathroom.

Before closing the bathroom door behind her, she called out to Naruto and looked apologetically into his eyes,

"Im sorry hon, looks like I'd be home late tonight," Ino told him.

"It's okay, I understand," he smiled. He knows that she'll be very busy today, now that Sakura didn't come to work. Sakura…that's right! He might as well tell Ino about Sakura's problem, that might be her reason why she didn't show up at work.

"Um, Ino-chan," he began but only to see that she had already closed the door in front of him.

Bright rays of sunlight shone past through Sakura's bedroom window causing the pink-haired girl to squint as she opened her eyes.

"Oh my gosh!" she gasped as she saw the sun nearing its throne up high "Damn it, Tsunade-sama would surely kill me," she muttered to herself as she reached her alarm clock. She must have hit the snooze button more than ten times, and now she's just too late for work.

She fixed her gaze at the ceiling and got lost in though.

"How is Sasuke-kun doing? Is he happy? Does he even think of me?" she caught herself saying as clear droplets of tears one again flowed down her face.

Now that Sasuke's gone, she doesn't know how she would be able to live the rest of her life without him. Her whole world evolved around him. Yes, even if he only used her, even if he failed to return her affections, even if he made a fool out of her, she still loved him blindly. She wondered if she could at least get her dignity back, if not her heart.

She wiped the tears that rolled down her cheeks, and those that have accumulated in her eyes.

"Enough," she told herself. "I've wasted enough tears weeping for you Sasuke. And even if I drain my eyes, I could and I would never have you back," she reminded herself.

"Maybe I should take the whole day off. Everybody deserves a break every once in a while anyway," she said as she got out of her bed and head straight to the bathroom.

"You sure you don't want me to walk you to the hospital?" Naruto asked his girlfriend Ino.

"I'm sure hon, besides it would only take us longer to reach the hospital. You know how much I enjoy walking with you," a beaming Ino said as he prepared her things for work.

"Do you want me to cook for dinner instead?" Naruto asked while he help Ino put on her coat.

"Awwww…that's sweet of you baby, and though I kind of missed your cooking, I guess I won't be able to make it before dinner. Forehead's schedule was way too hectic than mine, I'm sure Tsunade-sama would need me the whole night," she playfully pinched Naruto's cheek and kissed him on the lips.

Naruto could only sigh at what Ino told him. She's right. Sakura spends much of the day at the village hospital. Now that Ino was asked to be her substitute for the day, his fiancée would definitely have to spend the same amount of time at the hospital as her bestfriend.

"Just make sure that you'll eat at the right time, okay Ino-chan? And promise me that would you? No more dieting, is that clear?! Your body's perfect already and I don't want you getting sick because of your self-consciousness," he chastised her as he walk her out the apartment.

Ino was speechless when he heard Naruto's rumblings. Nevertheless she was touched at his thoughtfulness,

"Hai Naruto-kun, I promise you that," she answered.

"Take care okay, call me when you have the time," he kissed her cheek.

Ino nodded before walking away.

Naruto watched his girlfriend disappear into the busy street. He wondered what things he could do to keep himself occupied. He then remembered his former team mate and decided to pay her a visit.

Sakura was too busy clicking her television away which took her a moment to realize that somebody has been knocking on the door a little longer than a minute.

"Coming," she shouted just enough for the person outside to hear, before unlocking and opening the door.

"N-naruto?" he stood there as if she saw a ghost.

"Good morning Sakura-chan, can I come in?" he politely inquired, grinning at her like he used to during their younger years.

Meanwhile, at the Konoha Hospital…

"I wonder what Naruto is doing right now," Ino muttered to herself while taking a big bite out of her lunch. "I better check on him while I'm still on a break," she pulled out her purse out of the desk drawer, and grabbed a hold of her cellphone and punched in Naruto's number.

To her surprise, Naruto's cellphone just kept on ringing. "Maybe he's taking a shower, I'll just call him later," she told herself before finishing the rest of her food.

"Don't you miss those days, Naruto?" Sakura sighed. "I wish we never grew up…How I wish I could bring those days back," she told him. Remorse could be clearly seen in her jade pool eyes.

"I kind of missed them too," Naruto said and lowered his gaze. He just couldn't bear to see his friend this gloomy. He then realized that the sun has set and a part of Konoha was already covered with dark night clouds. "Uh, Sakura-chan, I really enjoyed hanging out with you today, and I hope I made you feel better, but it's getting late now, and I, you know, should get going," he looked at her, sincerely with those cerulean blue orbs of his.

"Let's do this again sometime," he smiled as he stood up and began reaching for the door knob.

As he was about to step outside of Sakura's apartment, a pair of cold hands enveloped him in an embrace.

Naruto was baffled, his heartbeat pounding madly in his chest. He doesn't know if he could stand another moment this close to her.

"Please don't leave me again Naruto, you're the only one I've got now," she whispered.