Title- The Hero's Bride

Author- Nikki Flinn

Discalimer- I own nothing yada yada yada

Cast list

Wesley...Ginny Weasley

Buttercup...Hermione Granger

Humperdink...Harry Potter

Inigo...Severus Snape

Fezzik...Ron Weasley

Vincini...Blaise Zabini

Count Rugen...Remus Lupin

Max...Mr Weasley

Max's Wife...Mrs Weasley

The Dread Pirate Roberts..Draco Malfoy


Mione felt her lover slip her arms around her waist and Gin put her chin on Mione's shoulder. Mione sighed.

"I fear I'll never see you again."

Gin grinned and nipped Mione's ear gently with her teeth. "I love it when you talk poetically."

She laughed and dodged Mione's elbow as it tried to find her stomach.

Gin and Mione had met again after school. Mione had taken a year off to study in Greece and the two met at the Aurors school in athens. A year later the two started datine. THe two were a match made in heavan. Brains, beauty, and strenght combined and they were perfect. But like any two so obviously made for each other, fate decided to throw them for a loop. In the six months since thier graduation the two girls had faced more than a few death missions. Yet thier love had seen them through. Now Gin was off on a dangerous mission to negotioate a treaty with the treacherous Blaise Zabini. It would be GIn's first solo mission and Mione was worried.

Gin kissed Mione's worried forehead. Mione looked at her lover.

"I don't want anything to happen to you. I couldn't bear it."

Gin smiled. "My turn to be poetic. Know this, I will always come for you."

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