This is a story written in part with Bianca and sadly we don't own any of the boys (we wish though) or anything affiliated with them. (Again sadly). Also Kate is not with pogue in this.

"How can you be sure there are people down there?" asked Melissa.

"Cuz Mel I know these things, let's go." Said Bianca her eyes going black and doing a back flip off the cliff.

"You two just gonna stand there?" asked Lauren falling backwards off the cliff with a grin.

Mel and Jen look at each other and smirked before doing a front flip off the cliff. All four girls landed softly and then walked to the top of the hill. Bianca turned her head towards the Dj and winked and he suddenly changed the music to ''Riot'' by Three Days Grace.

The Boy's POV

"Hey who's that?" asked Sarah pointing at the top of the hill

We all turned to see four girls coming down the hill. All were about 5' 3". The one in the middle had black hair with a purple blue sheen and deep purple tips. She wore a black top and dark jeans with black and purple shoes. The girl on her right had blond hair with a red strip on the right side. She wore a red top with the FOX logo that seemed to darken her pale skin, with light jeans and red/black etnies. The girl on the left of the girl in purple had brown hair with a blue strip on the left side. She wore a light blue top with dark jeans and white and blue shoes. The last girl had dark skin with hot pink tips. She wore a hot pink top with dark jeans and black spike heals.

"I don't know I've never seen them before." Said Caleb

"Well then who wants to find out?" asked Reid

"I'm willing to." Said Tyler, as the four boys walked up to the girls.

"Hey ladies you new here?" asked Reid

The girls turned. The girl in purple had light skin and light purple eyes. The black girl had light pink eyes. The girl with the red streak had light skin and blue eyes and the pale one had hazel eyes.

"What does it matter?" asked the girl in purple

"Well you're new and I thought me and friends could show you around." He told them

"Thanks but we're good." Said the girl in blue

"Can we at least get you names?" asked Tyler inocentlly

"Bianca." Said the girl in purple

"Lauren." Said the girl in red

"I'm Jen." The girl in pink told them

"And I'm Melissa." The last girl said

"I'm Reid, this is Tyler, that's pogue, Caleb, Kate and that's Sarah." Said Reid pointing everyone out.

"Yo guys cops." Yelled the DJ

They all ran. The girls running to four bikes all in their respective colors. They pulled on their helmets, fingerless gloves, and leather jackets.

"I don't like Kate and Sarah." Said Bianca through the com link in their helmets

"Me either." Said Jen

"That's cuz you two like pogue and Caleb." Said Lauren

"Says the girl making eyes at Reid." Melissa commented

"I was just lookin, nothing wrong with that." Lauren defended.

"What about the look you gave Tyler." they all asked her