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Caleb took his mustang with Jen. Bianca went with Pogue on his motorcycle. Lauren, Ried, Tyler, & Melissa took Tyler's Hummer. Lauren had convinced Tyler to let her drive.

"Your not as bad a driver as I thought." Tyler stated

"Hey,... tell you the truth im one of the better drivers." Lauren said then Melissa coughed. "Ok, me & Melissa are better than the 'other' two."

When the hummer pulled up, Caleb's mustang and Pogue's bike were parked next to each other.

"They must be inside." Reid said

"Nothing gets by you know does it?" Melissa said sarcasticly.

"Hey don't be mean. I'm nice to you." He said slightly offened

"I'm not being mean. Go hang out with Bianca. Now she will be mean." Melissa and Lauren both laughed at that.

"The horns keep the halo up..." Lauren mummbled.

As the four walked into the room Tyler saw Jen waving to them from across the room to them.

"Hey slow pokes." Bianca said

"I know right, Lauren your normally first where ever were going." Jen said surprised

"Well I decided to go the speed limit for once. You know drive normal." Lauren stated

"What you normally go faster?" Tyler asked slightly scared. I let her drive my baby.

"No, shes being a smart ass." Melissa said.

"Well more the arse part than the smart" Lauren said. Jen walked over and hit her. "OW! Not needed. Stating a fact is not something you hit some one for...grining Hey look no ones at the pool table come on Melissa." Lauren said trying to get away from jen before she killed her.

"Ok. Hey get us a coke when you order, Please." she asked.

"No prob." Bianca said.

"Well..." Tyler started trying to start a conversation due to the quietness in the group.

"I'm gonna go grab something to eat. Wanna come Jen?" Caleb asked.

"Sure." She said seeming slightly mad.

"Wow, Lauren seems to piss you guys off alot." Pogue said sitting next to Bianca.

"Yeah , Shes more the jokester in the group and sometimes the most annoying, but I think we all are equally annoying at certain times." Bianca said

"Hey reminds me of someone huh Pogue?" Tyler said

"I'm sitting right here." Reid said

"Which makes it all that much better."Tyler said laughing as Reid glared at him.

After a little while Caleb and Jen came back with food for everyone and a Coke for Melissa & Lauren. They were still over playing pool not causeing trouble.

"Well look whose walking over there?" Pogue said turning his head.

The grup looked up and saw Aaron and his two friends talking to Lauren and Melissa.

"Who is it?" Bianca asked. Both her and Jne interested about him due to the concerned looks on Pogues, Calebs, Tylers, & Rieds faces.

"Thats Aaron Abbott. Hes a huge jerk and doesn't care 'bout anyone but himself." Reid said slightly upset.

"Calm down hes just talking to them if he starts trouble we'll handle it." Caleb said

"Well Lauren and Melissa can handle themselves very well. Thank you very much. Also you said his last name was 'Abbott'.?" Bianca asked

"Yeah. He's preaty much harmless. Although him and Ried have it out for each other for the longest time. Why?" Tyler asked

"You know that guy Damian we've talked about?" Bianca ask/told

"Yeah you though we 'worked' for him." Pogue said from his seat next to Bianca with his arm around her chair.

"Well his last name is 'Abbott' " Jen said. All four boys faces paled.

"Then maybe we should leave." Tyler suggested.

"I agree." Ried said

"No. We'll just keep an eye on them. If somthing happens Lauren can handle it til we get there." Bianca said. Knowing that if she did say somthing to them, Lauren would get defensive and Melissa would be slightly worried and slightly scared. Seeing as what happened last time.

"Yeah. So you guys just chill. If those two find out they will make a scene." Jen said.

"Why whats up?" Reid and Tyler asked concerned.

"Well explain later." Jen said.

"Ok we could go to my house." Tyler said. Seeing as it was closer to the school and on the way back to the dorms.

They all agreed and went back to eating there food and talking. All the while keeping an eye and ear on Melissa and Lauren who were in the middle of a match with Aaron and one of his friends.

Lauren & Melissa POV

'He doesn't seem so bad' Lauren said to Melissa .

'Yeah, I just hope that Reid doesn't see him go in for the move." she said. "YES! I told you i was good." She said to Aarons friend Dylan.

"Well i owe you a drink then" He said with smile as he walked away. Lauren went up for her turn.

'That move you mean. The one Tyler didn't see." LAauren said with a smirk

' 'Kay were not even goin out first of all. Bianca and Jen are the only 'OFFICAL' ones with Pogue and Caleb. You and me are just kinda here.' she said.

' He'll make his move don't worry. He's the quite one like you. He'll come around soon trust me.' Lauren said as she missed her move and Aaron came up for his turn.

"OO Better luck luck next came." He said with a grin and walked around her. 'Told you he was gonna make a move.' Melissa said. 'Thank You Ms. 'Observer' (a/n chap. 6 bout 1/2 way down you'll know what I mean and in a little bit too) 'Well i don't need to be an observer to know Dylans kinda the same. Just not so open. OK lets finish this game and go home. I'm tired anyway.'

'Agreed' Melissa said watching Aaron take his turn.

' I'm gonna have a little fun the.' Lauren smirked evily

' Don't USE.' Melissa said seeming worried.

' I'm not. Besides if something happens we got a warrior who will kick some arse.' Lauren said

'Fine jsut don't get me involved.' Melissa said.

'Fine.' she retorted. Aaron missed his shot and walked and stood right next to Lauren as she went to take a shot.

Dylan came back with two cokes for him and her. "Thank you, I'm quietn i;m gonna go sit down." Melissa said as she walked over and took a seat next to tyler who leaned over and gave her a peck on the cheek.

"I take it they go out?" Dylan asked as Aaron looked over then back to Lauren taking the shot.

"Pretty much" She said. Dylan looked slightly disappointed UNTIL he saw a blonde over by the bar with her two friends. " See ya later Aaron" He said as he walked away.

"See ya. Sooo I guess it's just you and me." He said to Lauren as she took her third shot. Damn shes good. Why wasn't she like that earlier. Almost like some else I know but this seems like 'actual' skill.

"Yup.. but not for long five more." Lauren said as she missed her shot and hit one of the stoilds.

"Why thank you. I was going for that one next." Aaron said as his missed his next shot.

"Wow, Your not as good as i thought. I guess he was right." Lauren said as she went for her shot.

"Oh really who's this 'he' " Aaron asked interest now.

"Reid" She said with a smile. As she went for her next shot Aaron walked behind her and bumped her into the table causing her to hit the black 8 ball.

"What's wrong with you." Lauren asked

"What else he say about me?" Aaron asked getting in Lauren's face.

"I'm not afraid of you. I could take you down easily. You creep. You start losing to someone who has talent so you cheat. Guess he was right about that two." Lauren said the whole time with a smirk.

SLAP...(a/n oh snap. and it doesnt help that girlfight just came up on my itunes lol)

Oddly enough the music had turned up to a new song.

"...ok then..." Lauren trying to stay calm knowing if she made a scene she would get everyone involved. Aaron didn't say anything as her cheeck started to turn red.

"Coward. Hit a girl when no ones looking." She said as she noticed him look over at everyone who were on the dance floor no payin attention.

"Fine. Handle this like normal human beings ass-whole." Whith that she walked out the back door with Aaron hot on her heels.

(back to group)

"Where'd Lauren go?" Reid asking looking over at the now empty pool table.

"Uh-oh Hes got you girl Reid." Pogue said laughing as he and Bianca danced on the dance floor.

"I don't think so. Laurens not like that. She wouldn't disappear like that." Melissa said.

"What about that time at the amusement park or that time with Damian though." Jen said

"Well we kinda ignored her cause she wante dthe roller coaster that had the huge line and we didn'nt want to wait." Bianca said

"Wow you nice." Caleb said

"What about this Damian guy?" Reid asked

"She went off looking for him then met up with Bianca didn't tell us because they wanted to 'protect' us" Melissa said. 'it worked a little.' Bianca mumbled.

"Reid if your so worried ask Melissa to sense her since shes the 'observer'." Pogue said

"Also Bianca would sense if she was in danger or troblem see as shes the 'warrior'." Tyler said.

"Would you mind Melissa?" Reid asked keeping his bad ass face on.

"Sure." She said.

(mean while out back)

"So lets see what you got girly." Lauren said "Or are you chicken?" she said smirking

"You won't be smirking for long." He said

"What does that mean?" Lauren said not pased much.

"Do you know my last name?" Aaron asked

"Hmmmm. Nope. Don't really care either." Lauren stated

"hahahaha Well you will. My last name is Abbott." Laurens smirk dropped off her face know slightly concered. " I also have an older brother, Damian Abbott. He tells me you and your friends are well a quented with him. So i thought i'd arange a little reunion you could say. You and him." Aaron gave a whilstle. A dark figure walked out from behind a wall.

"Hello Lauren nice to 'see' you." as soon as Damian said that Lauren disappered. He laugh.

"Were'd she go?" Aaron asked.

"Shes still here. Shes the 'clever'. Blends in with her surroundings. One of the best gifts out of the four of you don't you agree Lauren." Damian said

"Go to hell."

"I have a time share there thank you very much." Damian laughed some more. 'Ihate him' Lauren thought as she walked over to Aaron.

"...OWWWW." Aaaron yelled as Laurens face made contact with Aarons nose.

"Baybacks a bitch" Lauren said

"Now that wasn't very nice to hit my brother. Why don't you come out. I know the longer you stay that way the weaker you get seeing as you keep moving and have differen backgrounds to blend with." Damian was now getting serious.

'Hey guys I need you to walk to the cars as fast as you can before 'he' sees you okay. It was a trap Aaron set me up. So ju...' Lauren was interupted

'NO! were helping you.' Bianca said

'We'll be right out' Jen said.

'NO! Look he can't ...see me.'

'How long have you been like that?' Melissa asked.

'Since i got out here when 'he' showed up.'

'Is that bad?' Pogue asked

'Yeah.' They all said

'Why?' Tyler asked

'Because the longer she uses her power the weaker she gets. Her power is different. Hers is physical. She changes herself to not be seen. Biancas and My power are more mental and don't take much strenghth, and Jens is a bit of both.' Melissa finished.

'Which means what?' Reid asked now worried.

'We listen to her. Okay were goin to the car now. When I tell you run to the driveway we'll drive by and you jump in.' Bianca said

'Fine by me . Just hurry. He has that look on his face.' Lauren said slightly worried.

Reid, Tyler, and Melissa all got into Tylers hummer. With Reid driving and Melissa in the back to open the door. Then Bianca and Pogue came out and jumped on his bike and drove off down the driveway and down the road to wait. They were followed by Jen and Caleb in his mustang.

'OK! GO!' Jen said as Reid started driving away from Nicky's.

'Alright' Lauren said

"Loved to stay and chat but i gotta go and you should take him to get that nose checked." Lauren said turning around to start runing.

"Fine by me but this was just the begining." Damian said as he helped Aaron up.

Lauren ran as fast and hard as she could towards the moving car. As she approached she allowed herself to be seen. Melissa leaned over and swung the door open as Lauren dove in head first. Melissa shut the door behind her as Reid hit the gas driving by Caleb and Pogue to Tylers house.

"haha That...was...kind fun." Lauren said trying to catch her breath.

"Not so sure bout that. Wait til we get you home." Melissa said with a smirk

"Oh COME ON! I didn't alive."

'Not for long' Jen and Bianca both said.