The girls had only been at there new school for about a day. Luckily it was a saturday they had moved in on and were able to go to one of the many parties that are thrown on saturdays or fridays. They were given two dorm rooms. So Bianca shared with Melissa and Lauren shared with Jen. The dorm rooms they got where connected by a single dorm that separated the 2 rooms. They were located right near where the boys dorms began.

"WOW, Ipswich knows how to PARTTTYYYYYY!''

"...Bianca just cause your dorm room is next to me and Jen's... does not mean you can wake us up at 9:00 ON A SUNDAY! WHAT THE HELL!" Lauren yelled oblivously not a morning person.

"Ok chill, so what did you think of the boys from last night"

"I am trying to sleep, which means not listening, which means GET THE F OUT!"

Jen and Melissa could hear the arguement from down the hallway. They had just finished up with there showers.

"I told her not to wake Lauren up or she will be PISSED. She couldn't fall alseep til at least 2 and we got back at 11 so... im going in your room for now." jen said as she smirked.

"Sure, I just hope she doesn't blow anything up." melissa stated as she reached opened the door. The argument becam suddenly quiet.

"You know she doesn't USE for no good reason..alot..besides shes the one always preaching 'don't use' 'Someone will find out our secret' 'Bianca stop peaking in the boys bathroom' you know the norm."

"Yea true, but why did it get quiet all of a sudden."


"What the..." Meliss yelled as she ran into the other room looking as Bianca laughing uncontrolably by the door with a feather in her hand and a very anrgy Lauren with Black eyes. She must have tickeled her nose while she tried to sleep again. Probably payback from when Lauren put whipped cream in Bianca's hand and and tickled her nose so she would get the whipped cream all over her face.

"Bianca..umm i have to go get dressed." melissa tried to cover her mouth from her trying to laugh along with bianca as she walked outt the room.

"OMG! I'M UP HAPPY!" Laurens eyes went back to there normal blue as she got out of bed looking for something to wear in one of the many boxes lying around.

"She got you good Lauren and Bianca OWW your so lucky you didn't dent our wall." Jen said giggling to herself. Bianca got up waved by still laughing and went back to her dorm.

"Don'y worry i'll get you back." Lauren called after Bianca

"I'll be waiting." still laughing Bianca shut the door that connected there rooms.

Jen stst at her desk looking at a mirror putting in contacts to turn ur brown eyes to a very girly pink. Bianca also wore contacts that turned her brown eyes to a cobalt purple. Melissa and Lauren never bothered with contacts Melissa was fine with her blue eyes and so was Lauren. Since it was Sunday the girls didnt have to wear those skirts with the collared shirt and sweater combo. Lauren & Bianca weren't realy 'SKIRT' kinda girls. They already had plans to 'add' to there school girl outfits. So they all wore there jeans and a nice top. Lauren add her black beanie and fingerless gloves as a nice touch. They all had a light jacket on because of the weather changing from summer to fall.

"You wear those even when were not on the bikes." Jen stated as she turned and locked the dorm room.

"So. I f my hands are warm then my fingers will be born."

"Yea jen lighten up its New England were used to it." Bianca defended Lauren.

"So. What are we gonna do? ..I think we should take up that Reid guys suggestion and have those boys show us around." Melissa pointed out.

"Yea because you wanna hang with that Tyler kid. Personally Pogue is more my type." Bianca always went for bad boy bikers.

"Well lets go get the bikes and drive around campus and see if we spot them." Jen who seemed a little excited to see the boys again.

"I bet they are still alseep on this early sunday morning." Lauren seem a bit mad still.

The others rolled there eyes as the got there helmets on. They road around for about 5 minutes til the boys they were keeping an eye out for stood by a nice Hummer that look liked Melissas except for the color.

"There's your early morning over there Lauren." Jen teased over the helmet intercom.

"Haha very funny."

Boys POV

Caleb, Pogue, Reid, & Tyler sat by Tylers Hummer trying to figure out what to do with there day.

"So last nights party was pretty interesting. Til the cops showed up. I never even got to asking one of those girls numbers." Reid said as he sat in the drivers seat with his legs hanging out the drivers door.

"Yea they were pretty cute but, why only one of them why don't you try for all of there numbers?" Tyler questioned.

"If you get one of there numbers its JUST asgood as one. Besides they look they hang out alot together." Pogue and Caleb laughed at Rieds logic.

"Ok ther smartass, calm down, your egos getting a little to big again. So Caleb whats on the agenda?." Pogue asked.

"I'm not realy sure. Maybe we could show Jen, Melissa, Bianca, & Lauren around. I mean Reid di suggest it last night." just as Caleb had said that 4 motorcycles came driving by. They stoped on the side where the boys where.

"Hey Ried we have nothing better to do and we were wondering if you offer was still open." Jen asked from the back on her pink bike which you couldn't miss.

"Sure why not. Hey where you girls from anyway we kinda got distrated last night from our intros." Caleb, Pogue, & Ty all rolled there eyes at how Reid was trying to act all smooth.

"Show us around town and maybe we could tell you." Melissa said from the blue bike behind Lauren. The girls all laughed and reved their engines. They took off for the gate entrance and stopped waiting.

"Well are you gonna get in." Caleb asked as Tyler & Reid both stared.

"Wow. I think Baby Boy might have a crush and Reid...well your no surprise." Pogue said as he jumped in back with caleb as Reid started the Truck and Tyler sitting shot gun.

As they drove down the road Lauren and Bianca kept reving their motor and driving on the side of the truck ignoring the protests from Jen and Melissa. No one was on the road so Bianca both took up the lane next to the truck and the other 2 bikes. They slowed down and let the truck and bikes get father and father.

"What are they doing?" asked Ried as he looked in his side mirror.

"I think I have an idea. Lets see if they pull it off." Pogue seemed to know something the others didn't.

"Well what ever it is Jen and melissa dont seem happy." Caleb pointed out to the 2 girls behind the truck shakin their heads.

"Ready?" Lauren asked Bianca.

"Of course." Bianca said.

"Don't kill yourselfs!" Melissa and Jen yelled into the intercom.

With that Lauren and Bianca reved the engines and took off,quickly catching up with the truck just as they caught up with Jen and Melissa the swerved and switched sides so that Bianca was on the inside. Both POPED a 1st followed by Lauren.

"DAMN! Hey pogue can you do that?" Ried not believeing what he just saw.

"Not that well. That takes skill." They were all in disbelief .

Girls POV

Bianca and Lauren where now leading and got close enough to give each other a high-five.

"And we didn't even use." Bianca laughed over the intercom.

"Well duh and if you had I would have beat you. You know you don't need to USE for everything." Lauren said sternly.

"Yea Bianca thought that since you were the oldest you would know that." Melissa stated.

"Well your the youngest so don't complain." Lauren said. In the age department it was Bianca, Jen followed by Lauren and Melissa.

"What ever. Now you to get back here cause you two don't know where they are gonna take us." Jen stated.

Lauren and Bianca waited for another truck to go by and slowed down in the next lane and let Reid who was driving the hummer to go by before they took there place next to Jen and Melissa.

Boys POV

"Who are these girls?" Tyler asked still in disbelief from what he just saw.

"I don't know Baby Boy but I intend to find out." Reid said with a grin as he watched the girl on the red bike who he could see clearly in his side mirror.

"Well don't scare them off Reid we know how you are. Also..." Caleb was interupted by Reid.

"I know I know. 'Don't use'. I get that speach alot."

"Yet you never learn. Do you." Pogue said.

"Well anyway there is something about those girls." Caleb said as he watched the girl on the pink bike.