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"Alright Caleb why are we here?" Reid asked

"Cuz in the pool, before I hit my head today, I saw Chase's eyes go black." Caleb told them rubbing the back of his neck

"Are you sure?" Tyler asked

"Positive. Look I think we should go check out the admissions office, see what's in his file, while someone goes and tells the girls." Caleb ordered

"Reid and I will talk to the girls. It'll give him a chance to apologize." Tyler volunteered

"Alright just make sure you don't put it like we don't think they could handle something like this." Pogue said, shuddering as he remembered his crush's last outburst

"Yea I'd rather not have Lauren tossing bottles our way." Caleb said with an uneasy voice

"What do you want us to tell them?" Reid asked

"Umm let them know what happened, what we're doing and that we'll meet up with you guys after we're done." Caleb told him

"Alright." Tyler said

Reid pulled out his phone and dialed Lauren, but all he got was her voicemail. "Hey guys it's Lauren I'm not here right now so leave a message and if this is Reid don't even bother."

"She won't pick up her phone." Reid sighed running a hand through his hair

"I'll call Melissa." Tyler said

Tyler pulled out his phone and hit a speed dial button; he talked to Melissa for a few seconds before deciding that they would all meet at Tyler's. What he just happen to leave out, was that Caleb and Pogue wouldn't be there 'till later. Part of Tyler knew that he might be slaughtered by Bianca and Jen, or have just put two of his best friends next to his other on the chopping block; the other part knew that if he hadn't lied the girls would have never actually let Pogue and Caleb go.


The girls were there a good ten minutes before Reid and Tyler, not knowing that it would be only them that showed up. They sat in a big lounge area in front of the fire. Lauren and Jen sat on one couch, Melissa in an armchair and Bianca on the floor with one of her notebooks out the four heard the door open and steps come into the room. Tyler went and hugged Melissa while Reid (very smartly) stayed on the other side of the room.

"Where's Caleb?" Jen asked

"Where's Pogue?" Bianca asked the same time as Jen

"Uhh well you see, here's the thing. In the pool right before he hit his head, Caleb saw Chase's eyes go black." Tyler said repeating Caleb's earlier motion.

"What?" all four girls yelled

"Yea, so him and Pogue went to break into the admissions office and find out more about him?" Reid filled in

"No one asked you jackass." Bianca commented

"So why didn't they ask one of us to come?" Melissa asked

"Umm…" Tyler started not sure how to answer it

"They thought we couldn't do it? They thought we would be in the way. Didn't they?" Lauren exclaimed

"No it's not that really, more that Caleb and Pogue wanted to get it done quick. They didn't want to scare you." Tyler said really not making it any better
"It's not a fieldtrip, we all can't go" Reid commented making things worse then Tyler had

Melissa conjured lines of fire to say whatever. Then all four stopped talking period. If there was one thing the girls hated even more than Damien it was being underestimated.

Tyler and Reid realized that the girls wouldn't talk to them, so they had to wait till Caleb and Pogue showed up hoping they would defuse the situation. They ordered pizza and headed up to Tyler's room. They didn't have to wait very long, you could hear Pogue's bike a mile away. going to the door, planning on warning them only to be stooped when Jen threw up a force field and forced them on the other couch, her and Bianca fully intent on ripping Caleb and Pogue new assholes.

"Guys we're back!" Pogue yelled coming through with Caleb

"POGUE DANTE PARRY!" Bianca screamed

"CALEB WILLIAM DANVERS!" Jen screamed matching Bianca's pitch

"Ohh full names you boys are in trouble now." Reid commented

"Shut up jackass, you're in trouble two." Lauren commented. The first words she had said to him since practice earlier.

"So I'm guessing telling them didn't go very well." Caleb said

"Well what gave you that idea?" Jen asked scathingly

"So what did you think we couldn't handle a little outing?" Bianca asked in that low scary voice

"No it's just we know the building better." Caleb tried to justify

"Yeah and you've got a mind reader and a fucking walking danger radar with you." Bianca shot back

"It would have been to many people. We almost got caught with just two of us. we had to float to the ceiling." Pogue shot back, getting into the girls face

"And we have a better handle on our powers." Jen told him pushing him away from Bianca


"Go get me some popcorn and we'll be alright." Melissa whispered in Ty's ear.

Tyler smirked and walked out of the room. He came back a few seconds later with four bowls of popcorn, handing one to each of them. He sat with Melissa cuddled against him waiting for someone to throw a punch.

"Look it's just it would have taken to long." Caleb yelled

"No that's not what it is at all and you know it." Jen yelled back

"It's you two always having to save people and be the leader, well you know what you could have gotten hurt." Bianca yelled

"Exactly. which is why we didn't want you to come." Pogue yelled

That was it Bianca finally snapped and threw a solid punch into Pogue jaw. Jen not thinking rationally (for once) tossed Caleb into a wall with her powers. The two boys, in to much shock to move, didn't try and protect themselves. Bianca sat on top of Pogue ready to throw some more punches and jen started to pick Caleb up. The other four realized it was coming to blows and while enjoyably funny, they knew that had to do something.


She used her powers to stop the two girls. She moved them to one side of the room while Tyler and Reid stood with Caleb and Pogue like bodyguards on the other.

"Look we're sorry, it's just we worry about you guys. With this Damien guy out to get you and now Chase, you could guys could get really hurt and we don't wanna see that happen." Caleb said softly

"Yea I guess we were over reacting." Bianca said

The two got up and walked over to them. They healed both boys and then moved so they could all talk about what they found out about chase. Jen and Caleb sat on one couch, Melissa and Tyler on the other. Lauren now in the armchair, Reid in the corner (A/N; hehe, naughty little boy) and Pogue and Bianca on the floor in front of the fire.

"So I'm guessing what you found isn't to great?" Tyler asked

"No, he's the fifth son, he's one of us." Caleb said

"Okay, so I'm kinda not sure why this is a bad thing." Bianca said

"His family was exiled for abusing the power. His mom died when he was two, so I'm guessing he doesn't know the side affects and he killed his adoptive parent, plus the kid at the dells." Pogue told her kissing the top of her hair.

"Oh, so you think he's like out to get your powers or something?" Lauren suggested

"Maybe." Caleb shrugged pulling jen closer


"Dude are you gonna apologize to Lauren?" Tyler asked Reid

"She doesn't wanna talk to me." Reid told him

"She's just waiting for you, I mean you did get her in trouble on her first day. Just hurry up and do it, cuz all of the girls are mad at you. If it spreads to them not talking to us I'm willing to bet Caleb will have your head first." Tyler told him

"Yea." Reid said know that he did need to apologize


"Hey Lauren can I talk to you?" Reid asked sitting on the couch next to her

"I guess." She said

"Look I'm really sorry about what happened. I didn't mean to get you in trouble. Honestly. I didn't think Chase and Caleb would race, so if they hadn't coach wouldn't have known." He told her

"I believe you Reid." Lauren told him

"Good." He said

He took her chin in his hand and kissed the girl softly. They both began to blush when they heard whistles and catcalls coming from the rest of the group.

The four pairs sat around for a while, talking and getting to know each other better. They stayed at Tyler's till about eight when Melissa suggested it would be fun to go to Nicky's.