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Age: Girls (16) Boys (17)

(Note: Sometime the charaters can be young or older so i just wrote it under the their alice, but if it doesn't have it than their just 16 or 17 years old)

-Mikan Sakura

(Fake name: Kaname Sakura)

Star: Special Star

Alice: Nullification, Water, & Copy/steal/seal/erase

- Mikan dress like a boy when she was at the academy by wearing guys uniform and a black cap, she's pretty, beautiful, smart, rich for singing and her parents own 3 companies, nice, but little rebellious when she dress like a guy, and have a blue phoenix. Her best friend is Hotaru Imai and the only person that knows about her true identity and her blue phoenix for now. She also has a mark of a blue phoenix on her back on the right side of her shoulder. She has one older brother and two little sisters

-Natsume Hyuuga

Star: Special Star

Alice: Fire, but he can teleport place too, but only Ruka knows but sooner other will know

- He is popular in Alice Academy; he is player, hot, handsome, and rich for his parent owns 3 companies just like Mikan. He is really rebellious sometime to the people that get him annoyed or the people he just hates and his best friend is Ruka Nogi. He has a red dragon and also has a red dragon with mark of a red mark of a red dragon on his back just like Mikan but on the left side of his shoulder. When he found out that Mikan and Tadase was going out, Natsume became furious and jealous but he forbid himself to show it that he was jealous. When he got nothing to do, he would be always goes to the Sakura tree and read his manga books or just sleep. He has two older brothers, one youngest brother and one little sister.

-Hotaru Imai

Alice: Invention

Star: triple

- Best friend with Mikan, Girl friend of Ruka Nogi, Loves money, blackmail people mostly Ruka, loves sea foods, and care about Mikan but sometime doesn't show it.

-Ruka Nogi

Alice: Animal pheromone

Star: Triple

-Best Friend with Natsume, he's nice, cares for his friends, boyfriend of Hotaru Imai, he always gets mad when his girlfriend takes picture of him and sell it to his fan club. When any boys were next to Hotaru, he turns like Natsume…cold and mean. Almost forgot that he knows about Mikan's disguise later.

-Tadase Ikuto

Alice: Fire and Thunder

Star: Special Star

- Tadase is Mikan's best friend in America. He doesn't come out when Mikan was transfer to American for 5 month because of the headmaster. After the five month at America, when she came back to Alice Academy at Japan, she saw Natsume was cheating on her even though they were going out and then she asked if Tadase well be her FAKE boyfriend after when Mikan broke up with Natsume. Tadase is really friendly guy. He has blonde hair and red eyes like Natsume. Little did Mikan knows that he is an AAO Student that was to confirm her to join the AAO, but Tadase couldn't let that happen since he was starting to like he


Alice: Earth Alice and Controlling Alice

Age: 24

- Reo, an evil guy that is the boss of the AAO Academy. He only wanted to be the best Alicer in the world that is why he wanted to sent Tadase to confirm her to join AAO so that his plan will work.

-Kaito, Haru, Atsuo

Alice: (K) Changing weather (H) Boosting (A) Girl Pheromone

Star: (Trio) Triple Star

- (K)He is the first Electric Guitar of the Water Phoenix…he also has a little crush on Mikan(H)He is the second Guitar of the Water Phoenix…he likes teasing Mikan (A)He is the Drummer of the Water Phoenix…he also has a little crush on Mikan like Kaito

-Anna & Nonoko

Alice: (A) Cooking (N) Chemistries

Star: (both) Triple

- (A) Best friend with Nonoko and girlfriend of Koko

(N) Best friend with Anna and girlfriend of Nekome

-Koko, Nekome, Yu

Alice: (K) Mind Reading (N) Levitation (Y) Illusion

Star: (Trio) Triple Star

- (K) Boyfriend of Anna (N) Boyfriend of Nonoko (Y) Class president

(Trio) hangs out with Natsume

-Yua Masaki

Alice: Thunder

Star: Triple

-She is Natsume's other girlfriend. She is a slut and loves to flirt with guys. She was the reason why Aimi was broken up by Natsume. She is also rich and quite beautiful. Later on she would like Atsuo

-Aimi Cho

Alice: Ice

Star: Triple

-Natsume's current girlfriend when Mikan came to school on the first day. She is popular in that Alice Academy too and she was beautiful but not much as Mikan. She started has some feeling when she meet her but got over it. Later on, she'll like Kaito

-Sumire Shoda

Alice: Cat-Dog transformation

Star: Triple

- She is in-love with Natsume Hyuuga. She'll be Natsume's 162 girlfriends. She is the owner of Natsume& Kaname Fan Club President. She changed the title when "Kaname" step inside the classroom

-Hoshi Sakura

Alice: Nullification and Wind

Star: Special Star

Age: 18

- He is the oldest of the Sakura's family. He cares really much about Mikan. When Mikan goes out with Natsume he will always argue with him and he always loses. He is best friend with Isamu Hyuuga

- Ayaka Sakura

Alice: Earth

Star: Triple

Age; 7

-Little sister of Mikan. She really like to smile a lot and she really cheerful just like Mikan, but when Mikan turns back to a girl. She always hangs out with Hana a lot. She is also clumsy, it's like a mini Mikan. She has a crush on Youchi also.

-Hana Sakura

Alice: Healing

Star: Triple

Age: 10

- Little sister of Mikan. She is rebellious, but smart not like her sister Ayaka. She is like Youchi and Natsume

-Isamu Hyuuga

Alice: Fire (Blue)

Star: Special Star

Age: 18

-He is the oldest of the Hyuuga family. He is really smart and kind. He is Mikan's oldest brother best friend. He likes teasing Natsume sometime just for fun, but when it comes to Tsubasa its war time.

-Tsubasa Hyuuga

Alice: Thunder and Shadow Control

Star: Special Star

Age: 17

- He is a player just like Natsume, but he doesn't do it. He just flirts with them. He and his brother (Isamu) always fight but for fun. They would pull each other hair and you know. He is also nice and the second oldest son of the Hyuuga's family.

-Youchi Hyuuga

Alice: Ghost Manipulation

Star: Triple Star

Age: 7

-He is the mini version of Natsume. He always argues with Mikan when just for fun. He and Natsume are very close as in brother.

-Aoi Hyuuga

Alice: Fire

Star: Triple

Age: 6

-She is the youngest of the Hyuuga family. She is really bright and was the one of the person that knows her identity. She treats her as a big sister when she was saving from the AAO; that is how she found out about her disguise. She is also best friend with Hana.


- He's a dragon that helps Natsume. He is quite powerful but not as Mikan's water Phoenix. When Natsume used him, he'll transform to a different outfit. It can boost his Alice higher when he transform.


- She's a Water Phoenix that helps Mikan. She really powerful and very beautiful. When she and Ryuu combine with each other than they make a powerful comback. When Mikan used her she'll transform to an outfit. It would just boost her Alice just like Natsume.

-Ms. Sakura & Mr. Sakura

Age: (Ms. S) 35 (Mr. S) 36

Alice: Stealing Nullification

-Mikan's Parents and owners of the Sakura Corporation. They are best friend with the Natsume's Parents

-Ms. Hyuuga & Mr. Hyuuga

Age: Same ages as Mikan's Parents

Alice: (both) Fire

-They are parents of Natsume and owners of The Hyuuga Corporation. They are best friend with the Mikan's Parents.

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