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Kurosaki Ichigo had no idea what had gotten into him. Blood was running down his face, stinging his eyes and leaving a metallic taste in his mouth. Wait, was that even his blood? He didn't know anymore, he had bit the bastard's lip the second they descended on his own.

One second, he had been fighting with the devil of a man standing over him and the next they were locked in a completely different type of war. The teal haired monster flipped his zanpakutou away from the boy's body and into the soft ground, discarding it to pursue his own carnal thoughts. Ichigo had been left with Zangetsu pressed against the intruder's throat, completely baffled as the man grabbed the back of his skull and smashed their lips together violently.

Furious and confused, Ichigo bit down on the Espada's lips, drawing both blood and an excited moan from the beast.

"Fuck, you already know what I like," Grimmjow growled.

Ichigo's eyes widened as his lips were swallowed again, this time in a fury of tongues and teeth. Why did this feel so right? Why did this, this abomination, make his body jolt and his blood burn? He wasn't gay, he knew he wasn't.

Thoughts raced as Ichigo's eyes rolled backward and his hand let Zangetsu fall toward the ground. Raking his hands up the man's back, he shuddered slightly as he felt the scar gouged deep into his flesh.

"Admiring your work, boy?" the Arrancar hissed through clenched teeth before pushing his lips to the soft flesh of Ichigo's neck. Fire raced around the shinigami as he was pushed into a brick wall of some building in some alley. All thoughts of protest were lost as Grimmjow grabbed the meat of his ass with greed and drug the sharp points of his teeth across the ruddy skin.

"Unf, Grimmjow," Ichigo managed to spit out as a hand dipped dangerously close to his growing arousal.

"What do you want me to do," the man half asked, half commanded.

The boy had no idea, he'd never done anything like that before. "I... I don't know," he muttered.

"You aren't stupid," the breath came in his ear, "tell me what you want." Ichigo groaned out in suppressed agony again as his cock was grabbed with strong hands.

"Something, anything," he moaned into the man's ear, grimacing slightly as the man's bone fragment pulled across his cheek.

"Do you want me to suck your dick?" The words sounded filthy as they were processed in his mind. Disgusting, sordid, and foul, but suddenly so very appealing.

"Yes," the boy gasped as nails raked his chest in an attempt to rip the cloth away.

"Do you want my cock?"

Ichigo couldn't bring himself to say no. "Yes!"

"Do you want me to fuck you, my little whore?"

"Please!" Anything to calm the fire raging through every inch of his body. The sash was torn from his hakama as the man continued to flood his mouth with a mixture of saliva, blood and sweat. Calloused fingers surrounded the boy's completely hard dick and Grimmjow grinned as if he was getting more excitement from the situation than Ichigo possibly could.

The shinigami shuddered involuntarily as Grimmjow ran his thumb across this tip of his member, moving it in languorously slow circles, teasing and testing the boy with every movement. Ichigo cried out as the man jerked at his cock quickly, the sensation growing as precum dripped across his thick fingers.

Ichigo moaned with annoyance when the fervor stopped suddenly and the hands moved to dig into his back. "Why are you stopping?" he pleaded as a body pressed against his entire length.

"I'm trying to decide if I want to make you come over and over, or just tease you until you come so hard you won't even know your own fucking name," Grimmjow moaned into Ichigo's ear, sending shivers through his entire body. "What do you want?"

"I want to come," Ichigo muttered, his thoughts drowned out completely by his lackadaisical need to release all the pent up tension.

"Again and again?"

"Fuck, yes," Ichigo moaned. Seconds later, he yelled out in excitement as he watched the man open his mouth and, holy shit, was it possible to fit that much in there? And oh God, he was still going, slamming it down his throat, pushing passed that gag reflex. Ichigo stared down with wide eyes as he vanished completely in the man, wondering just how it was possible to make the situation any better.

And then, of course, the real fun began. Ichigo let a deep, guttural moan rip through the night as Grimmjow began sliding his cock down his throat and back out again. Faster and more violent the pushes came until Ichigo yanked at the back of the man's head, desperate to keep the feeling as long as he could. However, all attempts were in vain when Grimmjow simply flipped his tongue across the tip of his throbbing dick as his hands moved expertly around the shaft.

Spots, where had Ichigo seen these spots before? The only time he usually saw them is when he woke up from a wet dream or jerked himself in the shower. Oh shit, was he going to-

"Fuck, warn me when you are gonna do that," Grimmjow said with annoyance as he ran the back of his hand across his mouth to wipe away the semen that just couldn't manage to stay behind his lips. "I'll just have to punish you a bit, won't I?"

Ichigo moaned in both disgust and want as Grimmjow pushed his tongue into the boy's mouth, forcing him to taste himself. Sweat and saline flooded his mouth at the same time something began working it's way toward his entrance. Ichigo cried out in a sudden burst of heat as Grimmjow slipped a finger inside, colliding with the bundle of nerves almost instantly.

"God, you are such a fucking slut," the Espada hissed into the Shinigami's ear. "Look at you, getting hard again already."

"Shut the – ungh - fuck up," Ichigo muttered between gasps as Grimmjow moved inside him slowly. Fire racing through his limbs as another finger was added, and yet another, prepping, prodding, invading, pleasuring.

Grimmjow smiled as the boy wrapped a leg around his thigh to allow better access. "Do you want something bigger?" he asked with a smirk.

"Yes," Ichigo moaned, suddenly realized he could have more.

"You are so tight though," Grimmjow laughed, "if you get me good and ready, this won't be so hard on you."

His brain shifting into a different gear, Ichigo knew exactly what the Espada meant. Ripping the sash from the still fully clothed man's hakama, the boy almost gasped as the robes pooled at the ground and his erection stood waiting.

"I don't think I can get all that in like you did earlier," Ichigo muttered, his innocence shining through at that moment.

"And if you keep up this naïve act, you won't have too, now hurry the fuck up," Grimmjow hissed, his impatience growing.

Ichigo collapsed to his knees and took the cock in his hands. Slowly at first, he began licking and tasting the man as if it could actually have a decent flavor. He slammed it's hard flesh into his mouth as far as he could, stopping just before he began gagging. Just as he reached that point, Grimmjow held his head still, not letting him move his throbbing sex in or out. Saliva dripped down the boy's chin and tears instinctively spotted his eyes as Ichigo stared up at the man, wondering just what he was supposed to be doing.

"Yeah, you are too much for me, let's do this already," Grimmjow groaned as soon as he glanced down at the cock filled mouth. Ichigo wiped away the spit and precum as he stood up and leaned heavily against the wall, panting for the breath he hadn't been getting. The Espada grabbed the boy's thigh and yanked it upward, giving him very little time to acclimate to the situation before burying himself completely into the soft flesh. Ichigo cried out in pain as he man pushed further and deeper, his whole body becoming numb as he seemed to thrust for eternity.

Grimmjow dug his short nails into the Ichigo's thigh and rested his head on the boy's shoulder before speaking, "Hurts?"

"Pretty fucking bad," Ichigo muttered as a streak of sweat ran down his jaw.

"It won't get better until we keep going," the teal haired man muttered, pulling back out of the boy slowly.

"Are you just lying to me?"

"I can't enjoy myself unless you are at least pretending to love riding my cock," he grinned.

"Then fuck me," Ichigo grimaced as he felt the hard member move to fill him back up. "Fuck me hard and fast and call me a fucking slut over and over until neither of us can remember our name."

"I'm going to love pounding this ass, you are such a fucking whore," Grimmjow spat before slamming back into the boy.

It was the strangest feeling Ichigo had ever felt, but why did it feel so right? That feeling of being nearly empty and then completely full time and time again as he was fucked by a man whom he had been determined to kill.

Grimmjow dropped the boy to his feet and pulled away only long enough to turn him around and bend him over before diving into his body again. Ichigo had one hand planted on the wall in front of him for support while the other clawed at the hip behind him. "Fuck, harder," he moaned, glancing back to meet the blue eyes staring holes into his back. The Espada's hand reached up and tangled itself through his orange locks, dragging his face at a jarring angle as he shuddered with each stroke of that hard cock against his prostate.

Ichigo moved his hand from Grimmjow's hip to his own weeping member, desperate for release. Just as his fingers grazed the skin, his hand was ripped away and held tightly behind his back.

"You can't come until I say you can," the man grunted, changing the pace from short and quick to long and deep. Ichigo twisted under the sudden change, needing the constant movement if he was going to get off again.

"Fuck, please," he moaned, pleasure still pumping through him.

"You little fucking whore, you'll do as I say," Grimmjow hissed into his ear as he tightened his grip around the boy's wrist.

An involuntary spasm ripped through Ichigo's body as the man slammed his dick into his nerves harder and longer, leaving the ache at an almost sickening level.

"Please," Ichigo began begging when he felt his cock practically quiver.

"Please what."

"Let me come."

"I'll never just let you come, whore," Grimmjow let his words slither from the bottom of his throat as he continued to pound into the boy violently.

"Fine, make me come," Ichigo moaned, "I really don't think it will take much now."

"Is that so?" Grimmjow smirked as he clamped his hand down around Ichigo's throbbing dick and got a response almost immediately. Without even moving his fingers a fraction of an inch, Ichigo twisted and moaned under his body, pushing his own release further. Grimmjow grabbed the boy around the chest and pulled him upward, forcing his chest against Ichigo's back. "Tell me what you are," the Arrancar growled into the Shinigami's ear.

Ichigo moaned out in response, trying desperately to move against the hand still around his dick. "I'm a fucking slut," he choked out finally.

"Who's slut are you?" Grimmjow smiled, pumping at the boy's erection painfully slow.

"Ungh, don't fucking stop," Ichigo cursed as his body twisted. He almost cried out in agony when the man stopped moving his hands again.

"No, I asked who's fucking whore you were?" he said as he ran his tongue up the shell of the boy's ear.

"God, your's, I'm your whore," Ichigo cried out as the hot breath crept down his neck, "Please let me finish!"

Grimmjow let go of the boy completely and grabbed his hips tightly, digging into him as deep as he could possibly manage. "Finish yourself, disgusting harlot."

Ichigo let one set of his fingers dig into the man's thigh as he finally began to give his aching member what it needed. Every time Grimmjow's cock pushed back inside him, he pushed back the urge to let everything go, desperate to keep the feeling for as long as he could. It didn't take him long at all before he knew there wasn't any stopping his release anymore.

"I'm going to come," Ichigo grunted out, his movement becoming jerky and uncoordinated.

"Say my name when you come," the teal haired Espada commanded as he continued to fuck the shinigami from behind.

Spots, those spots again. Always white spots, always following the movement of his eyes. Ichigo tried to stop jerking at his dick to maintain the feeling, but he couldn't hold it in any longer. He was done, it had been building and tempting him for far too long. Grimmjow reached around and pressed their bodies together again, the skin against skin a sudden facilitation to the release.

"Are you going to come, boy?" he hissed into Ichigo's ear.

"Unf, fuck, yes," he breathed throatily.

"Say my name."

"Grimmjow," Ichigo moaned out of the bottom of his chest as his body jerked.

"Again," he commanded.

"Ah, fuuuck, Grimm! Shit, I'm coming, Grimmjow." Was he coming? He couldn't tell, the extreme amount of pleasure had been running together for too long. He could only imagine the sticky substance running across his hand was his release.

"Oh, fuck, my little whore, keeping moaning my name like that," the teal haired man growled, his hand covering Ichigo's dripping cock with need.

"Grimm, come in me," Ichigo groaned, his head still foggy from his own release. He felt it then, as Grimmjow drove into him once more and pushed his face into the boy's shoulder. The heat that seemed to fill him up, burning Ichigo as he slowly came down from the high of fighting then fucking and then a strange combination of the two.

They stood in the alley, heaving for breath, still intertwined in each other for what seemed like eternity. Finally, as the heat vanished and the cool night whipped across their sweat stained bodies, Grimmjow let himself slip out of Ichigo with a string of semen. The shinigami made a terrible face as the result of their interaction ran down the insides of his legs, more disgusting than satisfying.

Slowly, Grimmjow stepped back into his hakama, struggling to get his land legs back. He leaned against the wall as Ichigo pulled his jacket back on, shrugging his shoulders until the fabric was even along his back. Their eyes met suddenly and a sadistic smile ripped across Grimmjow's face. He moved Ichigo against the wall and ran their bodies together before pressing his lips against the boy's ear.

"I'll be back for you, my beautiful whore."

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