Suicidal love


"I am tired of you mom I know that you are always going around and looking through my stuff." I mean I am 16 and I need at least a little privacy". "Young lady who are you talking to I am your mother and as long as you are living under my roof you will follow my rules". "You know it's been hard since your father's gone and you have done nothing but bring trouble into this household you know that's a bad influence on your sister she is only 13 and already thinks she's grown". "You know something you don't carry yourself like a young lady and that's one thing your father wanted to see from you". "What's that supposed to mean mom huh? " Nothing" "No tell me I want to know". "Think whatever you want to think just get out my house I don't want to see your face".


"I am sick and tired of that lady always bossing me around". Regina was 16 years old tall and light skin with long dark brown hair. She was very attractive and had got her looks from her mother. Regina walked up the block to the corner and sat down on the sidewalk thinking about what had just happened. Hmmmm I wonder what mom is doing right now; probably crying her eyes out. Oh well I was getting tired of her and it was time to show her who was boss.

Regina looked up from the concrete on the ground and seen what looked like a boy in his twenties. "Hey said the strange boy. Regina did not answer. "So what's wrong the boy asked? " Nothing she answered. "There has to be something wrong with you you're crying". "I don't know you so why would I tell you"? "It might make you feel better". "Okay fine so here's how it went. "My mom and I got into a huge argument it was about how she was invading my privacy and going in my room and looking through my stuff"." She kicked me out and that's how I ended up here". "I know parents can be pretty annoying the strange boy said. " Tell me about it". "Listen instead of staying out here why don't you come back with me to my dorm room" the strange no name boy said. "Listen I don't think I can do that you're a stranger to me and I hardly know you". "Aww come on you can trust me besides its cold outside". "Well I guess I could but only because it is kind of cold out here". "Okay the stranger said by the way my name is Johnny; Johnny Roosevelt ". " My name is Regina George Johnson". Well hi Regina" said the boy she knew as Johnny. As they were walking back to his dorm room what she didn't know that his name wasn't really Johnny Roosevelt and that he was a convicted rapist.

Regina and Johnny walked two blocks in silence until they finally came to a stop. "Here it is Johnny said". "Do you like it come on in and take a seat get comfortable". Regina came into the house and Johnny locked the door behind them. "Hold up Romeo I'm only coming in the house to get warmed up for a few minutes.

"Relax calm down everything is going to be okay". "No I am leaving I don't even know why I agreed to come here with you". "No you not u ain't going nowhere no get undressed".