By Mandya1313

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Summary: Grace's element wasn't fire, water, earth, or air. It wasn't being the center of attention or having none at all. He element was around her friends and with her stepbrother. But this all gets thrown out of whack when she loses her hair tie.

Prolog: Highway Roads

Did you ever wonder where the other roads that connected to the highway went? Did you think 'That one leads to no-where' when the road had only two cars on it? Have you ever wondered where you would end up if you'd drove down one of any of these roads instead of the one that would take you to your intended destination?

One of these roads leads to Cobalt City, commonly down town Maxville or the place of my birth. Cobalt is to Supers much like New York or Los Angeles is to civilians, in other words a major place of attraction and attention. Like the Commander and Jetstream protect Maxville another group of heroes protects the large city. The three heroes that protect my hometown are Arson, Warp, and Crest. Not much is known about any of them just that they don't really work as a team and the fact that Arson is an anti-hero. I know more about Arson then anyone else in the city though considering he is my ex-boyfriend.

Of course that really does not count for much since he never really told me anything about himself aside from the fact that he liked me 'a hell of a lot more then he should.' Our relationship began a year ago and ended about an hour ago. To begin with I felt very odd being woken up by the town superhero throwing rocks at my window seal. After some time I became comfortable with him. To the public though Arson just saved my life when I was thirteen and several times after and that was the end of our relationship. To the public I wasn't his girl friend, not even my brother, friends, parents, or anyone aside from him or me knew that.

On reference to the 'saving life several times after thing' I have this gift. I call this curse/gift/talent/habit/thingy 'wrongsyndrom.' Basically it is a habit of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wrongsyndrom caused me to continually meet Arson after our first encounter. You see after he first saved my life Arson didn't think twice about me other then the standard, 'Is she hurt?' But after the countless times he had to 'save' my life over the course of a year he asked me out ignoring the fact that he was five years older then me. It worked well with him coming to see me whenever he could, never doing anything that could suggest us being 'together' in the public eye, and him just being there. It still would have worked if I didn't have to move.

With no way to contact him I left Cobalt this morning. My family and I were moving to the suburbs of Maxville, a far distance away form the busy streets of downtown Cobalt. My mother had bought us a good house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a family room, and a kitchen.

See I'm so ticked off at this getting my own room isn't even cheering me up. Just because I look like my father, have his powers, and he is the fourth most wanted super villain in the world I have to move. Yeah sucks.



Ok fine.

My life is one big cliché after another; this is something I'm not very proud of.

A/n: Yes I am rewriting Bones. The reason for this being I made it to complicated, my apologies to everyone but I am going to repost it just make the plot simpler, easier to fallow, and cut a few characters. Though a portion of this story will be the same as the original Bones most of it will be different.