Chapter 6

Bushes and burrs

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Silverpaw's p.o.v.

Silverpaw padded softly out of the apprentice den and into the cold morning air. She involuntarily shivered as Sleekpaw followed her, yawning.

"Chilly morning." Sleekpaw remarked, "It's uncommon for it to be this cold in greenleaf."

Silverpaw closed her eyes, no one else was up yet, and the prey would still be sleeping.

"Why did we even get up this early?" Sleekpaw licked her paw and drew it over her ear.

"You didn't have to. I just couldn't sleep."

"Well this air will wake you up in no time."


Suprisingly, Sunpaw came out to sit with them.

"Hi." She meowed, fluffing her pelt out. "What's up?"

"Oh, nothing much." Sleekpaw replied. "It seems like no one can sleep around here."

Silverpaw sat silently lost in thought.

"Others should be stirring soon."

"I guess. I'm gonna go back to sleep."

"Me too. You coming, Silverpaw?"

Silverpaw nodded, and the three retreated back into the den.


Thunderpaw's p.o.v.

Thunderpaw awoke in the medicine cat's den, blinking his eyes to bring things into focus. Mosspaw was sitting in front of another bed of moss, looking like she was tending to another cat.

I didn't see any other cats here before, although I did doze through the last two days...

He should be allowed to go today, but of course he still had to rest his paw incase it opened again.

I wonder how Featherwings doing.

Mosspaw came over to him. "You can go anytime you want, but don't-"

"Don't forget to watch out for my paw, I know."

"Yeah." Mosspaw smiled slightly (Remember my cats can somehow magically do that) and padded out of the den.

Thunderpaw stretched luxuriously, reveling in the fact that his paw no longer hurt him. He shook the scraps of moss from his pelt before curiosity took him and he wandered over to the other bed that Mosspaw had been next to before. His eyes widened in shock and his mood immediately sobered.

Featherwing! It's all my fault isn't it? He thought, thinking of what Rippledstripe had said. Maybe I should just leave the Clan; they're no doubt better off without me. Featherwing was lying there with a deep wound on her side, breathing softly, sleeping.

A rustling sound made Thunderpaw tense and glance at the entrance, the senior warrior Bluethorn had come into the den, padding over to Featherwing.

"I- I was just leaving." He muttered, starting to rise.

Bluethorn gazed at him kindly, which was a surprise, for the dark blue she-cat was normally void of feelings. "Do not blame yourself Thunderpaw, you were not to know."

"But its my fault everyone got hurt! I was the stupid one, the one no one likes."

"If you really believe that, then you are more mouse-brained that I thought. If I could, I would spare my daughter from any injury. But that is not possible."

Bluethorn sighed. "She's the only kit I have still alive. She had a sister, Cloudkit, that she was close to, but a badger that strayed into camp killed her. Her other sister and brother were stillborn."

Thunderpaw sat awkwardly, why was she telling him this?

Bluethorn let her eyes rest on her daughter. "She told me that you are a wonderful apprentice, you remind her of Cloudkit, when she was alive."

"She is a great mentor. What was Cloudkit like?" He asked carefully.

"Cloudkit was bold and headstrong, but you couldn't help but like her, she was smart and funny. She would have been beautiful like your sister if she had grown up."

"Thank you, Bluethorn." Thunderpaw meowed, before turning out of the den and padding across to where Silverpaw was sitting with Sunpaw.

The two she-cats turned when he arrived, Silverpaw blinked warmly at him, while Sunpaw's fur bristled and she stalked off angrily. Obviously she still hadn't forgiven him for yowling at her.

Silverpaw looked at him with a quizzical expression before licking his muzzle.

"What did you do to make Sunpaw so upset?"

Thunderpaw shrugged. "What did you do while I was recovering?"

"Duskpelt took me down to Snakerocks, have you seen the adders there? Some of them are HUGE. Other than that just training and hunting, I guess."

Nodding his head, Thunderpaw discarded his feelings of jealousy, he wasn't going to let it ruin his relationship with his sister.

Blackpaw wandered over to them and playfully flicked Thunderpaw with his tail.

"Have you been resting while the rest of us are working our paws off?" He teased. "You up for some hunting?"

"Yeah, sure!"

"Silverpaw, do you want to come?"

"Nah, have you seen Sleekpaw anywhere?"

Blackpaw glanced at Thunderpaw. "No, I haven't seen her for a while. Maybe she's not in camp."


"Am I missing something?" Thunderpaw mewed.

"No, nothing, nothing at all. Now lets go hunting!" Blacked said with a false cheery meow.


Silverpaw's p.o.v.

Running through the camp, Silverpaw shot out of the entrance and hurried towards the RiverClan border. She had to find out just what was going on with this warrior, Sleekpaw might get caught.

Silverpaw came to a halt next to the border, she could smell Sleekpaw's scent go down a bit further, she had stayed near a bush that extended into RiverClan territory. Suddenly, she caught sight of them.

She slipped down the slope, following Sleekpaw's scent, making it mingle with her own. The two cats came into view, the tom was sitting next to Sleekpaw, their tails entwined. Soon, Silverpaw got close enough to hear them.

"Sleekpaw." The tom murmured. His pelt was a reddish-brown colour, his eyes fixed on Sleekpaw.

She purred in return, butting the toms chin with her head. "Arrowstripe."

The toms eyes sparkled with laughter, and he rested his head on hers, purring loudly.

Silverpaw watched, when she heard a crackling from behind her. Fox-dung, it's a patrol! I have to warn Sleekpaw somehow.

She darted down towards them and they broke apart, Sleekpaw hissed at her.

"What are you doing here? You'll get us caught!"

"There's a patrol coming, you have to hide!"

Arrowstripe leaned down and meowed something in her ear, she licked him on the muzzle and bounded after Silverpaw as he slipped into the river, swimming away. "Where to?"

Silverpaw bounded the short way up to ThunderClan territory and dived under a bush, the burrs catching on her pelt as she wriggled under, Sleekpaw followed shortly.

The patrol approached rapidly, Wolfheart in the lead with Paddedfoot. Ashfur, Ebonywood and Sparrowpaw following behind.

As they padded past, Sparrowpaw glanced at the bush they were hiding under, blinking in surprise when he saw the two she-cats.

"See something Sparrowpaw?" Asked Wolfheart.

"No, thought I saw a rabbit." He meowed swiftly, turning away.

"Mark the border." Wolfheart instructed the other cats.

Sparrowpaw came and sat by the bush, hiding them from view.

"What are you doing," He meowed quietly, "That you have to hide under a bush for?"

"Er, hunting." Silverpaw answered.

"Under a bush?" He twitched his whiskers in amusement.

"Yes! You can find all sorts of things in here."

Sparrowpaw frowned. "What have you been doing? Were you on RiverClan territory?"

This time Sleekpaw answered. "Do you really think we're that mouse-brained?" she hissed.

"Course not. The patrols moving on, see you later." He stood up and padded off after the others, not looking back at them.

Sleekpaw crashed out of the bush and shook the burrs from her pelt.

"Great idea, mouse-brain, they would of seen us if not for Sparrowpaw!"

Silverpaw removed herself from the hiding spot and started to pick the burrs off. "I didn't know you could see anything."

"Well now my time with Arrowstripe is ruined thanks to you!" Sleekpaw stalked off to camp leaving Silverpaw to follow after her.

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