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"no kagome please you cant die now. i love you too i cant live with out you and i don't want to lose you now." inuyasha says as a few tears roll down his face onto her cheek.

"don't worry about me inuyasha i just need a little rest."kagome whispers as she passes out

Chapter 2 the unthinkable

"inuyasha we need to get kagome back to kaede (sniff)" shippo says trying to hold back tears. "she might be able to do something for her"

"shippos right inuyasha. kagome still has a pulse and we left most of our medical supplies there" miroku says getting on kirara with songo

"right. It will be faster if i ran." inuyasha says as he picks kagome up bridal style being careful of her wound, which seemed to have stopped bleeding i don't know if thats a good thing or a bad thing inuyasha thinks as he is running through the forest towards kaede village.

Songo miroku and shippo are riding on the back of kirara just barely keeping up with inuyasha "wow! Inuyasha seems to be faster than usual" exclaims shippo as he fights the wind in his face

"yea i think your right shippo at this rate we will be at kaede village in less than five minutes"sango says right before miroku hand makes its way towards sangos bottom(SLAP) "cant you keep your mind out of the gutter even when our friend is dieing" songo says after slapping miroku so hard he almost falls off

"as I've told you before my hand is cursed my beloved songo"miroku tries to explain

"wait i thought the curse left your hand when narraku was killed" shippo says questioningly as he looks over his shoulder.

"ha the lecher is caught how will you explain this one lecher "sango says triumphantly

"I'm shocked that you would think of me that way and by the way it must have been muscle memory"miroku says trying to look innocent

"now thats a complicated way of saying its a force of habit."shippo plainly says

an anime style sweat drop forms on miroku's fore head i need a change in subject fast miroku thinks just as he spots the village thank kami "hey look the village"

every one looks towards the village where hopefully kaede can do something for kagome

inuyasha rushes into kaede's hut "hey kaede you hag where are you. Kagome's hurt needs your help" inuyasha yells while setting kagome down on a soft futon.

"aye inuyasha is that ye." kaede says walking in with freshly picked medicinal herbs "oh my kagome what has happened to ye "she asks just as songo miroku and shippo arrive with miroku still sporting a red hand print on his cheek

miroku replies "she was shot by one of Kikuyu's sacred arrows. Is there anything you can do for her?"

kaede takes a quick look at the blood on kagomes cloths "my sister did this Aye. Hnnn this is interesting kagome's wound seems to have already started to heal" lady kaede says while mixing the medicine for kagome

while kneeling next to kagome inuyasha says with concern in his eyes "thats a good thing will be o k.

"Aye i wouldn't know until morning she has lost a lot of blood and will need plenty of rest" kaede says just as she finished mixing the medicine.

kaede walks over to kagome's resting body and places the medicine on the wound and dresses it " thats the best we can do for now it would be best for all of ye to get some rest. All we can do now is wait."

"I'm not going anywhere until kagome wakes up" inuyasha says with a determined look on his face

"OK we will let you be. Sango shippo lets go to the next room so they can be alone"miroku says trying to sound serious

as they leave inuyasha just stares at the girl he loved come on kagome you have got to pull through this. I don't think i can live with out you. Inuyasha says in his head

inuyasha stayed there looking at kagome for about an hour but between fighting narraku, kikyo and running as fast as he did to get there he was totally out of energy and soon fell asleep with his arms folded on his knees and his head laying on top of them(a/n i know thats not how he sleeps but he wanted to make sure nobody saw him cry)

the next morning kagome awoke not knowing what happened or why she was back at kaede she looked down at the bandages around her waist and memories of last nights battle flooded back to her oh yea we finally defeated narraku and then i jump in front of an arrow that kikyo shot at inuyasha(gasp)inuyasha where is he. Kagome thinks as she looks towards the sleeping hanyo

kagome starts to get up to walk over to inuyasha when she notices that her nails were considerably longer she bites her lip thinking about this and realizes that her teeth are sharper as well as if she had fangs. Kagome then reaches for the mirror that she keeps in her bag and screamed at the site she saw

inuyasha awoke with a start and instantly grabbed for his sword "kagome whats wrong"inuyasha says then he sees the way kagome looks and his jaw just drops. just as songo miroku shippo and kaede run inside and they all gasp at the sight they saw

kagome looked as though she had been transformed into hanyo(half demon)looking like a female version of inuyasha. her hair was still black but with some silver streaks running through it she also had two black dog like ears with white tips and her eyes changed to a light green almost turquoise color. (and did i mention the claws and fangs)

after about ten second of everyone staring especially inuyasha kagome finally composes her self and asks with a look of fear and concern on her face "can somebody please explain what has happened to me"

after another ten second of thinking and inuyasha still staring miroku finally pipes up "hmm i think i have an idea"

a/n please forgive me for the cliffy but i had to do it i ran out of ideas but ill repost as soon i can as some more ideas pop up in my head and my time is almost up on this computer i don't want the Sgt to yell at me