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But I did cry"Inuyasha says to the amazement of everyone else for actually admitting it

"I cried when thought i would never see your smile again and I cried all last night because I didn't know whether or not you're would make through the night." Inuyasha said while looking into Kagomes eyes.

After a few seconds of everyone being in complete shock over the fact that Inuyasha actually admitted that he cried and soaking up the information that Myoga the flea just gave them Kagome asks "But how long am i going to be like this"

"Now that is a good question" Myoga says "I don't honestly know"

"What do you mean know? I thought you knew about this sort of thing" Inuyasha snapped

Myoga cringed before quickly answering "This is the first time I've ever seen it myself, but if I had to guess I would say that since Kagome is now technically a half demon we would just have to wait for her time of weakness so that her miko powers can take over and purify the demonic energy"

"So we just have to wait for my time of weakness" Kagome asked "how long will that be?"

"Well since it was Inuyasha's blood it would probably be at the same time as his" Myoga replies

"But the new moon isn't for another three weeks" Miroku says

"So does that mean Kagome will be stuck looking like Inuyasha for until then" Shippo asks

"Hey it could have been worse" Inuyasha says then realizes what Shippo said "Hey what's wrong with the way I look"

"Umm nothing" Shippo says before running out of the hut with Inuyasha running after him yelling "come back here you little runt you're going to pay for that"

Kagome sweat drops anime style then says sadly "You know he's right it could be worse I should be dead right now" then a thought hits her and she says "wait what happened to Kikyo"

"Umm we don't exactly know, she disappeared without a trace but we think she is dead"

"What do you mean she's dead what happened after I got shot" Kagome asked

"Aye I would also like to know" Kaede says

Miroku and Sango both proceeded to tell the events of the previous battle with Kikyo and Kagome was shocked to hear that Inuyasha was the one to kill her "wait Inuyasha did what"

"He transformed into his demon form with tetsaiga in his hand and used the windscar on Kikyo" Sango says keeping a watchful eye on Miroku's hand

Kagome takes a couple of second to think this over then says "Ok let me get this straight Inuyasha transformed into his demon form, tetsiega failed to suppress it, and he hit Kikyo with the windscar."

"Yep that's about it" Miroku says while his hand stretches towards Sango left cheek"


"HENTAI keep your hands to yourself" Sango scolds knocking Miroku semi unconscious

"So how did Inuyasha change back" Kaeda asks

"That would be Kagome's doing" Sango answers "he was about to attack us when Kagome whispered his name and he snapped out of it. Then Kagome finally told him how she felt"

At that moment Inuyasha comes walking in carrying the little kitsune demon by the tail "hey put me down. Ka-go-me" shippo whines

Kagome looks at inuyasha with a sad expression on her face. Inuyasha sensing that there was something wrong lets Shippo down "Kagome what's wrong" he asks

"Nothing is wrong are you ok?"

"I'm fine why would you think I could let myself be bothered by that runt?" Inuyasha replies

"No it's not that it's about yesterday" Kagome says

Inuyasha looks at kagome and her new look and says "hey if this is about you being a half demon like me for a few weeks I really don't mind considering the alternative"

"It's not that either. It's about what happened to Kikyo after I got shot"

"Umm I don't really know what happened after Kikyo shot you apart from what I said that's it" Inuyasha says as he starts to think about what could have happened to Kikyo. Then flashes of the battle race through his mind and he sees Sango and Miroku battling Kikyo looking extremely pissed off and he sees himself with red eyes drawing tetsiega and calling out Kikyo's name as he launches the windscar

Inuyasha snaps out of his stupor and looks towards his friends with horror on his face "wait I didn't did I, did I kill Kikyo"

"Ye did make she finally rest in peace" Kiede answers and inuyasha slumps onto the floor with a blank stare

Kagome walks up to Inuyasha and puts an arm around him in a comforting manner as the others walk out so the two can be alone "you still loved her didn't you"

"Yes" Inuyasha replies still staring blankly at the wall

Kagome looks down in sadness I knew it he still loves her. I guess I'm just second place

"But I love you too possibly even more" Inuyasha says "it's just she was my first and she died fifty years ago thinking I was the one who killed her, and now she's dead again, and this time it was me who killed her"

Ok he just said he loved me more I must help him Kagome thinks as she moves closer

Kagome kisses the top of Inuyasha's head and says "Inuyasha I know this must be hard for you but please don't hate yourself for this if you didn't do what you did all of us could be dead right now not just you or I but Sango Miroku and Shippo too."

"I know Kagome it's just. When you released me from the seal Kikyo placed on me fifty years ago, those fifty years seemed like a second to me. Then I found out that Kikyo died shortly after I was sealed and I didn't know what to think I was devastated even though I didn't show it. I mean I never got to say good bye. It was the same with my mother when she died I thought she was sleeping and the villagers never told me that she was dead they just rushed me out of there. It was about a week before I realized what happened." At this point both Inuyasha and Kagome had tears in their eyes "Kagome I'm sorry if I made you sad"

"It's ok Inuyasha you just never told me this about your mother before" Kagome says wiping away a tear from inuyasha's face

"No not just this time" Inuyasha says now looking kagome in the eye "but I mean all the other times as well when I would run of to see her without a thought towards your feelings"

"It's ok Inuyasha I forgive you" Kagome says as their foreheads touch

"Just like that you serious" Inuyasha says in surprise "normally it takes two or three days to find forgiveness"

Kagome lets out a soft giggle then says "no you just never apologized before"

Kagome's and Inuyasha's heads start moving closer and they were about to make contact when they heard a loud crash out and people yelling and screaming

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