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They found the spell and quickly recited it. Soon a portal opened up. They jumped through blindly.

The time traveling Paige and Phoebe glanced around and found themselves at the sight of their semi-past selves. The figures fighting in the alley were only from a few hours from their past, but that didn't matter not really.

They watched as future Paige heard Gideon's name. Her eyes got extremely large and anger entered her face. The time traveling Phoebe silently strutted behind future Paige who was ready for an all out fight. Phoebe skillfully held her future sister in place as the others fought. Time traveling Paige also held onto her past self as they watched the events unfold. They all lunged forward as Piper and Leo got sucked into the ghost world.

They did it. Apparently that was all that it took to save Chris. They disappeared into a crevice of the dark alley. It wasn't necessary that the others know about them intervening.

Within another hour Chris was saved and Phoebe and future Paige's essences were merged with their coexisting selves. They gasped for breath for a moment when they looked around. They only saw Paige frantically searching through the book of shadows. They took pity on her and Phoebe told her, "Sweetie, I just got a vision. Piper and Leo are fine. They'll get out soon. We just need to go back to the alley."

Within another hour the dark lighter was vanquished and Chris was saved.

Phoebe and future Paige were the only ones who knew about Gideon. They were the only one's who could save Wyatt.

Paige and Phoebe slipped back from the others as they all walked into the kitchen for dinner. Paige stated in a hurried whisper, "We'll take care of it tomorrow. It won't be terribly hard." Phoebe nodded accepted the General Paige back.

Dinner went fine except for the fact that everybody noticed how nervous Phoebe was. She kept fidgeting from pure nerves. Once dinner was over, Paige announced that she was going to hit the hay or whatever witty phrase she said. She hugged everyone. She told everyone except herself that she loved them. Then she got to herself and whispered, "Make sure Chris doesn't get mistreated. Tell them that we love him and Wyatt. Bye I had fun." Paige looked confused, but she let her future self go upstairs. Phoebe didn't really understand either. She still thought the plan was for them to attack tomorrow.

Paige went straight upstairs and locked the attic. She quickly orbed into Gideon's bedroom which was conveniently located in Magic School. She looked around the room, and found her old "friend" sitting at his desk studying something.

She spoke with a deadly calm tone, "Gideon, what a coincidence meeting you here." He eyed her with a strangeness. She was making no sense. She went on to say, "Well, I would have never thought I would find you in the bedroom of a child murderer. Isn't that what your wanting to do. You want to kill Wyatt, right? Well, as much of a nightmare as he has put me through, literally, I would never kill the child of a Charmed One. It always seems to come back to bite you." She grinned evilly when she lifted her winter-y shirt a bit to show wounds that still wouldn't heal. His face showed his shock. He had not known the extent of the evil Wyatt had turned to. Now he knew if Wyatt could do that to his own aunt what was stopping him from terrorizing the rest of the world's population. Silently he answered his own question, "Nothing. Nothing was stopping him."

Out of purely stupid instinct, he lunged at Paige. She dodged the athame that he had thrust at her. She quickly regained her composure as he lunged again. Soon she and he tired out from the game of dodging. She blinked for one second and he took a swing. He got her enough for blood to flow immediately. She fell against the wall smiling. She smiled evilly. She said quietly, "Now I have proof that your not in the purest intentions." Her orbs lagged, but they got her where she was going.

UP there she went to see the elders. They were gathered together in a large room…like a lecture room. She cringed at the pain of the cursed athame. All of her wounds were straining under the stress. Her magic couldn't keep ALL of them from bleeding, so it instead stopped working at all.

She was weak, but she said quietly, "Gideon is the one who is after Wyatt. Wyatt only turns evil because of him! See what Gideon did. He stabbed me when I confronted him!" She tried to yell, but it was still quiet.

She passed out from the pain.

She awoke painfully from her forced slumber. She felt hot drops of water falling on her arm. She saw the brunette sitting beside her. She thought inwardly, "The elders should have let me die up there. At least then he wouldn't have to suffer." She lifted her arm numbly and smiled as best she could.

She said with her last gust, "Take care of yourself. It's better now! You won't have to live through that again." She looked towards her left where she saw her sisters and herself. She smiled, and gently her eyes fluttered shut.

Everything was right. Chris was going to be born and Wyatt was not going to be killed. And his Aunt Paige and his little brother had saved him. It all worked out perfectly…right?

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