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Ch. 2

He sighed and decided, "I think Aunt Paige could help do you think she would mind?" Phoebe nodded and began to fade away, so he shouted, "Tell everyone I'm going to fix it!"

He woke up on the rough bench. The sun seemed to have just risen. This was about the first time since he was a young teen that he had slept through the night. Usually he was studying the book or he was on a mission. He felt rested and relaxed which was a rare occurrence, so he just sat up and gazed at the golden sun.

Four hours later he had begun to explore the park when he heard Piper angrily yell his name. To say the least he was surprised. He never thought she would even utter his name after the Mr. Perfect incident, yet she was calling him to her.

He paused for a moment wondering if it could be a trap. Still he orbed to the attic where he knew Piper to be. He got there, but it took his brain a couple minutes to process the situation. Phoebe, Piper, of course, Paige, but the odd thing was that Leo and another Paige were also there. His eyes lingered on the other Paige, who he knew to be his Aunt Paige.

He had to be careful not to overact to her appearance. He went to her and let her look him over. He hadn't seen her in a year and that was when she died. She finally spoke, "You look well considering the circumstances. I can't believe it's only been a year and you've been driven to this." She held him out arms length.

What the past girls weren't able to detect was that Paige sincerely loved this young man. Of course, she did, not just because he was her nephew, but because she had taken over as his guardian when he turned fourteen. Sadly it was either her or Phoebe, because Piper was the first fatality of the beginning war.

Chris thanked goodness that Paige was an expert at hiding her emotions and really he had learned from the best. He shrugged in reply when really all he wanted to do was tell her everything and to ask how his mother and family were. Instead he contained himself, "Paige, I'm guessing that Phoebe explained the current situation. If so then can we discuss this somewhere private?" The tension in the small attic was getting to him.

Almost immediately after he said that Piper spoke up angrily, "You're not leaving till we get some answers. First off how do we know that this isn't one of your demon friends glamoured like a future Paige. Plus Phoebe didn't tell her anything. No, don't move or I blow you to pieces!"

Paige smirked menacingly which didn't help their cause. Although it did remind Phoebe of the time Paige was infected with the power broker's power at least her eyes looked the same. Piper backed away a bit when Paige chuckled with dangerous confidence.

After two years of Chris and she being the last remaining Halliwell, it had left her fearless and somewhat bitter to anyone, but her time's family. Her strength had grown tens times to this happy, past self. Finally his Aunt Paige verbalized her threat, "It's not in your best interest to threaten someone stronger than you!"

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