This is actually a little snipet taken from vol. 8 and Boy Princess does not belong to me but it is my favorite Net Comics manga.

Trouble with a capital T

Nicole slid off his wet shirt with disgust and set it on a nearby desk. When he looked up Jed was standing in the doorway of the classroom.

⌠You still here?■

The look Jed gave him made him uncomfortable, ⌠I was shooting hoops. You?■

He slid his belt out of the first loop and said, ⌠Student council. I▒m on my way back to class. Somebody dumped water out of a window. I was unlucky enough to get all of it.■

A shiver went up Nicole▓s back as Jed gave him that same look, like a predator almost.

Nicole slid the wet bangs out of his face and turned toward the lockers at the back of the room. He kneel down at his own and opened it, ▒I▓m sure I have a pair of sweats somewhere in my locker┘■

As the door swung open a rank stench filtered out, he had forgotten to wash them before they left for school break.

⌠Do you want mine.■ Nicole looked up at Jed who had a regulation pair of track pants in his hand.

Nicole looked at his the cloths in his hand and then the look on his face. Nicole▓s face deadpanned.

Jed raised an eyebrow, ⌠What? You don▓t seem to excited about it. It hasn▓t been that long since I washed these.■

Nicole closed his locker and stood, ⌠For some reason, your expression makes me think I▓m not getting them without paying a price.■

Jed mouth quirked in a smile and leaned against the lockers, ⌠Your quick, how about┘ letting me place a hickey mark anywhere on your body in exchange for my belongings?■

Nicole stood shocked, ⌠You┘You▓re into that?■

Jed took a step forward, ⌠▓That?▓ Well it▓s more like curiosity. We▓re teenagers aren▓t we? With raging hormones and recklessness┘I▓ve been curious about for a while now. I wonder what it would feel like to brand your skin with a deep bruise┘.■

⌠Stop it!▓ Nicole shivered a little and looked away, ▒I▓m getting goosebumps. If your frustrated, just go home and watch some DVDs.■

Jed crossed his arms and looked amused, ⌠What am I; a little kid? To let out my tension with those things. Those goosebumps can turn into a different feeling.■

Nicole blinked repeatedly. Apparently he was in trouble.