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One year after the Kyubi attack

Hokage's office

Sarutobi was in his office thinking "What am I going to do with Naruto? He has had a hundred assassination attempts already and he's only just a year old. I'm just glad no one found out about his twin sister Haku. No telling what would happen to her if they found out"

"If this keeps up, I might have to send her out of the village. I really don't want to but I can't think of what else to do" he continued thinking

His thinking was interrupted by a flash of fire when a old man appeared wearing a robe with twinkling moons and stars on it with a red and gold bird on his shoulder carrying a small bundle. "Ah, Albus, how may I help you" asked Sarutobi

"I wish to speak with Kushina Uzumaki" said Dumbledore

"I afraid that is impossible. She died a little over a year ago after giving birth to her twin children" said Sarutobi

"Why do you ask" he asked

"This boy's parents were just killed and I really don't want to put him with his mother's sister and just found out she had a distant cousin living here" Dumbledore explained

"But I guess I will have to leave him there then after all" he sighed

"If you don't want to do it, why are you going to do it" asked Sarutobi

"This boy here survived the killing curse thanks to his mother sacrificing herself for him. I was planning to erect blood wards to protect him from anyone who might want revenge on him for stopping Voldemort. But for the wards to work, he needs to live with someone with his mother's blood" said Dumbledore

"This might be what I been looking for. A way I can protect them and keep them together" thought Sarutobi

"I think I have a way I could help Albus, but I ask for a favor in return" said Sarutobi

"How could you help" asked Dumbledore

"You said you have a technique that allows you to control people right" asked Sarutobi

"Yes, the Imperius Curse. But a person with a strong enough will can throw off its effects" said Dumbledore

"Well, what I was thinking of is that I could try to permanently seal off the effects on the family you are going to leave him with" said Sarutobi

"That is an excellent idea" said Dumbledore

"But, what do you want in return" he asked

"I will be right back" said Sarutobi leaving the room

He walked into another room and picked up Naruto and went over to a wall and released the Genjutsu and picked up Haku. They both briefly woke up, looked at each other, smiled, snuggled up to each other, and went back to sleep. "Hopefully if this works, I won't have to separate you two ever again" said Sarutobi quietly

He walked back into his office and said "These are the children Kushina gave birth to before she died. While she was in labor, Kyubi attacked the village and the only way to defeat it was for the Yondaime to seal it into his son here. He wanted the village to see him as a hero for holding back the demon, but the village just sees him as the demon not the person holding the demon"

"He has had one hundred assassination attempts at only one year old. I had to hide his twin sister so they wouldn't do anything to her as well. I was hoping they could stay with the family you are leaving that boy with" he continued

"Yes that might work. It will give Harry someone to grow up and play with" said Dumbledore

"Excellent, I was hoping I wouldn't have to separate them" said Sarutobi

"Well then let's be on our way" said Dumbledore as they all disappeared in a flash of fire

They reappeared in front of Number four Privet Drive. They walk up to the door and Dumbledore knocks on the door. Petunia opens the door and screams "It's you" and tries to shut the door

Albus holds the door open and asks "Hello Petunia, may we come in"

"Get away from here you freaks" yelled Petunia

Dumbledore sighs, pulls out his wand and casts "Imperio"

"Please come in" said Petunia stepping aside

"Thank you, would you please fetch your husband for us" said Dumbledore

"Of course" said Petunia walking away

Dumbledore and Sarutobi went into the living room and sat down and waited for them to return. When they got back, Dumbledore immediately got up and cast Imperio on Vernon. "You can go head and seal away the effects now Sarutobi" said Dumbledore

"Of course" said Sarutobi as he got up and laid Naruto and Haku down and went over to Petunia and Vernon

He went to Vernon first and performed a couple of hand seals and shouted out "Fuin" slamming his palm onto Vernon head. He them went over to Petunia and did the same thing before going back over and picking up the children and sitting back down.

"Now this child here is Harry Potter, your sister's son and the two children over there are Naruto and Haku Namikaze, the son and daughter of a distant cousin of yours. They both have lost their parents and you are going to raise them with the love and care they need. Is that understood" commanded Dumbledore

"Yes" said Petunia and Vernon

"Good, we leave them in your care" said Dumbledore as he and Sarutobi handed them the children

They then both left in a flash of fire.

Three years later

Outside the Hokage's office

Hiashi Hyuga came to see the Hokage to ask a favor concerning the attempted kidnapping of his eldest daughter last night. He walked in and Sarutobi looked up from his paperwork and asked "Hiashi, how may I help you"

"I was wondering if I could ask a favor Hokage-sama" asked Hiashi

"About what" asked Sarutobi

"About where you sent Minato's kids" said Hiashi

"Why would you asked about that" asked Sarutobi

"I wondering if it was safe enough to send Hinata there as well" said Hiashi

"I really don't think that is necessary. I don't think Kumo will try it again" said Sarutobi

"That's not what I want to send her away to protect her from" said Hiashi

"Having problems with the council already" asked Sarutobi

"They are already calling her weak and unfit to be the heir for getting kidnapped. Honestly, how can anybody expect a four year old child to beat a seasoned Jonin" yelled Hiashi

"Well I would have to ask my friend first, since Minato's kids are staying as a favor for me helping him out with a problem he had" said Sarutobi

Just after he said that, Fawkes appeared in a flash of fire. "You always know when you need to show up, don't you Fawkes" said Sarutobi

Sarutobi wrote a quick letter with his request and gave it to Fawkes and he left in a flash of fire. "What was that Hokage-sama" asked Hiashi

"That was a Phoenix. That is what my friend uses to communicate with me" said Sarutobi

In a flash of fire Dumbledore appeared in his office. "What is it you would like to talk to me about Sarutobi" asked Dumbledore

"This man here would like for his daughter to stay with Naruto, Haku, and Harry" said Sarutobi

"Now why would he want to do that and why them" asked Dumbledore

"I stopped an enemy Nin from kidnapping my daughter last night and the council is blaming her for being too weak for not fighting back even thou she is only four years old" said Hiashi

"So you want to protect her from any future attempts and from the ridicule of her family" said Dumbledore

Hiashi nodded his head and Dumbledore said "You still didn't tell me why them"

"Me and Minato were close friends and had an arranged marriage between my eldest daughter and his eldest son. So since they are arranged to be married why couldn't they grow up with each other to get to know each other" said Hiashi

"Yes I think that is a good idea. If you could go get her, we will be on our way" said Dumbledore

"Thank you, but will I be able to send her some scrolls so she could train while she is there" asked Hiashi

"Yes, I have already set it up with Sarutobi to send them whatever they need to train with when they turn six" said Dumbledore

"Thank you" said Hiashi as he left

Hyuga compound

Hiashi found his daughter and commanded "Hinata, come with me"

"Yes, father" said Hinata quietly

He took her into his office and sat her down and said "Hinata, I am sending you away for a while"

Hinata broke down crying and stuttered out "Are you sending me away because you think I'm weak too"

"Damn that council" Hiashi yelled in his mind and he went over and hugged his daughter

Hinata was shocked at what her father was doing and even more so by what she heard next. "I don't think you are weak but I don't want you growing up having to listen to that all the time. So that is why you are going away to live with the children of a close friend of mine to grow up and train and become stronger. So when you come back, you can show everyone just how strong you really are" said Hiashi

"Alright" said Hinata without stuttering proud that her father believes in her

"What about Hanabi" she asked worried about her little sister

"Don't worry she will be alright" said Hiashi smiling

"So why don't you go get your things so we can head to the Hokage's office" he said

"Alright" said Hinata feeling better

Hokage's office

Hiashi and Hinata walked in and Dumbledore stood up and asked "Is this her"

"Yes" said Hiashi stepping aside to show his daughter who was hiding behind him

"Well then, let's us be on our way" said Dumbledore as they left in a flash of fire

They reappeared outside of Number four Privet drive. "Where are we" asked Hiashi

"We are outside the Shinobi continent, in the country called England" said Dumbledore

"There are countries beyond our borders" said Hiashi shocked

"Yes, there is an entire world beyond your borders. But very few people on either side know the others exist" said Dumbledore

"Are you sure my daughter will be safe here" asked Hiashi

"She will be quite safe. The blood wards I built here will keep everyone safe until the boy I built them for turns seventeen" said Dumbledore

"Alright" said Hiashi

"Here we are" said Dumbledore knocking on the door

Petunia opened the door and asked "Professor Dumbledore, what are you doing here"

"Hello Petunia, could you fetch Harry, Naruto, and Haku? There is something we need to discuss" said Dumbledore

"Right away" said Petunia going up the stairs

Hiashi, Hinata, and Dumbledore go into the living room as three kids came running into the room. More like two boys ran in and one girl came in at a calmer pace. Petunia came in after them asking "So what did you want to talk about Professor"

"Well, I first came by to see how the children are doing" asked Dumbledore

"They are all doing fine. Even thou Naruto and Harry are sometimes hard to handle" said Petunia

"And the other reason is this man here would like for his daughter to stay here with you. He was very close friends with Naruto's and Haku's father. Do to recent events though it would be better for her to stay here" said Dumbledore

"We would be happy to have her" said Petunia

"Why don't you introduce yourself Hinata" said Hiashi

"Alright" said Hinata quietly getting up

She went over to where they were sitting and said "Hello, my name is Hinata Hyuga" while bowing

Naruto jumped upped and said "I'm Naruto Namikaze"

Haku got up and said "Hello, I'm Haku Namikaze"

Harry got up and said "My name's Harry Potter"

"Why don't you three show Hinata where she will be staying" said Petunia

"Alright, let's go Hinata" said Naruto grabbing Hinata's hand

"Goodbye father" said Hinata as Naruto led or more like dragged her out of the room and up the stairs

"We will be on our way. I will be checking in on them from time to time" said Dumbledore as he got up

"Of course" said Petunia

Dumbledore nodded his head and him and Hiashi disappeared in a flash of fire.