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Once the five days were over, everyone that made it through the second exam was called to the arena in the tower.

"Congratulations to everyone that passed the second exam" said Sarutobi.

"Before we start the third exam, I will tell you the real purpose of the Chunin Exams" he said.

He explained that the Chunin Exams were created as a way for the villages to show off without going to war.

"Now I will explain the rules of the third exams" said Sarutobi.

"Allow me Hokage-sama" said a sickly looking Jonin stepping up.

"Of course," said Sarutobi stepping back.

"I am Hayate Gekkou, the proctor of the third exam"

"Due to so many of you finishing the second exam, we will need to have preliminaries" he said.

"Why do we need them" asked Sakura?

"Since a lot of dignitaries will be visiting for the third exam, we will have limited time to complete them meaning less fights" explained Hayate.

"Now two names will randomly appear on the screen behind me" he points up at the screen that came out of the wall.

"Whoever wins will go onto the third exam" he explained.

"If I see that one of the fighters can no longer continue, then I will stop the fight" he continued.

"If you don't listen to me, you will be disqualified" he finished.

"Now, anyone who feels they can't fight can leave now" he said.

"This is no longer a team competition" he added.

A Genin named Kabuto quit and left the arena.

"Once the two names appear on the screen, everyone but those two will leave and go to walkways above," said Hayate.

Names flashed by on the screen until they stopped on Sasuke Uchiha vs. Yoroi Akado. Everyone but those two Genin went up to the walkways above. That is when everyone noticed that there was no Jonin sensei standing with Naruto, Hinata, Harry, and Haku.

"Where is your sensei" asked Sakura?

"We don't have one," said Naruto.

"Because you are failures," said Neji.

"We were second to arrive," said Naruto.

"Luck" scoffed Neji.

Before it could escalate further, the fight between Sasuke and Yoroi began. Yoroi tried to suck out Sasuke chakra, but he quickly overpowered Yoroi using a move he stole from Lee wining the match. Kakashi appeared next to Sasuke, grabbed him, and disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

The next match was Shino Aburame vs. Zaku Abumi. Zaku tried to shoot compressed air from the pipes in his arms only for Shino to block them with his bugs. That caused him to explode his arms off. Shino won while Zaku was carted out of the arena.

The next match was Kankuro vs. Misumi Tsurugi. Misumi showed off that his body was like rubber and wrapped around Kankuro. He tried to snap Kankuro's neck only to find out that it was a puppet. The puppet wrapped around Misumi and started crushing his body until the match was called in Kankuro favor.

The next match was Sakura Haruno vs. Ino Yamanaka. It was a boring, dragged-out match that ended with both knocking each other out.

"That was pathetic" said Haku.

"How did they get this far" asked Harry?

"With the help of their teammates," said Naruto.

The next match was Temari vs. Tenten. Tenten started by throwing multiple kunai and shuriken at Temari only for her to blow them off course with her fan. Tenten tried again with even more kunai and shuriken, but the same thing happened.

Tenten then showed she had ninja wire connected to all her weapons. She lifted them all up and sent them at Temari. Temari completely unfurled her fan and created a tornado that sucked in Tenten and all her weapons. Once it was over, Tenten's unconscious body started falling to the ground.

Temari held out her folded-up fan to catch Tenten's body on. But Harry discreetly sent a banishing charm at Tenten causing her to land next to Temari. Temari looked confused for a second before shrugging her shoulders and leaving the arena.

"There was no need for that," said Harry.

The next match was Shikamaru Nara vs. Kin Tsuchi. Kin started by throwing senbon with bells on them to catch Shikamaru in her Genjutsu by pulling the ninja wire attached to them. But Shikamaru snuck his shadow to Kin by making it look like it was the ninja wire's shadow. He caught Kin and made her take a few steps back and throw her head back knocking herself out on the wall.

The next two names to show up were Naruto Namikaze vs. Kiba Inuzuka.

"This is going to be easy" shouted Kiba jumping down with his dog.

Naruto just jumped down and landed on the other side.

"Naruto Namikaze vs. Kiba Inuzuka, begin," said Hayate.

Naruto took out a kunai and threw it at Kiba and missed.

"You missed" laughed Kiba.

Naruto disappeared in a yellow flash and reappeared behind Kiba holding a kunai to his neck.

"Did I" said Naruto smirking.

"Winner, Naruto Namikaze," said Hayate.

Naruto put both kunai away and jumped back up to the walkway.

"What just happened" asked Kiba confused?

"You got cocky" said Kurenai dragging Kiba back up to the walkway.

The next two names to show up were Hinata Hyuga vs. Neji Hyuga.

"You can do it Hinata" exclaimed Naruto.

"How will you humiliate him" he asked?

"You will see" said Hinata.

They both jumped down and landed on either side of the arena.

"You are fated to lose as a weakling," said Neji.

"We will see" said Hinata smiling.

"Hinata Hyuga vs. Neji Hyuga, begin," said Hayate.

They both got into their stances and charged forward. Hinata surrounded her arm in chakra and sent it forward. Neji smirked as he knocked her arm away. But that is what Hinata wanted.

"Stupefy" thought Hinata.

The stunning spell shot from her holstered wand on her arm hitting Neji's arm knocking him out. He collapsed onto Hinata's arm who pushed him onto the ground.

"Winner, Hinata Hyuga," said Hayate.

"Nice one" exclaimed Naruto.

"How did you do that" asked Haku?

"I found out that I can cast spells by surrounding my wand with chakra and doing the motions with my arm" said Hinata.

"Which makes the stunning spell easy to do with the Juken since it has no motions," said Harry.

"Correct" said Hinata.

The next match was Lee vs. Gaara.

"That is Shukaku's container, and he is barely being held back," said Kurama.

"This will not end well" he said.

Lee shot off and started attacking Gaara who just stood tanking everything. Lee stopped attacking and took off the weights on his legs causing two large craters.

"How did he move so fast with that much weight on his legs" exclaimed Harry.

Lee disappeared in a burst of speed and kicked Gaara causing a crack to appear on his face with sand spilling out of it.

"He covered himself in sand and is using it as armor," said Kurama.

"That must be really irritating," said Harry.

"It must get everywhere" he added.

Lee started releasing a lot of chakra causing him to be surrounded by it. He started kicking Gaara into the air and wrapped him in his bandages before throwing Gaara into the ground. Gaara's gourd collapsed into sand and cushioned his fall while Lee crashed into the ground. Sand shot out and grabbed Lee crushing one of his arms and legs. The match was called before more damage could be done.

The next match was Choji Akimichi vs. Dosu Kinuta. Choji enlarged himself and started spinning towards Dosu who punched him with his melody arm knocking him out.

The next two names to show up on the board were Haku Namikaze vs. Hiro Naira. They both jumped down onto either side of the arena.

"Why do you just give up and go out with me" said Hiro smirking.

Haku just glared at him.

"Haku Namikaze vs. Hiro Naira, begin," said Hayate.

Haku shot forward and punched Hiro in the stomach causing him to cough out blood. She then kicked him into the air and formed a Rasengan. She shot up and blasted Hiro though the ceiling with her Rasengan.

"That is my answer" huffed Haku landing on the ground.

"Winner, Haku Namikaze," said Hayate.

The last two names to show up on the board were Harry Potter vs. Fuki Saimiri. They both jumped down to either side of the arena.

"What a funny sounding name" laughed Fuki.

"Once I beat you, Sasuke will see that I am better than Sakura" she said.

"Great, another fan girl" sighed Harry.

"You do know that he is not here right" he asked?

Fuki growled at that.

"Harry Potter vs. Fuki Saimiri, begin," said Hayate.

Fuki charged forward with her fist held back to hit Harry. Harry summoned the Sword of Gryffindor and sent a tripping jinx at Fuki. She fell to the ground and slid near Harry. He put his foot on her neck and held his sword against it.

"Winner, Harry Potter," said Hayate.

"Wow, that was worse than the fangirl fight," said Naruto.

"Would the rest of the winners come down to arena floor," said Hayate.

The rest of the winners came down to the arena floor while Kakashi stood in for Sasuke. Anko came up from behind Hayate and stood next to him holding a large box.

"We are going to draw lots to determine the placements for the third round," said Hayate.

Anko walked past the remaining Genin, and they each took out a lot and read the number aloud. Hayate wrote each name down on the bracket.

"One" said Shino.

"Two" said Kankuro.

"Three" said Temari.

"Four" said Shikamaru.

"Five" said Kakashi.

"Six" said Gaara.

"Seven" said Naruto.

"Eight" said Hinata.

"Nine" said Haku.

"Ten" said Harry.

"Eleven" said Dosu.

"Here are the first-round matches" said Hayate showing the bracket.

"Shino vs. Kankuro"

"Temari vs. Shikamaru"

"Sasuke vs. Gaara"

"Naruto Namikaze vs. Hinata Hyuga"

"Haku Namikaze vs. Harry Potter"

"Dosu Kinuta will automatically go on to the second round" he finished.

"The third round will begin in a month's time to give you time to rest and train" said Sarutobi.

"Dismissed" he said.

The remaining Genin left the tower.