Mid Encounter

Chapter 1: So Far Away

The darkness pressed determinedly against the two figures pushing boldly through it. Wrapped head to foot in cloaks the queen led her youngest daughter away.

"Mom," came DG's confused voice, " Why do I have to leave?"

Still moving the queen replied in a choked whisper, "It is no longer safe for you, my child. You have to go somewhere where the dark can't reach you."

DG stumbled on after her mother and could only reply with a small "oh"

Soon after they stopped in a small clearing to rest. The moon and they stars lit up the sky, drawing the princess's attention.

" I hope Ambrose will be ok without me." she quietly said as she kept her eyes on the glittering blanket above her.


Eight Years Later:


Ambrose shifted through the papers on his desk with tired, fumbling hands. Just to much was happening. Azkadellia was trying to take over the throne, military units were defecting, casualties left and right…..

His thoughts soared back to those days all that time ago- He shook his head vigorously. Not now. Not with all this work and all those people counting on him to come up with some plan or invention to save them.

The Advisor started reading a urgent document from an undercover source and his eyes wavered and crossed.

How long has it been since he had slept? That had become one of the many things he could never answer.

Ambrose rubbed his eyes, hoping to erase the tiredness residing there.

"You should sleep more."

He spun around and faced the empty room. That had been…..DG's voice He must really be losing it, because she was…..

A sharp pain in his chest ripped open the still fresh wound in his heart.

N-no. he has to finish this, do his job. He picked the previous document up again, reading how Azkadellia plans to-

His vision blurs, but not from tiredness.

The door slammed open and he quickly wiped his face on his sleeve and turned around.

"Your Majesty, I'm sorr-"

The eldest princess stood in the doorway with a smirk.