Mid Encounter

Chapter 2

"Hello, Ambrose," she said, entering his quarters, closely follow by two burly longcoats.

"A-Azkadellia." he breathed, "How did you get in?"

He himself had helped come up with the tighter security levels around the palace that had been in effect since she had changed for the worst over eight years ago. Apparently they didn't help at all.

"Never mind how," her green eyes dug into his, " I came to ask your help in something."

The Advisor did not reply, but had the information he just read searing across his mind. He knew what she wanted.

The eldest princess read his face clearly, "It seems you already know what I seek."

She walked over to one on the project-covered tables and ran her hand over the delicate objects. Ambrose just watched, not moving to stop her though he wanted to.

Azkadellia smiled sweetly and spoke in an equally sweet voice, "You always were so brilliant with gadgets and I have yet to met your equal."

He flinched unnoticeably for he could see through her act and could detect the venom underneath. She was trying to win him over to get the plans.

The raven-haired teen came close to him, close enough that he could seen the individual lines of her eyeliner, "But you see, I have a problem and one of the things you have made could help me," She continued in her false voice, "I'm asking you. Will you help me?"

Ambrose looked down at her, remaining silent, but thinking in high gear. If he refused she would probably sic her longcoats on him, but if he pretended to go along…..

Pretending like he had given in, he lowered his eyes and nodded.

"Good," Azkadellia replied in her normal voice, "That was a smart choice. Now go and get it."

Still acting as best as he could, he scurried out of the room and down the hall.

With a slight frown she turned to the longcoats, "Follow him"