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Chap 23

"Honey, can you get Any for me?" Prue asked Jack whom she could now refer to as her husband. Jack rolled his eyes but did as he was told and climbed the stairs to the nursery where a sleeping 6-month-old Anya lay. Prue smiled at herself with satisfaction of a job well done.

Suddenly a car pulled up outside the house.

"Peyton! Riley!" she called as the two 7 and half year olds came bouncing down the stairs with their bags strapped to their backs. She planted a kiss on each of their foreheads and smiled as they walked out the front door. "Jack, it's almost 9. I'll take Anya and you can go get ready for work."

He smiled and kissed her lightly. "Okay," he said, handing the baby off to her. She smiled and walked back up the stairs to change her daughter's diaper.

Hours passed and before she knew it, all 4 kids were driving her insane and supper was on the table.

"Cole, what did I say about playing with your food? Eat like a big boy."

"Like Riley?" the curious 2 ½ year old asked. Prue smiled.

"Yes, like Riley."

"Okay," he replied, now turning to watch his brother intently. The front door slammed and Prue turned around to find her husband now staring at her.

"Hi honey," she said, kissing him.

"Hi sweetie," he replied, returning her kiss. He then reached over and planted on little Anya's forehead who was currently being held by Prue.

"How was work?" Prue asked, depositing the baby into her high chair so she could sit and converse with her husband.

"Work was work, but I'm sure glad to be home." She smiled and served him some hot, appetizing supper. The rest of the evening went quite well until the visit.

"Who are you?" Riley asked a man standing in front of him some time later.

"Who's wh-" Prue said, stopping herself as she looked up at who was standing in front of her. She sighed. "I was hoping I wouldn't have to see you again. What do you want?"

"Mom, who is that?" Riley asked Prue.

"He's an old acquaintance. Riley, go get ready for bed." Riley shrugged and did as he was told. She then turned her attention back to the man who stared at her. "I asked you a question." The angel of death chuckled.

"I did tell you I would be back, didn't I?"

"I was hoping it wouldn't come true."

"I would think you know me well enough to know I don't break promises."

"Yes, well that is very apparent now. What are you here for again?" He smiled.

"Well it seems the magic world has decided to repay your work with a gift, one which I am supposed to give, of course."


"I'm giving you back your husband."

"Jack? What happened to Jack? I swear I just talked to him and he was quite alive," Prue said, her voice raising with panic. Once again, his mouth began to twist into a smile.

"Not that one."

"Gee you make me seem like such a whore."

"Anyways, Mr. Turner is yours for good." Suddenly the situation hit her.

"Wait, what?"

"Your late husband is about to become alive again. Is that clear?"

"Yeah, but why? I mean I really could have used him a few years ago but I've moved on. I'll always love him but, really, I'm fine now."

"I'm sorry, Prue, I'm really going to have to insist." Anger began to build in her eyes.

"No, you can't do this! It will ruin everything!"

"Prue, what's going..." Jack asked but he was unable to finish his sentence as the late Cole Turner appeared before him. "Prue, who's this? Is that, Cole?"

"Yeah but I mean nothing's going to change."

"Prue!" Cole nearly yelled, his lips meeting hers in a passionate kiss. Prue quickly pulled away so Jack wouldn't get the wrong idea.

"Prue, are you sure nothing's going to change? Don' forget, we're married and we have a daughter together."

"Yes, Jack, I know and I mean what I said." Suddenly Cole looked hurt.

"Wait, what? How can you choose him? We have TWO children together and we've been together for way longer! Who is this guy?!" But before Prue could answer, the two men were already engaging in ugly fights. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she watched as Death began to disappear, a smile still on his face.

"I told you I'd be back..." he said before completely disappearing. Tears still streaming down her cheeks, she looked back at the men.

"STOP!" she yelled as loudly as possible. Both men turned around and looked at her.

"No, Prue, the last man alive will have you and as far as I can see, there are still two standing," Cole stated quite bleakly.

"No, don't do this. You both have children. What about your sons and daughters? What about me? If you both truly love me, you'll stop."

"Well if you really loved me, then you wouldn't have brought Cole back!" Jack nearly spat.

"And if you really loved me, you would never have started a new life with another man!" Cole added.

"No, it's not like that! I love you both so much but you have to understand. Cole, I thought you'd want for me to be happy and Jack, I didn't purposely bring him back, it was the angel of death. I'm sorry." Jack sighed.

"Look Prue, we both love you too but there's only one man you can have in your life at a time so I think that needs to be your decision. Whichever of us means more to you, is yours and the other, needs to move on themselves." Prue shook her head.

"No. You can't make me decide this. I can't decide! I love you both!"

"Prue, how do you expect this to work? It's not fair to anyone! These kids don't know me except for Peyton, how do you expect them to accept me unless Jack leaves?" Cole asked.

"And how do you expect our daughter to grow up with two fathers because face it Prue, this is too complicated for it to work. Someone has to walk and neither of us are going to go willingly unless you say so, so, it's up to you. You decide," Jack added in, walking down the hall to tend to the children with Cole following closely.