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House lay sprawled over his new bed. Spread before him was an array of pamphlets that advertised all of the possible things one could do on this particular cruise. He was scanning through them, looking for possible catalysts for his plan to make sure that he was entertained. Of course, for House, entertainment included what could best be described as, "human fights." Similar to dog fights, only with people.

He already had made a long mental list, and was continuing to add to it when something caught his eye. Unfortunately, it would be completely useless to his plan, but it was still good to know, especially for a doctor. On the map of the ship, there was a room located next to the gym and spa that read first aid and emergency medical care.

House's musings were abruptly interrupted when he heard someone squeal, "oh my god!" Cameron. She continued, "How, what, that's not possible!"

"Well, it obviously is," replied an irate voice that could only be Chase. House grinned; the ducklings had discovered their nests. He jumped up from his bed, cursing under his breath when a sharp pain shot up his right leg. House waited two seconds, letting his angry leg thigh calm down, and then popped a Vicodin, grabbed his cane, and headed for the door.

"Goodness would you kids PLEASE keep the shouting to a minimum! Some people are trying to relax!" House said as he walked out of his door to see Foreman, Cameron, and Chase all standing in a circle staring at each other, confused. As soon as House closed his door, Foreman looked up.

"Oh, crap," Chases muttered.

"Glad to see you too, mate!" replied House in a bad Australian accent. "Your welcome for inviting you on this vacation, AND getting you out of work."

Cameron looked perplexed. "It's not that we aren't grateful, it's just that this is a bit…unexpected. We didn't exactly plan to get on a cruise liner with well over two thousand people, and be bunked right next to our former boss and co-workers…"

House's lip twitched up at her good manners. "Actually, I talked to one of the travel agents, and made sure that all of our rooms were together," House began, then his voice became stifled with mock emotion, "And it is such a good reunion, I'm so happy to see you all together again, just like old times." He pretended to stifle a sob.

"Umm…yeah," Foreman began, "while you three are getting re-acquainted, I'm need to unpack. Later!" Foreman then spun on his heel and practically ran back into his room.

"Me too!" Chase shouted, and retreated to his room.

"Umm… nice to see you." Cameron said, and then left.

House re-entered his own room, grinning yet again. Mission accomplished.

"Aghhhh…." House sighed. He had to admit, massages were like heaven. Not that there was such a place. Ever since Wilson had gotten him that masseuse, he had been contemplating getting another massage. Why hadn't he done it earlier? He allowed himself to relax, and enjoy the feel of his muscles being massaged.

"Okay, Mr. King. Time to begin your massage." A cheerful voice to House's left said. Inwardly groaning, House preyed that the cheerful masseuse would work quietly. Or he wasn't preying really. He didn't prey. What was with him and the religious similes today?

"Oh my god! Mr. King? Are you okay?" All cheerfulness gone from her voice, the masseuse sounded panicked. "You're burning up!"

Someone who House guessed was Mr. King groaned, and the sound of puking followed. House's own masseuse squealed and ran off. House sat, up and surveyed the ill man. Sweat ran off of his back, and he was visibly trembling. As House was about to leave and see if he could get his money back, the man rolled over. All of the man's lower entire left side was covered with a ruby rash.

"Someone call the emergency medical team." House instructed.

"But he's just motion sick!'

"You don't get a fever when you're motion sick. And he also has a rash. Now do it! Tell the attending that Dr. Gregory House, room 413 is interested and would like too…" House tried to find the best words that would not be pushy, but still get him in on the case, "provide a consult."