When Heroes Meet

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Lloyd was just strolling outside Iselia when...

"Ah! Ow! That hurt!"

"My back!"

"Stop talking like an old geezer!"

"Arche, you're on my bow!"

"I think you're on the Unicorn Horn!"

The blond swordsman blinked. "Just where the hell are we this time? And just who the hell is that dude wearing red and suspenders staring at us?"

"Cress! Don't use vulgar language! How many times have I told you?!"

Lloyd, realizing they were talking about him responded, "Gimmie your name and I'll give you mine."

A ninja-girl disappeared from the pile in a swirl of leaves, then reappeared nearby. "What's so wrong about wearing red?"

Then, a certain brat came. "Lloyd-Whoamagoddess! Who are they?"

"As if I knew. I've been asking that question for two whole minutes now! TWO WHOLE MINUTES! They fell from the sky."

The pink-haired girl managed to get out, still struggling with her broom. "That kid reminds me of Brambert. Could it be..."

"No, it can't." Cress managed to get out as well.

"Brambert? My name is Genis, by the way," said Genis.

"What year is it anyway?" Asked Cress.

"It's barely year 1 on the Aserien Calender. Lloyd just thought it up overnight. Though I still don't believe him."

"Hey! What's that supposed to mean?!"

Cress looked like his lower jaw would fall to the ground. "What? Y- you must be joking! Last time I checked we were screwing around with time after year 4202!"

"You mean..."

"You're from the future?" said Lloyd while Arche said, "You're from the past?"

Chester shook his head. "That's the last time Arche messes around with the controls in Thor...


"Let's go and finish this with Dhaos!. What are you doing?!"


"Travelers confirmed. Antimatter energy released... Wormhole generated. Baby universe confirmed. Time warp operation systems all green. Time warp commencing. 3.. 2.. 1..."

"Ahhh! Did you warp us in the sky? Must... Get... Wing Pack..."


End flashback

"I could send them back with the Eternal Sword but... I'm too lazy." Lloyd yawned. "Battling really takes a lot out of you."

"Fine! Be that way! I'll send us back!" Cress reached for his Eternal Sword.

Origin appeared before the eight. "I'm sorry, my power belongs to Lloyd at this time." He returned to wherever the Summon Spirits are.

Cress swore.

The blond healer reminded him, "Don't swear! My name is Mint. This is Cress, Chester, Claus, Arche and Suzu," she said, pointing to each friend.

"Suzu looks like she's from Mizuho, she has the same Chief outfit as Sheena." Genis had the same look as he did when they met Presea for the first time.

"We'll bring you to Iselia for now."


"Just why my house?! Why not Colette's or something?!" A slightly pissed Genis glared at Lloyd.

Lloyd tried to change the subject. "This isn't as annoying as when the Luke guy passed. He was a freakin' asshole!"

"Jade kicked my ass! I'm going to get him back someday!"

Lloyd smiled, as his plan to change the subject worked.

"Why do I feel like I've been had?"


A certain chosen was hanging out with Cress and friends. "I'm usually not interested in men but... Headbands rule!"

Cress grinned. "Yeah!"

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