"I have a really bad feeling about this..."

"Yeah, last time I died."

"Relax, this time they're against each other..."

Chester and Genis will be our announcers, since... well, reasons.

Cooking Contest: Arche VS Raine!

"Each contestant will have to cook four dishes and one desert. May the best..."

"Or in this case, worst..."

"...Chef win!"

"Good luck to the contestants and anyone who will eat their cooking!"

"Good luck!"


"Arche opens up with her well known Melon Bread!"

"But Raine counters with Lemon Sandwich!"

"Let's look at the judges..."

"Whoamasummonspirits! Cress has already fainted from who-knows-what!"

"Colette gives a 10/10 to both contestants... typical..."

"Lloyd... Left? Nah, he gives a 6 to the professor and an 8 to Arche. With a trip to the bathroom to go."

"Kratos gives a 2 to Raine and 1 to Arche..."

"Zelos... is flirting again..."

"Would you concentrate?"


"That's all our judges, folks. Genis, you do the math."

"If we don't count Cress, the average is 6 and 6.3! Arche wins this round!


"Professor Raine's preparing something... It's tomato salad!

"Arche doesn't stand a chance against that one! What will she cook up?"

What will Arche cook? I need help, any ideas?