This is my first death note thing-ie (and story[and is long awaited by my friend Kathryn xXTroyellaloverXx i (i think thats it not sure lmao)

yeah it might get better along the way or suck forever. I heart L he rox out loud :)!

Misa came swooshing back into reality, after countless hours of being strapped in the containment room, suddenly realizing she had forgotten something of high importance.

"Stalker-kun, you have to let me out," she whimpered suddenly feeling lively," I have to take a test!"

"Misa-san is not permitted to leave the cell. For you are suspected of being Kira." the computerized voice replied sounding puzzled, if a computer can be.

"This is not a time to be worried about Kira; This is a state of emergency! I have to take my test.

"What is this test that is desired by Misa-San?" a bewildered L questioned. At this Misa became abruptly became silent.

"What is this desired te..." the voice asked a second time; trailing off for they had heard some quiet mumbling .

"Misa if you do not answer me this moment I will not allow you to take this; test."

"I have to take my," Misa suddenly blurted out obviously embarrassed followed by a whisper," pregnancy test." The Kira investigation team went deathly silent as if stricken by a fatal disease.

"Misa-San wants to take a," stuttered a reluctant L," a pregnancy test?" Misa slowly gave a faint nod while blushing bashfully. After the shock had calmed down a little L had Matsuda travel to the mall to buy a few of the required items including more candy for L for he had ran out. At first he had refused but after a cold stare from L he went along with the order in attempt to not embarrass himself even further. Half an hour later he returned with a bar of chocolate, very large, for L and 2 over the counter pregnancy tests. They had Sanami assist her with the tests and several moments later they heard a ear-piercing screech coming from the bathroom. Startling L he rushed over to the mic pressing the red rectangular button.

"What is wrong!?" he probed while choking on a shard of chocolate caused by him swallowing too fast in order to ask.

"No this can't be happening, Misa is too young to be a mother!" Misa cried out protruding from the bathroom.

"Both tests were positive and i am absolutely positive Misa-san is as you say.. knocked up." The investigation room suddenly gasped while L's marshmallow stack collapsed from the shock of him falling onto the floor absolutely stunned by these words.

So yeah basically Misa's eggo is preggo (See Juno quotes) but i don't know who the father should be L or Light or one of the investigation team members so please review and help me with this problem and i am running out of ideas for the next chapters. My mind is all writers block-ie so i might be slow at updating (sry) cya'l later - Me :p P.S yeah its also not different paragraphs whatever