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Chapter 1: Escape To Home

A lone figure with the hood of their sweatshirt up, hiding their face and gender, with a small slumbering child on their lap stared out the window of the bus they were on. It was pouring out, which brought back memories for the person. 'It was raining like this when I first came to this town as well.' The lone figure thought as she felt the child on their lap stir.

"Mommy, are we their yet." The sleepy voice of a young girl asked, making her mother looked down at her child and say, "Almost sweetheart." The child was a four-year-old girl with red hair and brown eyes. The girl's clothes were worn but still perfectly usable, but you could tell both mother and daughter were having hard times at the moment.

A few minutes later, the bus pulled into the station and the woman grabbed three bags from off the floor. In one bag were the few toys and books the young girl had and in the others were the pair's clothes. Despite being three bags, the woman was easily able to hold them on one shoulder, not because of being very strong, bit because there was so few to carry.

They could not afford much, not with the way things were going for the last four years. The woman's boyfriend had tried to support his future family, but the constant failures to keep a job made him grow bitter and blame the woman and child for it all.

'Never mind it was him who said we should run away together after our families reacted rather badly to the news of me be being pregnant. What happened to the man I loved? The one who wrote a song just for me and the one was by my side for all those challenges I had to face?' The woman thought as she held her daughter's hand and got off the bus.

The woman was unsure where to go, even thought she chose this city for a reason. After what happened four years ago and then running away in response to it all, she did not think there was any place left for her here. But she also knew it was her daughter's only hope though and if that was the case, the woman would walk bare foot through hell if it meant her little girl would have a chance at happiness.

As the pair walked through the rainy streets, the woman took in the familiar sights. Not much had changed in the last four years, so that meant the woman knew city like the back of her hand. That would make it easy to get around while the mother and child search for a dry safe place to rest for a while.

Ever since they had ran away from their 'home' two days ago, the woman had not slept even in the slightest bit. It was like she was to afraid her former boyfriend would magically appear out of know where and snatch away her daughter while she slept.

'Not that he can do magic anymore, but I won't take that chance.' The exhausted mother thought as gently pulled her daughter away from looking inside a restaurant window. Both were starving, but the mother had no money for food, not enough for a proper meal anyway.

It took most of the money the woman had to pay for the bus tickets to get to this city, so the best the woman could do for food was probably a bag of chips and maybe a soda. Not a very filling or healthy meal for even one person, let alone two. The place the woman and child were heading two was probably their only hope.

It took an hour on foot to reach their destination and the young girl was looking as worn out as her mother was feeling right now. The mother knew her daughter was probably not going to be able to walk much further, so she scooped the girl up in one arm and holstered the bags in the other before heading into the building.

Much to the mother's dismay, the elevator had an out of order sign on it, meaning the exhausted woman needed to climb several flight of stairs to reach the floor they needed. 'Come on body, just a little further.' The woman mentally told herself and started the long walk up.

By the time the woman reach the desired floor, her vision was becoming very blurry from both lack of food and sleep. It took everything she had left to reach the door she needed, put her daughter down and knock. After minute the door opened to reveal a woman with long black hair and brown eyes and looked curiously at the mother and child before her.

"Mom…please…help." The hooded woman pleaded in a whisper, before she finally collapsed from exhaustion. The last thing the woman heard was her daughter calling out "Mommy!"

Susan Vandom stared in shock when she heard the plea for helped. It took her moment to compute the plea as she watched the woman pass out in front of her and watched the small child try and wake her mother up.

'It couldn't be!' Susan thought as she quickly knelt down and pulled the hood off, revealing a messy mop of short red hair and badly bruised face. Susan gasped in horror at this sight and quickly tried to get the unconscious woman in side.

"Don't touch my mommy!" The four year old nearly screamed as she tried to protect her mother, but Susan just ignored the tiny fists beating on her side. It took all Susan's strength to half carry half drag unconscious woman inside and place her on the couch.

After Susan got the redheaded woman's shoes off and placed a blanket over her body, Susan turned to face the child who was vainly and needlessly trying to protect her mother. "Now you stop that right now young lady or grandma is going to spank you!" Susan stated in firm yet gentle manner, making the child stop instantly.

"Grandma?" The small girl asked in a confused tone of voice, which made Susan smile as she scooped the little girl up in her arms. "That's right sweetie, I'm your grandma. That's why your mommy came here. I hope that means she is no longer mad at me." Susan replied as rocker the young girl back and fourth.

"Why would mommy be mad at you?" The little girl asked ash e looked at her grandma's sad face. Before Susan could reply though, the small girl's stomach let out loud growl, clearly displaying her hunger.

Susan was grateful for the opening for a change of subject, thought grew very concerned at the volume of the grumbling sound. 'Have they not been able to eat?' Susan thought worriedly as she took her granddaughter towards the kitchen.

"I think someone needs something to eat." Susan teased her granddaughter as placed the young girl down and went over to cupboard and took out some peanut butter and strawberry jam. Susan quickly whipped up some sandwiches and gave her granddaughter a glass of milk, smiling at the happy expression on her granddaughter's face.

"Eat up sweetie." Susan said and watched her daughter dig in. The new grandmother was a bit scared at the fast pace her granddaughter was eating at, but chose not ask about it. It would be best to ask the redhead on the couch about that in private.

'Will, what happened to you?' Susan asked in her mind as she glanced towards the living room before turning back to the child across from her and asked an important question. "What's your name sweetie?" Susan asked so she actually knew her granddaughter's name.

"Willow." The young girl replied in an absentminded manner, she was more interesting in the sandwich in front of her then talking. Susan smiled at the name; it seemed that her granddaughter was more and more like a clone of her daughter by the minute.

'I can't see any of the father in her. Will at least got Tony's hair color; Willow the other hand seems to have gained nothing from her own father.' Susan contemplated as she watched Willow finish her meal.

After Willow was done, Susan gave the young girl a bath, complete with bubbles, which was to the redhead's delight. Susan laughed as she watched her granddaughter dive under the water and come back with thick layer of soupy foam on top of her head.

Once the bath done it was time for the dreaded nap, but Susan was experienced with dealing with a much more stubborn redhead then her granddaughter, so tricking the young girl into 'just laying down' for five minutes and telling a bed time story put Willow out like a light.

Of course, the fact that Willow shared her mother's obsession frogs helped a bit. The young girl could not help but under the frog themed blanket and gaze at the all the frog related items in the room. Susan did not have the heart to get rid of Will's old things after Will ran away, so the room was just as the older redhead left it. (With the exception of all the dirt laundry being picked up)

Susan then went back to the front room to stand watch over her own daughter until she woke up. 'Oh Will, if I had only kept a cooler head four years ago, you might not be in this condition right now.' Susan silently cried in her mind, blaming herself for letting Will end up like this.

The news of her little girl being pregnant at sixteen had blinded sided Susan and the older Vandom reacted poorly to the situation. The two had fought viciously before Will got fed up, marched into her room and stuffed a few stuffed frogs and some clothes into a bag and marched out of the apartment.

Susan remembered scream after Will to never bother coming back, but the woman did not truly mean it. They were just words of anger that Susan regretted, but by the time Susan had calmed down enough to seek Will out, both Will and Matt had left Heatherfield, leaving no clue to where they went.

As Susan knelt down next to her daughter, the dark haired woman made vow to be there for Will and Willow from now on. The eldest Vandom would do everything in her power to help the other two have a much better life from now on.

'And if Matt Olsen dares to show his face around here, I'll kill him!' Susan swore as she sat down in a chair nearest to the couch and stroked her slumbering hair in a comforting manner.

It was late evening when Will finally started to wake up. She still felt to very weak, but at least she had could think a bit more clearly. But that meant she was only more confused to be laying on something soft and wrapped in a blanket.

"Will, how are you feeling?" Will heard the voice of her mother asked, making Will try to sit up, but was forced back down by a gentle push. "None of that sweet heart, you're in no condition to get up." Will heard mother voice again and the redhead finally tried to open her eyes.

Will was greeted wit the sight of her mother smiling face, which made Will feel more at ease then she had been in almost a year. "Mom you…helped me. I thought you hated me." Will said weakly, both glad and shocked since she remembered her mother's final words from four years ago.

Susan smiled sadly at her daughter as she gently caressed Will's cheek, taking care to not put too much pressure the bruises. "I sorry about what happened Will. Parents tend to react badly when they hear their still teenage and unmarried daughter is pregnant. It does not excuse what I said, but I am truly sorry." Susan said as tears started to form in her eyes, which Will mirrored as well.

"I…wasn't being to kind either mom. Not when I…you know." Will replied a tried to avoid using and forbidden topics for a second time. Susan understood what her daughter was hinting at, since Susan had been a young mother as well.

Of course, Susan was twenty-two when she had Will, a bit of a difference from Will being sixteen, but it still gave the redhead some serious ammo during the argument four years ago.

"We both said things we did not really mean Will. Lets worry about what's happening now, mainly these." Susan said as gently touched Will's face as a way of gesturing to bruises.

Will was a bit reluctant to say anything but knew her mother would only press the issue, so the redheaded woman relented to her mother's will. "It started a year ago. Matt had been trying to hit it big in the music industry ever since we ran away, but every time he got close someone even better popped up and made him go back to square one. He became bitter and started…hurting me. When he tried go after Willow though, I freaked out and stopped him. After that I took what money I had and got us back here on the first bus I could get." Will explained as gave her mother the basic story of what happened.

There was a brief silence after Will finished her story, which ended when Will asked, "Where is Willow? Is she alright?"

"She's fine Will, she been taking a nap for the last few hours. You both were so exhausted when you arrive I'm surprised you woke up so soon." Susan told her daughter, recalling how hungry the young girl had been earlier and made the woman wonder how starved Will must be.

"Why don't I get you something to eat? You must be hungry after such a long trip." Susan said and headed for the kitchen to go grabbed some stew she had but on a few hours ago, knowing Will would need it when she woke up.

The food seemed to help Will recover a bit more of her strength, but after being awake for more the forty-eight hours, Will was still going need a lot more sleep before she was fully recovered.

"Sweet dreams Will." Susan said as she kissed Will on the forehead as Will drifted back to sleep. Susan could tell Will was going to have her first peaceful night's sleep in a long time, something the dark haired woman knew Will needed.

'I wonder how her friends will react at hearing she is back in town? I hope it turns out well, Will is going to need their help I bet.' Susan concluded in her mind as she watched over daughter once again.

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