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Summary of what happened in the last chapter (a tip for Darev since he said it might help since I have not posted an update in so long) Will and Caleb went out on a date, thanks to Willow 'match making' but it quickly ran into problems thank to Matt Olsen trying to hurt Will, but was stopped by Caleb

To further spoil the mood for the date, Nerissa also caused trouble on Meridian, forcing the Guardians to go there in hopes of stopping her before she found a ways off Meridian.

Unfortunately with the Guardians out of practise, Nerissa uses her powers to beat them easily and force Blunk to hand over his Tonga Tooth in exchange for Will's.

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Chapter 6: The Return of Shagon and Frog Girl

Matt Olsen had finally returned to his motel room after his encounter with Caleb and was still steaming mad. He could not believe his old 'teacher' had clobbered him so easily.

With fighting being his only other skill besides music, a perk from the days of fighting evil, he had taken up several professions that optimized that skill to make money. This was probably what helped lead Matt to his current life style, along with the long list of rejections from talent scouts.

When you spend your days and nights playing bouncer, and in some cases street fighting, you can become bitter after dealing with dead beats and jerks 24/7. It all rubbed off on Matt and he started using his fists to solve his problems.

If there was a plus side to it all, it made him stronger and tougher then he was four years ago. Yet somehow Caleb still handed his butt to him on a silver platter! 'The one thing I was successful at and that weakling still beat me. I don't care what creatures he had to fight on Meridian before those pixies came and did all the hard work for him, I still should have beaten him like he was nothing! Then I could have dealt with that little…' Matt ranted in his mind, when an all too familiar voice spoke up from behind him.

"My, my, my, you have become bitter, Dear Heart. Your mind rant is so loud. I'm surprised that even those without the ability to read minds can't hear it!" Nerissa's voice said smugly. Matt spun around to see her.

"What do you want?" Matt demanded in low growl.

Nerissa was impressed; the Matt Olsen she knew all those years ago would have been scared of her. But from what she sensed, this new version did not even have his Regent Powers, yet was still staring her down without even a hint of doubt or fear.

'He will be very useful like this…assuming I can get his old Shagon form up and running. Might need to burn off a bit of life force to do it, but it should be possible,' Nerissa thought, before answering Matt.

"Well, Dear Heart, I have come with a proposition for you. Join with me once again and I'll give you your revenge on Will and her little brat. My son is off limits to you, but I'm certain you'll find plenty of satisfaction going after the first two to not care about him in the end," Nerissa offered, while Matt raised an eyebrow.

"And I should trust you for what reason? You back-stabbed Shagon, who was completely loyal to you, just so you and the other old Guardians could get a facelift. How do I know you won't try something like that again?" Matt asked, not lowering his guard for a second. He knew to not trust

Nerissa so easily, even if her offer did help him get his revenge.

The former Guardian was a bit annoyed at the facelift comment, but gave the man points for not being a complete fool.

"In all honesty, you don't. But consider this, Matt Olsen, what better way to get revenge on the Keeper of the Heart than by using the hate of her own friends to do it? And considering a certain special night is fast approaching, you'll be even more powerful than before," Nerissa answered, knowing that should get Matt's attention.

Matt was silent for a moment as he contemplated Nerissa's words, knowing she was right. The one night the Heart of Earth was up for grabs was only weeks away, Halloween. With both Shagon's old power to feed on hate and a source of mystic energy to back him up, his revenge against the two redheads was virtually assured, even if the other Guardians got in the way.

"Alright Nerissa, we have deal. You give me the power I need and I will help you get your universal order," Matt replied with a wicked grin on his face, one that Nerissa shared. The pact had been made and all they needed to do was wait until the special night to start their plan.


Mean while, Will woke up in Candracar with every one looking down her. The Oracle was healing the spot her chest took the hit for Blunk's mother. So Will was feeling a bit better now.

"Glad to see you're alright, Will, that lightning bolt from Nerissa had me…I mean us worried," Will heard Caleb say and made the redhead realize she was resting her head on Caleb's lap.

This made Will blush deeply and try to sit up, but the Oracle stopped her. "Just a moment, Keeper, I am almost done," The Oracle told Will and then went back to his work. Will did as she told, though was worried about the coming punishment for allowing Nerissa to gain the means to escape Meridian and threaten the known worlds once again.

Once the Oracle was done with healing her injury, Caleb helped Will up while the Oracle instructed, "It would be best if you rest tomorrow if possible, Keeper. An attack like that sometimes might have lingering effects."

"I'll…try Oracle. Um…about letting Nerissa get Blunk's…" Will started to say, hoping to apologize for failing the mission, but the Oracle raised his hand to cut her off.

"What happened was completely out of your control. Not even I would have expected Nerissa to maintain her control over the five elements, nor would have I foreseen her advanced mastery she would have. If anyone is to blame for you and your fellow Guardians' defeat today, it is me,"

The Oracle stated firmly, but kindly, confusing the Guardians at what he meant by it being his fault they lost.

Sensing this confusion, the Oracle explained further, "During this time of peace, I have become too relaxed in my duties. It is my responsibly to keep the Guardians ready should the need arise for them to need to return to duty at a moment's notice, but I failed to do so. All of you are a bit out of practice, thus were not ready for Nerissa as she is now."

These words shocked the Guardians. It did not stop Will from feeling she was at least partially to blame for what happened, but was also relieved the Oracle was not mad at her.

"Then we will just have to get back in shape and pray we can stop Nerissa before she causes too much trouble this time," Will told the Oracle and took out the Heart to fold the group home, when the Oracle said one last thing before they left.

"Remember Guardians that the time that the Heart of Earth is vulnerable if fast approaching. As you know, Nerissa has targeted the Heart of before and combining this information with the fact she is without a source of magic again, makes it a very tempting target," The Oracle warned the

Guardians and Caleb, who knew he was right. Without a Heart to power her magic, Nerissa would be desperate enough to risk going after Napoleon again on Halloween.

"Don't worry sir, this time around Lillian knows about her powers and Napoleon tends to keep quiet all night. Add us in on the guard detail and we should be able to at least keep him out of Nerissa's grasp until midnight," Cornelia answered for the group, which made sense, since it was her sister that was in danger.

Will was a bit surprised that Lillian finally knew about her powers and status as a Heart, but since Will did recall the group discussing the idea four years ago, so it was not a huge shock that the others did it while she was away raising Willow.

"I really got to get caught up on current events," Will muttered as she opened up a fold, while the others laughed and went through.


An hour later, Will and Caleb were entering the apartment building she lived in. Will had insisted she was safe going in on her own, but Caleb insisted he go with her just in case Matt somehow knew of this place and was waiting for her.

Once at her door, she smiled at her 'date' and said, "Thanks for tonight, Caleb, even if it was to HOPEFULLY get Willow to settle down."

"No problem, it was not so bad if you don't count running into…him…and then going to deal with Nerissa. Though I'm pretty sure Willow is not going to give up so easily," Caleb replied, smirking at his last comment and getting Will to sigh sadly.

"I wish she had been like me when it came to my mom dating. She inherited all my other traits, why not that one as well?" Will grumbled and started looking for her key card to get into her home, while Caleb laughed at her expense of having a daughter trying to 'set her up' on dates.

"Look at this way Will; you got the perfect combo going. Willow hooks the guys in with her cuteness and then you finish the target off with what Hay Lin would call your 'gorgeous quotient'," Caleb replied with, making the redhead blush at the accusation.

'Did Caleb just call me...' Will started to think, when the door swung open from the inside and revealed Will's mother, who was giving Will a look that said, 'I'm getting you back for what you did.'

It took Will a moment to realize why her mother looking so vindictive, then remembered the 'little tip' she gave Willow before leaving of her 'date' with Caleb.

"I'm guessing you did not stop her from 'finding' Frog Girl?" Will asked nervously, which was answered by a prompt reply of "Bingo" from her mother.

As Susan Vandom pulled her daughter into the apartment, she looked at Caleb and added, "You get in here as well, you helped with the little sic the superhero on me plan and I want to get you both for it!"

This made Caleb gulp nervously did as he was told and marched into the lion's den that was the Vandom apartment. Despite the fact he was in trouble as well, the former rebel was feeling sorrier for Will for this little turn of events. Having to face Matt, Nerissa and now a vengeful mother all on the same night was worse kind of luck a person can get.


Inside the Vandom apartment, Susan marched Caleb and her daughter to the front room, limping all the way which both Will and Caleb assumed was thanks to a 'Five Pronged Froggy Kick' from Willow as Frog Girl.

'Hope mom did not 'unmask' Willow or anything, the Frog Girl thing cute…when you're not the one getting kicked that is,' Will mused in her mind, as she and Caleb were sat down on the couch under the gaze of her mother.

Moments later, the three adults heard the sound of a door opening and a small tired voice asking,


Will and Caleb turned to look towards where the voice came from, while Susan smirked evilly, know the instrument of her revenge was here, not that her soon to be victims knew that.

Not many would think a four year old girl in her pink PJs and carrying a helpless Mr. Huggles in her arms like he was a teddy bear could be a part of Susan Vandom's vengeance on the two young adults, but she was about to show how it could be done.

"Willow! You woke up just in time to hear if Caleb proposed to your mommy yet!" Susan said in a happy tone, while Caleb and Will went pale white. They could tell that the older Vandom was going to make the next few minutes a real nightmare with that one comment.

The young girl instantly become fully awake and repeatedly asked, "Did you? Did you? Did you? Did you? Did you?"

While Willow barraged Caleb with this single question, Will shot her mother an evil glare, but the older Vandom just smiled triumphantly at her little scheme. Of course, Susan knew how to gain further vengeance upon them if Willow reacted in just the right way to Caleb's answer, but she was not going to tell them that.

"Well…you see Willow…it's a little too soon so do that," Caleb replied once the young redhead stopped asking the same question over and over again, who now looked very disappointed at hearing this.

"Why? Don't you like Mommy?" Willow asked, while adding the puppy eyes and pouting lip to add further trouble for Caleb to answer the question. It was the combo that crushed the wills of adults for centuries and the former rebel leader was being subjected to it.

This gave Susan her opening and she asked in a sweet tone of voice, "I agree with Willow, why haven't you purposed to her mother yet? You already said she was gorgeous from what I heard at the front door, so why not marry her?"

Those words made both Will and Caleb's faces go beet red. They both had hoped Susan Vandom had not overheard that part, but she obviously did and had used it to put the final nail in their coffin…or so they thought but Susan still had stage three of her plan to use yet, which she used quickly before Willow got too upset.

"I think Caleb needs to be taught a lesson for being bad, don't you think so Willow? I think you should go get Frog Girl to punish him," Susan said with an evil grin on face, making Caleb and Will realize the woman's plan was not complete and had turned the tables on them for sending Frog Girl after the older Vandom.

"Yeah! Frog Girl will teach mean Caleb important lesson in being a good hunky person and give him a taste of Froggy justice!" Willow stated and marched off to her room to go 'find' the greed clad superhero.

"Mom…I'm so going to get you for this," Will grumbled and buried her face in her hands, while Caleb looked confused.

"What's the big deal? From what everyone has been telling me, she is pretty cute doing the Frog Girl thing and all I have to do is avoid the feet," The former rebel leader stated, thinking if he can dodge volleys of arrows and survive battles with creatures most men would not have stood a chance against, he could handle one four-year-old girl dressed up like a superhero from the funny pages.

"Famous last words," both Will and Susan said at the same time, though Susan sounded happier then Will for obvious reasons.

Moments later, the familiar sound of plastic hitting hard wood floors could be heard and 'Frog Girl' made her grand entrance and marched over to Caleb.

"You have been a very bad boy, Mr. Hunky Caleb! Now you shall get licked by Froggy justice! Secret Froggy Technique: Five Prong Frog…ah!" Willow started to say, as she got her 'deadly' kicking attack ready, but was scooped up by Caleb and pulled onto his lap, where she was tickled mercilessly.

"See? It's not so hard to beat a superhero when you have the right attack," Caleb said in a casually tone as he 'tortured' the green glad superhero for a few moments, but stopped so 'Frog Girl' could catch her breath.

"Give up yet?" Caleb asked with a big grin on his face, not paying attention to the hand was reaching into the green 'utility belt' she wore around her waist.

In a swift movement (for a four year old girl) 'Frog Girl' uses a pair of toy handcuffs to lock around one of Caleb's wrists and then placed the other end on Will's. Frog Girl then rolled off

Caleb's lap and struck a triumphant pose as she declared, "Ha! Now you must stay with Willow's Mommy forever!"

Susan Vandom nearly fell over laughing while Will and Caleb both tried to lunge for the four year old girl to hopefully get the key to the handcuffs, but being cuffed together made their movements clumsy and allow Frog Girl avoid them easily.

Frog Girl then headed for the bathroom, making Will realize what the young redhead was planning doing, which made the older redhead cry out, "Don't you dare do …"

Will's sentence was cut off when she heard the sound of the toilet being flushed and it did not take a genius to realize that the key to the handcuffs was probably long gone now.

"My work here is done. Hop! Hop! And away," Frog Girl stated and starting hopping towards Willow's room to tell her of the good news.

Meanwhile, Susan Vandom was still laughing so hard her sides hurt and the two bound adults were trying to figure out how they were going to get out of this mess.

"Mom, stop laughing and help us! We can't stay stuck like this!" Will called over to her mother, hoping the older woman would have an idea on how to get the toy handcuffs off without much trouble (or risk of injury).

"Why not? Is it still too early in your relationship to be that close?" Susan asked, with a hint of mischief in her smirk.

"Way too early! We only had the first date!" Caleb stated, making Will stare at Caleb for what he said.

"First date? I thought this was mainly calm Willow down?" Will asked and getting called to now look at her and reply with a slight blush, "Well…you never know…we could have more in the future. Besides, would it be so bad if we did?"

"Well…no…but that's beside the point!" Will shot back, blushing a bit as well, while Susan started heading for her room.

"Well, you two work that detail out, I'm heading for bed. Oh and Caleb…behave yourself tonight, if you pull a Matt on my daughter, I'll see it personally you become less of a man very quickly," Susan said casually, mostly joking but there was hint of a real warning in that sentence.

Will's face went beet red once again at this comment, while Caleb cried out in protest of having more integrity and control over himself than Matt Olsen.

The protests were of course, ignored, and Susan entered her room to get some sleep and left her daughter and potential new boyfriend to figure out their relationship and how to get out of Frog Girl's handcuffs.

Once the door to Susan's was closed, Caleb asked, "Got anything to pick a lock? If not, do we use the couch or your bed for tonight and hope we think of way out these in the morning?"

Will just let out a sigh and knew it was going to be a long night.


Meanwhile, Nerissa and Matt her were in a deserted construction yard where Nerissa planned on jump starting Matt's original Shagon powers of feeding on the hatred of others. This combined with the Heart of Earth, if they gained it, would make Shagon more than a match for the Guardians and anyone else who got in their way.

Nerissa had to go to more elaborate means than the first time she created Shagon, since she had the Heart of Meridian last time, but now had to use her own power for this transformation. This meant a more ritual-like process would be needed to maximize Nerissa's power and lessen the drain on her life force.

As Nerissa finished making the arcane circle around Matt, she noted the young man's growing impatience.

'Hmm…this could be a minor problem, but I'm sure the safe guards I'll be placing into Matt Olsen should keep in him in line should he start going against orders,' Nerissa thought, as she made the last design of the circle, which was done in her own blood.

The former Guardian was no fool; she had made sure she had the means to deal with Matt Olsen, no matter how much power he gained through World Hearts or hatred of others. When one made such a servant, only a magic user with no foresight would not have a few methods of control planned out in advance.

Of course, Nerissa took the liberty of forgetting to mention of these methods to Matt Olsen, since anyone could guess would never agree to have a leash placed on him.

"There, the last marks are in place and we can begin," Nerissa said as she completed the circle and stepped away to give her space for when she jumpstarted Matt's old Shagon form.

"It's about time!" Matt stated under his breath, but Nerissa still heard it. Of course, the former Guardian just ignored the comment since she knew she would have the means to put the young man in his place in a matter of moments.

"Quintessence!" Nerissa called out, blasting Matt and the arcane designs around him, and beginning Matt's rebirth into Shagon.

Matt let out cries of pain, another little detail she left out when she had prepared Matt for the change, but the pain quickly changed to feelings of empowerment, once his Shagon features began to return.

Matt's hair returned the Medusa-style locks he once had and the black wings and lizard-like tail sprouted from his body. The muscular form, golden mask, and clothing quickly followed, bringing the Angel of Malice back into the world once again.

"I missed this…though I could have gone without the little surprise you forgot to mention when I agreed to this," Shagon stated, referring to the painful part of the ritual.

"Must have slipped my mind," Nerissa replied in an innocent tone, which was meant to provoke Shagon so she could introduce the 'safe guards' that were put in place.

As Nerissa predicted, Shagon began to gather power for an eye blast, but was stopped by a massive surge of pain of which he never felt before. The pain was so intense; it brought even Matt in Shagon form to his knees.

Nerissa looked down at the crippled warrior and said, "I took the liberty of making sure you can't turn on me, hence why you are in pain right now. Should you ever try to harm me, this will be what you receive. Should you refuse to obey an order, I can trigger the same effect on a whim.

Of course if you remain loyal, this will not be an issue and you will have your revenge and more. Be sure to remember that, Dear Heart."

Nerissa could tell her words were making Shagon furious from how his body was tensed and refused to look at her even once the pain stopped, which was what she liked to see. She wanted her minion feeling this way in hopes of taking the anger and hatred he felt towards her and channel it towards the Guardians, seeing how they were the only ones he could attack at this point.

"Now get to your feet and let's get going. We have much planning to do and very little time to do it," Nerissa ordered, then opened a fold while Shagon got back to his feet. As they entered the fold, Shagon silently swore he would have revenge on Nerissa for her deceit, just as soon as a few Vandom females were dealt with.

'I don't know how I'll get the witch, but I will make she pays for this humiliation!' Matt/Shagon swore, but for the moment chose to save his energy for to deal with his first group of enemies, then plan on how to deal with the witch in front of him.


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