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One more thing, The storyline is 6 months after the ultimate battle; Paige is pregnant, Phoebe is married to Coop, Leo is Magic School's headmaster and Billie is the girls friend again though she hadn't fully gained there trust back.

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(Scene: Morning: An ally, Paige is fighting with a human looking demon; she seems pretty exhausted since she is pregnant)

Paige: Oh, come on; This is getting ridiculous!

(The demon was about to throw an energy ball but stopped)

Paige: Look buddy! We've been fighting for over 10 minutes now. How about you go to wherever the hell you came from and I'll go home.

Demon (sarcastically): Yes, sure! Why don't I get you a cup of coffee and a chair because you seem really exhausted? Or maybe I should give you a ride home!

Paige: Now that would've been nice.

(The demon conjures a fireball and throws it towards her)

Paige: Fireball!

(The ball orbs to the wall, he then conjures another one and throw it and she orbs it to the wall again, it happened for about another 10 fire balls. He conjures another ball and throw it but this time instead of the ball orbing to the wall like it always did, it turned into a round piece of orbs, falls to the ground and shatters to million little orbs, which surprises both the demon and Paige)

Demon: What the hell?

(Then he looks up)

Demon: Okay! I believe you now, send in your men.

Paige: What?

(The demon shimmers out)

Paige: Thanks god! He finally got bored!

(She was about to orb out but then 4 darklighters and 2 demon dark orb and shimmer in)

Paige: Oh No! I prefer your other friend alone.

(She tries to orb out but a demon takes out an amulet out of his shirt and then it produced some kind of red light which went to Paige's orbs and knocked her back on the floor)

Paige: Not again! Do all of you have this damn amulet?

Demon 2: Shut Up! You don't know how long we've planned for this.

(He summons an energy ball and the other one does the same, and the darklighters summon their arrows and bows. All of them direct what they got towards Paige.)

Demon 1: Ready…. Set…..FIRE.

(Everything was released from its owner's hand towards very surprised and exhausted Paige)

(All the arrows and the energy balls are on their way to Paige, when they are all changed into orbs and disappear, the demons and darklighters don't look surprised, but Paige was. She stands back up)

Demon 1: Damn it! Go get back up now!

(Looking at Demon 2, who shimmers out immediately.)

Paige: Back up! Like you need it!

(She tries to orb one more time but does not succeed and falls again on the floor, only to see about 10 demons and 4 more darklighters)

Paige: GOD! It doesn't take that much to kill me; I must be stronger than I thought.

(Some demons start going forward towards Paige with athames in their hands)

Demon 1: You idiots! Don't go near!

(2 demons stopped but the 4 rest continued and suddenly orbs consumed them and exploded.)

Demon 1: Damn it! I'm tired of this! Attack and May the best kill her. (A darklighter shoots his arrow which hits Paige in the shoulder, and she instantly falls to the ground and holds her shoulder)

Paige: Ah... Oh God! I'm so dead, they are too many.

(An energy ball hits her hand and she cries out in pain. When another ball and arrow were about to hit Paige, it changed direction and went to its senders, who are vanquished. The Demon looks farther in the alley and sees a girl standing. She runs towards them and holds out an athame and stabs 2 darklighters who are vanquished now.)

Girl: Are you alright?

(She asks Paige who is on the floor struggling to stay awake when another arrow hits her. More demons start shimmering in. The girl stands up and starts the fight.)

Girl: Let's have this Party started boys. (As she used telekinesis to send 3 demons to the wall)

(Cut to the manor, Kitchen: Piper is feeding Chris and Phoebe is playing with Wyatt on the counter)

Piper (baby talking): Open your mouth! Show me who the good guy here is. This food is pretty delicious. (Chris opens his mouth and takes the spoon that Piper has in her hand and he tastes the food, which obviously didn't please him because he threw the spoon on the floor and had a disgusted face)

(Piper picks the spoon and puts it on the counter and puts the empty dish in the sink and picks up Chris and places him next to Wyatt)

Piper: He ate the whole plate and decided that the last spoon was disgusting.

Phoebe (as she smiles): Well it's better than orbing the food like Wyatt used to.

Piper: Hey, don't give him any ideas.

(She picks Chris and Phoebe picks Wyatt and they go and sit in the living room after placing the boys in their play net)

Wyatt: Mummy...I don't... wanna sit… here .I is older now.

Piper: Yeah! How old are you?

(He starts counting on his fingers, Phoebe and Piper smile at each other)

Phoebe: Where is Paige by the way? She was supposed to be here an hour ago.

Piper: Probably there is traffic or maybe she got stuck at the doctor.

Phoebe: Right! It's not like a demon would attack, since they haven't for the last 2 month.

Piper: Don't say that! It's jinxed!

Phoebe: Yeah! Yeah! You always say that!

(Orbs start to appear)

Piper: See?

(The orbs materialize on the floor into 2 badly hurt persons one is Paige and the other is that girl)

Piper: Oh my God! Wyatt take Chris and orb to daddy... now!

(Wyatt orbs out with Chris, Piper and Phoebe go towards Paige who is unconscious and the girl who steps away from Paige and falls to her knees)

Piper: What happened? Oh my gosh! Paige!

Phoebe: Who are you?

(She asked the girl who has a slim body, has long brown hair and is in her twenties.)

Girl: Well... I'm Josephine, half whitelighter/half witch! You'd better get someone to heal her because she is really hurt.

Phoebe: What? Okay! Coop!

(Piper sees the girl trying to stand up)

Piper: You'd better not try to stand or move. You're badly hurt too.

(She says looking at Josephine who has about 3 darklighter's arrow in her shoulder, scorch marks all over her chest, dust on her face, and her stomach is bleeding)

Phoebe: Coop! Can you come please!

(Coop materializes in a pink heart and looks at Phoebe then Paige)

Coop: Oh my…! What happened?

(Looking at Paige who has a darklighter's arrow to her stomach and another to her shoulder and has scorch marks on her body)

Phoebe (her voice breaking): I don't know! Can you just send us any whitelighter? Quickly please.

(He dematerialize in a heart after seeing tears weld up in Phoebe's and Piper's eyes)

Piper (starting to panic): Her pulse is really weak...

(Josephine manages to stand on her knees and then crawls to where Paige is but in much pain, which was shown on her face)

Phoebe: What are you doing?

(Josephine ignores her and closes her eyes and places her hand over Paige's wounds after letting Piper remove the arrows, she stays for like 10 seconds and then opens her eyes)

Josephine: Damn it! I can't heal her!

(Piper and Phoebe are crying, while Josephine backs away and drop to her back in pain)

Piper (Crying even harder) : Her heart pulse is getting weaker.

(Paige's face got paler by the second and her sisters were crying when Josephine suddenly had the 'I've got an idea' face)

To Be Continued.

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