"I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." – Mae West.


Piper picked up the Book of Shadows and set it on the podium, then surveyed the aftermath of the battle. Papers were scattered, some half burned, some torn. Shards of wood can be seen all around, signifying the breaking of a lot of the old junk in the attic. Blood pools and ashes were proof of the injuries and vanquishes that happened.

Phoebe (who was picking up books): I have no idea how we're going to fix this! (Gesturing to the mess)

Paige: We could always cast a spell.

Piper: No! This... this can't be fixed by magic.

Phoebe (sensing her sister's distress): What's wrong honey?

Piper: What's wrong is that it seems like every time some one tries to save Wyatt, they end up dead!

Phoebe (sympathetically): I know it's frustrating honey, but Jo... Paige (finding it more appropriate to call her by her name) chose to do this. She chose to save you and Wyatt. And she dies without a single regret.

Piper: How do we even know she saved Wyatt? How do we know that all it took was vanquishing Mass? How do we know someone else isn't going to come from the Future because Wyatt is still evil?

Paige (smiling): I guess it's a good thing Jericho was too exhausted to use his powers to go back to the future.


As the sisters descended the stairs the found Jericho putting on his leather Jacket and coming up. He stopped as he saw them.

Jericho: Oh, I was just coming up to see you.

The sisters and Jericho descended the stairs and stood in the foyer in an awkward silence. That was soon interrupted by the front door opening, and Leo holding Wyatt's hand and carrying Chris came in.

Leo: Hey!

Phoebe (glad for the interruption): Leo, hi. (then looked at Wyatt) Hey big boy, did you have fun with daddy?

Wyatt answered with a smile, then running to hug Phoebe's leg. As soon as Wyatt touched Phoebe, she was pulled in a premonition.


A man, tall with medium length curly hair hugged an older looking Piper.

Man: Don't worry about me so much mom.

Piper: You know that is something that will never stop. Be good Wy!

Wyatt: Always.

End of Premonition

The premonition was very brief that no one noticed that Phoebe had one. Or at least that's what Phoebe though, but as she looked at Paige's knowing smile, she knew her sister's unborn son's power let Paige see what Phoebe just saw.

Jericho: I don't know what will be waiting for me.

Billie (who came in while Phoebe was having a premonition): Whatever it is, you can deal with it.

Piper: We just need to know. Was it all for nothing?

Phoebe was about to talk when Jericho took a deep breath and proceeded to do what the eldest charmed one requested of him, which didn't take more a second to an outsider, but felt like forever to him.


Jericho appeared in the same spot in the foyer of the Manor. It didn't look any different so he thought his powers didn't work because of his exhaustion, but because no one else was standing with him he dismissed the thought.

Jericho took a couple of steps towards the dinning room when he was assaulted by a pair of arms taking a hold of his leg. Jericho gasped in surprise but calmed when he saw a little brown haired boy with striking green eyes. Jericho crouched to be at the same height level of the boy.

Jericho: Hey there buddy.

The boy laughed happily and hugged Jericho tightly, or at least as tight as he can considering his size.

Little boy: You're back!

Jericho (concluding that the boy knew him somehow): Yes I am. Where is your mommy?

Little boy: She's with Granma and Wy upstairs.

Jericho's ears perked at hearing Wyatt's old nickname.

Little boy: But look what H.J gave me!

The boy proceeded to show Jericho a paper that he was holding, that Jericho didn't notice until now.

Witness the Prophecized Battle at Magic School, Friday night at 7.

Jericho (confused and fearful): What?

Little boy: Can I go daddy?

Jericho's breath caught as he heard what the boy called him. Jericho looked into the boys eyes and realized why they stroke him as familiar. The boy inherited his mom's emerald green eyes but with a grayish tint that belonged to Jericho, himself.

Voice from the stairs (slightly teasing): Yes daddy, can we go see my brother get his butt kicked by the twice blessed?

Jericho looked up, and tears gathered in his eyes. There she was, as beautiful as the last time he has seen her, but with eyes that shone with life, and a smile that was very bright. Jericho stood up from his position and bit his lips not knowing what to say after such a long time.

Hailey (sensing what he's feeling): You could start with a hug after all I haven't seen you in a couple of days. Was your mission worth leaving your wife and kid for 4 whole days Mr. Pacer?

Jericho (allowing the tears to flow down his face): It was so worth it.

Hailey (raising her eyebrow): Good, now where is my hug?

Jericho ran to meet the girl at the end of the stairs and enveloped her in a bone crushing hug and a passionate kiss. Then he remembered why he was here, and as reluctant as he was, he broke the kiss.

Jericho: Hold that thought!

Jericho disappeared in a yellow shimmer.

Hailey (groaning): I hate it when he does that!

Present time

Jericho opened his eyes with a new light. Everyone noted his eyes seemed brighter than it ever has been and a smile masked his features. Jericho looked down to the paper in his hand remembering it.

Witness the Prophecized Battle at Magic School, Friday night at 7. Don't miss this one time chance as our own School Headmaster: Wyatt Halliwell take on his cousin and our own Magic Tactics Professor: Henry Mitchel Junior in our yearly action packed charity event.
Come support your favorite, It's for the greater good!

Jericho started laughing, starling everyone.

Piper (who was still worried): Jericho?

Jericho shook his head in disbelief, handed Piper the flyer then started walking towards the door.

Leo (slightly confused): I'm guessing it's a good sign he's laughing.

Piper read the paper, first time she was confused then second time it clicked in.

Piper (smiling in relief): Definitely a good sign!

As Jericho exited the manor, knowing he left a confused group behind him, but he didn't want to tell them anything as to not ruin the future with "Future Consequences". He knew, however, that since the cosmos allowed him to travel back to the past with that flyer, that they were allowed to know the contents and make their own conclusions.

Jericho looked back at the family that was now laughing in happiness, knowing that his mission was complete. He smiled, and started to shimmer out, but not before waving his hand, closing the Manor door with his telekinesis.

The End

Author's notes: Okay guys, this is it! Hope you enjoyed reading this, and please let me know what you think! Also feel free to check out my other stories (they're Paige centric if you're a fan!)