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"Ow, watch where you're going, Malfoy," She said as he deliberately pushed her.

"Oh please, like I want to touch a mudblood…dirty, scummy, good-for-nothing…" He went on, murmuring to himself.

"Ignore him Hermione. He's not worth it," Ron said, pulling Hermione away, just as she was about to hex him into oblivion.

"Yeah, if we hang around his kind too much, we may be contaminated by his filthiness. Besides, we are going to be late for Potions. If we're lucky, he'll be late," Harry pushed Ron and Hermione forward, away from Malfoy and his ferret gang.

He purposely moved Ron and Hermione closer together until their shoulders and arms were practically touching.

Ron turned beet red and moved away while Hermione blushed and looked at the wall on her right.

Harry turned and smiled triumphantly at Malfoy. He sneered back…

Goyle's POV

Okay, I know Malfoy has a crush on Granger and all, but whatever, does he have to make it so obvious? Potty-head's already figured it out, and his head's filled with poo! If Granger ever saw the way Draco looked at her and Ron from behind, she'd figure it out immediately. Just now, Harry intentionally pushed Weasel and Granger together, just to prove to Draco that they weren't ashamed of each other…and Draco has to go and sneer back…and it wasn't a 'hate' sneer, it was a 'jealousy' sneer…and it was pretty obvious.

Draco told us last year, the beginning of our 6th year at Hogwarts; on the Hogwarts Express that he fancied Granger…he told us that it wasn't ever intentioned, it just happened. He couldn't control it, but every time he looked at her, his heart started beating faster, his throat went dry, his eyes sore, his fingers went numb…he always felt something inside him that he could never explain.

Blaise, good old Blaise, he tried explaining to Draco that it was probably just a really strong sense of hate. Draco just replied with a really retarded saying:

"Some times your mind doesn't want you to be in love. But deep down you know you are...It can't be hate, Blaise," Draco said. "If it was, I'd know for sure. I hate Potter, you know I do. I hate him for sticking my father in jail, even if he deserved it. I hate him for always getting all the credit, even when sometimes he barely did anything. I hate him for getting all the glory for things he never did. I hate him for being so close to Hermione…for knowing her…wait. Did I just say that?"

"Yes." We all said in unison.

Then Crabbe had to go and butt in and say: "Don't be afraid of fear, let it be afraid of you,"

"What the hell's that supposed to mean?" Draco said defensively.

"I know what you're feeling," Crabbe went on. "I've been in your position before. I know what it's like being caught in the middle of a forbidden love. You're scared of it, I know you are. I was too when I went and fell in love with Lavender,"

Everyone gasped, even Draco. Crabbe fell in love with LAVENDER?! He didn't even tell us he knew she existed and Draco was spilling his guts about his undying devotion to Granger!

Draco recovered first. How could he possible be mad at Crabbe? At least he fell in love with a half blood. Draco is mentally attached to a mud-blood!

"What? He gets to be in love with a mud-blood. Everyone shows him nothing but sympathy. I admit that I'm in love with a half-blood. You all start hating me!"

"Don't call her a mud-blood, Crabbe."

"Why? You always do. What's so wrong when he calls her a mud-blood? She is one, after all."

"I only say to hide my true feelings you idiot. God Blaise, sometimes you are truly stupid."

It was only then that Draco realised that Harry was standing by our compartment the whole time. The only thing that gave Potter away was when he started laughing. Draco's face turned into a tomato. Before potty-head could do anything, Draco slammed open the compartment door and grabbed a handful of his robes. He effortlessly threw him inside and shut the doors.

His words were simple and clear: "If you ever speak a word of this to anyone, I'll Crucio you until you start begging for mercy…at the worst, death. You shall forget you ever heard this conversation. Got it?"

Harry sniggered and shrugged with a simple "Yeah."

Ever since then, Harry's been determined to prove to Draco that it'll never work out between them. Hermione's heart already belongs to Ron…where it's supposed to be.

Draco won't let anything he says stop him from loving Hermione. It was actually them that were meant to be together…or so he keeps telling us.

But the day after the day when Draco pushed Hermione brought quite a few unexpected surprises…

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