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Naruto crept across the street of the leaf village. He was leaving to find Sasuke and return him to his rightful place with Naruto and Sakura. The young ninja would become a missing nin, but at this point he did not care. He just wanted his best friend back.

A grin crossed his face at the thought of what Sasuke would say to him when he saw him. But that smile quickly faded and a frown took its place as Naruto saw the village's main gate before him. Damn. I'm already at the gate? Well, it was bound to happen sometime. He thought to himself. He shifted his backpack to his other shoulder.

The fifteen year old boy took his first unauthorized steep out of the village. He shuffled a few steps away from the gate, then turned around. He stared longingly at his loved home he had lived in for his whole life. Although he had never had any friends for some of his life, and everyone hated him, he loved the village hidden in the leaves.


"Monster!" a shout sounded from a crowd around Naruto. Tears rolled down his cheeks. "NO! Stay away from that boy." A mother said sternly to her young daughter. "Why don't you just lay down and die already!" shouts continued to flow from the crowds mouths. Naruto spun around on his heels and ran. He thought that was all he could do.

Naruto still hated the people who said that to him, but he had made plenty of friends since then.


Naruto, Kiba, Shikamaru, and Choji jumped out of the window of the academy. "Hey! Get back here!" Iruka shouted leaning out of the same window. The four laughed as they ran down the side roads of the village. Those laughs soon turned into screams of excitement when Iruka and a few others ran them.


Naruto ran over to the slid as Shikamaru slid down it. Kiba and Choji were on swings. Naruto stared to blab to Shikamaru as he listened with interest. But then came Shikamaru's, Choji's , and Kiba's parents. Naruto was alone again. He was taking a short cut past a lake. There, on the dock, sat Sasuke. Sasuke turned around to see who was looking at him. Naruto quickly turned his head and continued on. A smile spread across Sasuke's face. Naruto smiled to.

Naruto had plenty of friends now. But one of them had gone to Orochimaru. Naruto was going after Sasuke once again. This time alone and no one knew. He was wishing that he would be back with Sasuke before anyone noticed he was gone. That was really not likely. "Well. Here I go." He whispered to himself. He slid out a kuni with a map wrapped tightly around it. He unwrapped the map and scanned over it. He knew that Orochimaru's hideout had been moved, but that it was still in the village hidden the sound.

There was only one place he had not checked yet. The far border of the hidden village. Oh great. That side could be the most protected because of the villages around it are thieves. This will go soooo well. He thought to himself sarcastically. He looked at the map carefully. There was a tree tunnel that would show him in the right direction. He looked up to try to sight the tunnel, just to find him right in front of it.

"This is going better than I thought." He said cheerfully out loud. He took out a kind of candle with a cap for it. When closed, it looked like a small black baseball bat. It lit up the huge tunnel. As Naruto walked through it, bugs scrambled out of his way. He walked on in the semi-lit tunnel made out of old trees. It took one hour to get through the tunnel. Good thing it took him half the way there.

Naruto looked at the moon to see its position. "Good. It is only ten thirty. I am making good time. Now relying on memory from a previous mission, he followed a path that was mostly hidden. He looked up at the moon once again. Eleven thirty. He had plenty of time. The gate's guards come out to stand guard at eight o' clock in the mourning.

Still a lot to do though. He continued on. At eleven thirty, he had made it to the entrance of the village hidden in the sound. His black headband and stored it in his backpack. He crept through the village's main entrance. He walked normally after he entered the market's street. He stopped at many stores and picked up some more supplies, and food.

"Good, only twelve o' clock." Naruto said as he walked down the road. He would turn down a road occasionally towards a house so he would not look suspicious to anyone if they were watching him. Then he would slip down a small side road. He reached the outskirts of the village at twelve thirty. What the hell?! Where is that one hideout place!? Oh. He thought to himself as he spotted the hideout. He walked to the side and peeked around the corner of the wall. Naruto bit his thumb and a drop of blood slid down his thumb. "Summoning jutsu!" Naruto said. Gamaichi showed up in a puff of smoke.

"Hey Naruto! Long time no see!" The small toad said. "AHHHHHHH! Have you gotten bigger?!" Naruto screeched. Gamaichi was at least one foot bigger. "Duh. It has been a while." Gamaichi replied blankly. Naruto shook of the surprised look. "Okay. I need you yo go in first and tell me if you see anyone." Naruto whispered. "Okay. But wait, where is master Jiraiya? And that pink haired girl, Sakura?" He asked. "Not here." Naruto said pointing to the door demanding the toad to go. He bounced down the stairs a few feet in front of Naruto. "Nothing so far." Gamaichi answered. "This is weird. There was nothing like this last time And we were led strait into a huge trap." Naruto whispered to himself. "Maybe it will be different this time. There is only one of you so you can hide from anything and you know the right way to go and all the traps. It will be easy this time." Gamaichi said back to Naruto.

Naruto just nodded in agreement. Still... His thoughts were cut short due to the two coming to an empty space with three doors. They went down the middle door. Naruto picked up the small toad and placed him on his head. Together, they dogged all of the traps and made it safely to the end of the hall.

Naruto ran down the long hall and opened the other door. In the big room that had collapsed years before which had been re-built There was a new door. Naruto tip-toed to the door and peeked through a crack between the door and the wall. There was a bed in the middle of the room.

The blanket was moving up and down in a steady pace. In the bead was Sasuke. Naruto smiled and pulled out a kunai.