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"So Naruto? ANBU…or Sensei?" Tsunada asked. Naruto took a deep breath. He knew what he wanted to do.

"I choose…"


"I choose…" Naruto started. Tsunada and Shizune leaned forward in anticipation. "…both." he deadpanned. Shizune laughed lightly.

"You cant choose-"

"Alright. Both it is then." Tsunada answered with a large grin. Naruto returned her grin with his own. "Irukia is naming off the squads now. Hurry if you wish to be different from Kakashi, and actually be on time." Tsunada said proudly, handing over a file to the new ANBU/sensei. Naruto accepted the file, and tucked it under his arm.

"Where do I get my ANBU gear?" Naruto questioned. Tsunada smiled.

"That's always the question for a new ANBU. Where do they get their armor? I get all the armor made, along with your mask. Your armor will be put together immediately. What mask do you want?" Tsunada asked. Naruto grinned evilly.

"You already know that there is only one mask for me." Naruto replied. Tsunada returned Naruto's grin.

"Of course I do. You are dismissed to collect your team…Fox."


Naruto ignored the fact that all of the Jounin were starring at him. Well, he was supposed to be dead, and nobody had informed the village that the vessel for Kyuubi was alive and well. Naruto yawned as he read the sign about focusing chakra over and over, memorizing the words. Suddenly, called the team Naruto would be leading.

"Squad 7. Hoshi Toshiro…Rai Akhito…and Kyoko Sora. Your sensei will be…WHAT?!" Iruka yelled. Naruto pushed himself off the wall he had been previously been leaning on. Naruto grinned before putting on a serious look. Shoving his hands into his pockets, he walked into the room casually, as if he did this everyday. The class gasped, and Iruka basically fainted. Naruto grinned, showing off his glistening fangs.

"Hiya Iruka." Naruto said cheerfully. Iruka stood and began to poke Naruto's arm as if he was just a Genjutsu. The blond stood still with a look of boredom. "Do yah mind stop poking me?" Naruto asked. Iruka took a step back, and seemed like he was about to cry. Naruto paled. "Uh oh…I know that look…" Naruto said. Iruka dove for the blond, but he was to quick. Naruto jumped onto the ceiling, and stuck to it as if it was the normal ground. The room gasped, as Naruto hung from the ceiling. "Bad dog." Naruto said, pulling a purple spray bottle out of his cloak and spraying Iruka with it.

"You're alive. You're really alive." Iruka said. Naruto flipped down so he was facing his old sensei.

"And kickin'. I do 'back to life' shows every Friday." Naruto said, grinning. Iruka kept starring, and Naruto sighed. "Can I get my team? I'm starving." Naruto insisted. Iruka snapped out of his trance.

"Oh…um, yah. Wait for me, and I'll treat you to lunch." Iruka said. Naruto slid down the wall grinning.

"Big mistake Iruka." Naruto said. He pulled his enormous sword off his back and held it so it rested against his right shoulder and the tip of the sword/scabbard in his lap. Naruto watched with his uncovered eye as groups of new shinobi left the room. Only three shinobi were left. One was a boy with dark blond hair, that almost seemed brown, and light blue eyes. Another was a boy with light gray hair and black eyes. Last was a girl with dark brown hair and light brown eyes. Naruto looked over them secretly as Iruka locked up his desk. Naruto slowly go to his feet, swinging his sword back onto his back. He glanced over at his team. "Come on you three." Naruto said before turning to grin at Iruka. "Iruka's treating us all to ramen." Naruto said. Iruka paled.

"You're going to bleed me dry alone, not to mention Toshiro's love for the stuff that almost matches half of yours." Iruka said. Naruto laughed.

"Eating even one forth as much as me is a feat alone." Naruto laughed. He waved his hand, signaling for his team to follow as he left the room with Iruka. The three scrambled after him. Naruto and Iruka exchanged a few words during the short walk to the ramen stand. He secretly watched the three behind him. The boy with black eyes was starring off into space, while the girl gawked at him. The blond boy looked excited, and continuously fingered the headband on his forehead. Naruto smiled. It was like the old Squad 7. Hopefully the Sasuke-act-alike would not betray them. That woul suck. Naruto plopped into a stool in the ramen stand, followed by Iruka and his team. The blond sat next to Naruto two stools away, while the other two sat on the other side of the blond away from Naruto. Iruka sat on Naruto's left side.

"I'll pay." Iruka said with waterfall tears falling down his face. Naruto grinned.

Let the traditional fighting begin. He thought. "No! I'll pay!" He insisted.


"EXCUSE ME! I BLEW THAT DAMN GRAVE UP! I BY NO MEANS 'CRAWLED OUT OF IT'! IT'S A FREAKING CRATER NOW! I'LL PAY!" Naruto screeched, totally forgetting about his team and ramen-makers watching.


"THAT'S IT!" Naruto roared loudly before tackling Iruka off his stool and onto the ground. The two wrestled back and forth struggling to get on top to pin the other's hands behind their own backs. Teuchi sighed and shook his head.

"Always fighting over who pays. YO! NARUTO! IRUKA! RAMEN'S ON THE HOUSE!" Teuchi yelled. Iruka and Naruto were instantly in their seats. Iruka was covered in bruises and scratches, while Naruto was covered in…dust. Iruka was breathing hard, and Naruto was laughing like a maniac. Teuchi and Ayame sighed before going back to their work. So, all five had their ramen in front of them. Ayame smiled.

"You don't have to wear that headband over your eye in here Naruto-kun. It must be extremely uncomfortable." She said. Naruto smiled, and removed his headband, laying the limp cloth and scratched metal headband on the counter with a clink, and dug in. Naruto finished five seconds before the other blond. Naruto closed is left eye, turned to the boy, and grinned. The other boy looked back at him, but more specifically, the horrible scar over Naruto's left eye.

"You must be Toshiro, then. The one that can eat almost as much as me in the ramen category." Naruto said. Iruka chuckled.

"You've made ramen-eating into a sport Naruto." Iruka laughed. Naruto slowly turned to Iruka, glaring with his open eye.

"Shut up Pineapple-brain." Naruto growled.

"I thought that was Shikimaru's name." Iruka said. Naruto heardthe three kids on his other side whispering about the smart Nara Chunin.

"It is. But you two tend to have the same style in hair." Naruto said. Iruka sighed, and went back to his ramen. Naruto dug into his fourth bowl, and moved onto his fifth in about six seconds.

"I've never seen anyone eat faster then Toshiro." Whispered the new kunoichi with a smirk on his face.

"Then you've never met Naruto Uzumaki! Prankster extraordinaire!" Naruto roared, leaning back.

"Yes yes. The prankster that thought it would be so funny to replace my sake with super glue." Said a female voice, that made Naruto yelp, and fall onto his back off the stool. He looked up at the person standing above him. Tsunada.

"Heh heh. I see you found out the hard way." Naruto laughed nervously, seeing the dried glue in and around her mouth. Tsunada stepped on Naruto's face lightly.

"Yes I did, baka. Now I cant get the freaking taste out of my mouth. You are the only one that I know that can make glue smell and taste like sake." She said. Naruto slid into a stool, still grinning, and a dusty footprint dominating his face. Iruka was sighing, trying to hold a smile at bay, while Teuchi and Ayame struggled to hold back laughter. Naruto's new team were gawking at the Hokage.

"But Baa-chan!" Naruto moaned. "I need to keep my fans pleased!"

"Oh? And who might these fans be?" Tsunada asked.

"The Rookie 9, Gai's old team, Iruka, Kakashi, Yamato, and a lot of other people." Naruto said. Tusnada sighed.

"After this freaking glue dries, it doesn't taste like sake anymore. How do you do that?" Tsunada asked. Naruto grinned.

"Baa-chan, if I told you, then where would I be? A prankster never reveals their secrets." Naruto insisted. Tsunada mock-glared at the blond.

"Just like how you didn't tell me about that damn eye of yours." She exclaimed. Naruto grinned, holding his hand over his left eye.

"Ah. But this eye is kick ass." Naruto laughed. Tsunada sighed.

"You finally told me after I threatened to take away your ramen stash." She said. Naruto paled.

"Don't remind me! Holding my dear ramen for ransom! It was blackmail!" Naruto wailed. Tusnada laughed.

"If you love it so much, why don't you just marry it?" She asked. Naruto grinned.

"Did you not notice the word 'Uzumaki' written on all of them?" He asked. Now Tsunada paled.

"Did you really?"

"No. But that would have been hilarious." Naruto said. Iruka punched Naruto in the right side of his head.

"That's just what we need. You talking to more inanimate objects." Iruka said. Naruto crossed his arms over his chest.

"Shut up. You don't understand the half of it." Naruto grumbled. Iruka and Tsunada began laughing. Tusnada turned, and left the ramen stand.

"You owe me a sake, brat!" Tsuanda called.

"OVER MY DEAD BODY!" Naruto yelled.

"Damn! I'm a month late." She called sarcastically.

"Oh ha ha!" Naruto shouted back. He turned back to his ramen bowl, and exhaled slowly. A thin wisp of fire flew out. "She's going to bleed me dry, getting me to buy her freaking sake." He said.

"Just like how you used to bleed me dry on our daily ramen runs." Iruka muttered.

"Shut up." Naruto said.

"What was she talking about 'your eye'? I can see its scared, but what else? What happened?" Iruka asked. Naruto sighed, not wanting to explain it in front of his present team, but he knew he had too.

"Well, after I 'died', Orochimaru attacked, as you might not have known. He attacked Sakura, and to put it simply, I was still alive, woke up, and frankly, flew up my grave. I fought Orochimaru with…uh…" Naruto glanced over at his team, who was watching him in amazement. "…my special power." Iruka nodded, signaling he knew Naruto meant he had used Kyuubi's power. "But Orochimaru landed a blow on my eye, and destroyed it. But…um…I kinda got it back, if you know what I mean." Naruto explained. Iruka cocked his head, leading Naruto to sigh. Naruto opened his left eye so only Iruka could see. Iruka's own eyes widened, and he gasped. Naruto laughed. "See? My eye isn't the same anymore." Naruto said, and closed his eyes again.

Again, sorry. Kyuubi muttered.

Ain't your fault Fluffy. Naruto replied. "But I managed to scare Orochimaru and Kabuto off, then once again, was back in the freaking hospital. I was planning on visiting you when I escaped from the hospital, but Tsunada came after me. I transported myself into the woods, and lived out there for a while. But then Orochimaru and Kabuto came back. I chased them, fought them again, and came back into the hospital right after scaring them and Akatski off." Naruto said. Iruka, Teuchi, Ayame, and his team gasped. "Oh yah. I forgot to mention they were there. Turns out, the snake bastard rejoined that damn team. I tried to escaped from the hospital again, hid in my apartment while sealing off any ways to get in or out. When I finally came out, I was going to visit you, but then I got sent on a mission to Wave. Then I came back here, and boom! Here we are!" Naruto said. The others starred at him with mouths agape. "My life aint pretty." Naruto deadpanned.

"It's interesting." Admitted the girl. Naruto turned to her, closing his demon eye again.

"You're Sora, right?" Naruto asked. She nodded. He pointed to the boy with black eyes. "And your Akhito." He said. He nodded with a grunt. "And Toshiro." Naruto finished. Toshiro nodded. Naruto nodded. "Good. I don't have anyone named Kizu. That would be weird." Naruto muttered. (Trust me. Someone named Kizu is never a good thing)

"That was random." Iruka said.

"Yup. It's random acts of kindness day." Naruto said. He waved at a man who was jogging past the ramen stand. "Hiiiiiiiii Jogging guy!" Naruto said. The man waved back.

"Hi Yondaime-look-alike!" He froze, then ran away screaming. "HE'S RETRUEND FROM THE DEAD!"

"HA HA!" Naruto burst out laughing. "Idiot." Naruto chuckled. Iruka sighed.

"You really are random at times." Iruka sighed. Naruto grinned, showing off his enlarged canines. Iruka sighed once again, and palmed his forehead. "Now you've gotten me sighing all the time." He accused. Naruto laughed.

"Your fault." He turned to his team after closing his demon eye once again. "Well, I've never had a team before, so if I screw up, don't yell at me. I'm only 15." Naruto said. His team's eyes widened.

"Really?" Sora asked. Naruto nodded.

"15 and counting, thankfully." Naruto said. He sighed. "Why don't you all tell me about yourselves. Name, age, likes, dislikes, dreams, why you wanted to become a ninja in the first place. Stuff like that." Naruto said.

"Why don't you start, Sensei?" Stated Akhito.

"Yah. We never learned your name." Toshiro pointed out. Naruto looked into space in thought before turning back to his team.

"Huh. You got a point. Fine, I'll start." Naruto thought for a moment, changing his goals and other stuff to fit his life now. "My name is Uzumaki Naruto. I'm 15 years old. I like training, going on missions, ramen, and spending time with my comrades. I dislike when others harm my comrades, and when I get crappy missions. My dreams…become Hokage. I became a ninja because…well…I wanted to get noticed by the rest of the village, I guess." Naruto said. He pointed to Sora. "You. Sora. Go."

"Okay! My name is Kyoko Sora. I'm 12 years old. I like…" She trailed off and looked over at Akhito. "I dislike annoying blonds!" She yelled, glaring over at Toshiro who flinched, but gave off a shy grin. "My dreams…" She looked over at Akhito and giggled. Naruto secretly rolled his eyes, making Toshiro laughed quietly.

"Akihto's turn." Naruto said lamely.

"Rai Akhito. 12. I like…stuff. I hate…things. My dreams…are something. I became a ninja to destroy a certain person…" He said. Naruto's eye twitched, and Toshiro laughed again.

"Toshiro. Your turn." Naruto said.

"I'm Hoshi Toshiro! I like eating ramen and training! I dislike…um…people who judge others at a first glance. My dream is to become strong and get some comrades. I became a ninja so I could be realized as someone important to the village!" Toshiro said. Naruto smiled, and turned to Iruka.

"Déjà vu, huh?" Iruka asked. Naruto nodded.

"Lets just hope this team doesn't end up like the old Squad 7. I doubt any of them could come back to life." Naruto said.

"You're the only one that can do that." Iruka said. Naruto nodded, and grinned even wider.

"Cause I'm awesome like that." Naruto replied.

"You're not even close to being awesome." Said an ever familiar voice. Naruto leaned his head back, and looked at a large group of very familiar people. All of rookie 9 including the sensei's, all of team Gai, Yamato, Tsunada, Shizune, the Sand siblings, and Konohamaru's gang. Naruto just starred as Sakura walked forward.

"What? You guys starting a flash mob or something? Cause if you are, I want in. We could all freeze in place in the market." Naruto said while grinning. Sakura shook her head.

"Have you seriously forgotten what day it is?" She asked. Naruto thought for a moment.

"It's not a holiday…and its not anybody's birthday…nope. Don't know." Naruto said. Sakura sighed, and flicked Naruto's closed eye, causing him to yelp. Sakura looked over at the confused group of kids next to Naruto.

"Who're they?" She asked. Naruto looked over at his team.

"Hm? Oh. That's Hoshi Toshiro, Rai Akhito, and Kyoko Sora. They're my new squad." Naruto said. Sakura starred at them. She starred at Toshiro, who returned the stare with his own.

"He reminds me of you. Except, he doesn't have those marks on your cheeks, and doesn't know Kage Bushin." She said. Naruto shrugged.

"If that move wasn't forbidden, I would teach it to them." Naruto grumbled. "So what day is it?" He asked. Sakura sighed.

"Just come with us. Your squad can come to if they want." She said. Naruto looked over at his team.

"What do yah guys say?" He asked. They nodded slowly. He sighed, and stood up.

"Come on then." Naruto said, following the gigantic crowd through the streets. Gaara fell in line with Naruto, and glanced back at his new squad, who flinched. Naruto flicked Gaara in the forehead. "Don't scare them Sandman." Naruto scolded playfully. Gaara smiled slightly.

"Fine…Fluffy." He said. Waterfall tears fell down Naruto's face as he 'cried'.

"Why? Why do you call me that?" He wailed.

"Because you call me Sandman." Gaara deadpanned.

"Good enough." Naruto grumbled.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY NARUTO!" Shouted the large group, shooting confetti into the air, and colored smoke coming out of dyed trees that Sasuke was burning. Naruto starred with wide eyes.

"It's my birthday?" Naruto asked. Sakura and the others that knew Naruto well enough anime fell.

"How do you not remember your own birthday?" Sakura asked. Naruto shrugged.

"Don't know, really." Naruto replied.

"It's only because he doesn't have a mother or a father to remind him." Kiba chided, swinging his arm over Naruto's shoulder.

"Bite me. Besides, I used to just carve a cake out of dust on the ground." Naruto replied. Kiba bite Naruto's shoulder. "I did not mean it literally." Naruto growled, punching Kiba in the face. Kiba backpedaled, and crashed into Gaara. The red-head glared at Kiba with hatred. Naruto paled. He turned to his team. "You guys might wanna hide. He's murderous." Naruto whispered…before sand wrapped around his ankle. "LET GO GAARA!" Naruto yelled, looking over at the angered red-head. He looked back at his team. "Like I said. Hide." Naruto said, before he was pulled of his feet, and face-planted into the ground. He screamed and clawed at the ground as he was being dragged backwards towards Gaara, who somehow, had gotten a dagger. "NO! DON'T STAB ME!" Naruto yelled.

"DIIIIIIIIIIIE!" Gaara roared.

"How did Uzumaki-sensei even become a jounin?" Akhito asked.

"I don't know…maybe he paid Hokage-sama." Sora said. Toshiro shook his head.

"No. He looks powerful. I heard a rumors about him. That he became a ninja by learning the Kage Bushin jutsu." Toshiro said.

"No way. That technique is forbidden." Sora scoffed.

"You just like him because he's homeless too." Akhito directed at Toshiro.

"Hey! I live in a box! That's not homeless!" Toshiro protested.

"Yes it is." Sora and Akhito said in unison.

"NO GAARA! GAH!" Naruto yelled, as he was dragged out of the bushes he was taking refuge in.

"DIIIIIIIIIEEEEE DAMN IT!" Gaara roared in return.

"Okay. I admit he looks like he cant use that many jutsu, but I think he's powerful." Toshiro said. Finally, Tsunada stepped in.

"Break it up break it up!" She yelled. "GYAH!" She roared in surprise as Gaara's sand wrapped around her own ankle and pulled her off her feet.

"Oh ha ha." Naruto laughed playfully as he pulled a dog bone out of birthday bag. "Nice one Kiba. Fluffy thinks so too." Naruto said, grinning up at the laughing dog-boy.

"It fits you!" Kiba laughed, before he fell over.

"The ground fits you too." Gaara said, pulling the sand back into the gourd on his back.

"Look in the bottom of the bag." Kiba said from the ground, before jumping back up. Naruto pulled out two scrolls. "One of them has some jutsu that only the Inuzuka clan can use. Because of what happened earlier…." Kiba trailed off for a few seconds. "…you can use some of the jutsu. The other one is the newest sealing scroll that hasn't even come out yet. It stores 80% more items then regular sealing scrolls." Kiba said. Naruto smiled.

"Thanks Kiba." Naruto said. Suddenly, a package smashed into Naruto's face, making him and the chair he sat in fall backwards.

"Mine next." Tsunada said, smiling. Naruto sat back in the chair after he lifted it back up.

"What'd you put in here?!" Naruto yelled.

"Bricks." Tsunada said, before pulling out a box with small holes in its top and sides, and placed it gently on the table. "This is your present." She said. Suddenly, the box moved, making Naruto scream and jump with everyone but Tsunada, who was grinning. Naruto pointed at it.

"What'd you put in it? A cobra?" Naruto asked.

"Just open it and look, or I'll go put a real cobra in your bed." Tsunada said. Naruto slowly took of the lid, before his eyes widened.

"No way." He said. Suddenly a small black fox kit jumped out of the box.

"Master!" It barked. Naruto fell backwards again. The fox did a front flip, before landing on Naruto's chest with a small thud. "Hiya! The nice lady said that there was a fox hanyou that was going to be my master! You smell like a fox, so you're my master" The fox yipped. Naruto looked up at Tsunada.

"You talked to the fox?" Naruto asked. Tusnada cocked her head.

"How'd you know that?" She asked. Naruto pointed at the fox.

"He said so." Naruto replied.

"He did." Kiba added.

"Since when could you understand a fox?" Sakura asked.

"Um…lets look back. The incident, remember?" Naruto asked.

"Oh yah." Sakura said out loud. Naruto rolled his eyes, and looked back at the fox.

"He have a name?" Naruto asked. Tsunada shrugged.

"Ask him." Tsunada said.

"You have a name?" Naruto asked.

"No." The fox replied. "Can you give me one?" He barked. Naruto thought a for a minute.

"How bout Kumori?" Naruto asked.

"Ooo! Yes! That one!" The fox now named Kumori barked. Naruto stood up, and cradled Kumori in his arms.

"Thanks Baa-chan." Naruto said happily.

The party had ended a few minutes ago, and Naruto was walking home with Kumori. Naruto had learned that black foxes were the rarest foxes in the world, and had been very hard to find. Naruto had asked Tsunada what had happened to the mother, and she had said that she had been shot and killed by hunters, and the rest of the kits had been captured. Kumori had somehow escaped. Now the small fox kit was walking at Naruto's side, looking around at the villagers. Naruto sighed as the roads got more and more busy. It was the end of the day, so many villagers were headed home from work. Naruto picked the small fox up, and placed him on his shoulder.

"Whatcha do that for?" Kumori asked.

"You wanna get trampled?" Naruto asked playfully.

"No thanks." Kumori squeaked. Naruto laughed.

"Get out you street rat!" Shouted a man with a metal club. He was trying to chase a familiar boy out of his store.

"Please! Can I just sleep here?" The boy cried.

"BEAT IT!" The man yelled, and made ready to beat the boy. Right as he brought the pole down, Naruto caught it in his hand.

"What are you doing to this little kid?" Naruto growled.

"Get out of here and crawl back into your den you stupid fox!" The man snarled.

"'Fox'? I was already going back to my den. But you ruined my walk. Are you forgetting who saved this village from Orochimaru and Gaara? Or how bout who saved it from Akatski?" Naruto asked.

"No demon fox would help this village! You tried to destroy it!" The man yelled. Naruto sighed, and with a slight twist of his wrist, bent the pole into a ring.

"Good thing I'm not the demon fox, huh?" Naruto asked evilly, lifting his headband from his demon eye, and turned his blue eye red. The man ran off running. Naruto re-covered his eye, and his other eye shifted back to blue. He turned to the boy. "Uh…why were you asking to sleep in the shop?" Naruto asked the boy.

"Because the rain last night washed away my box house." Toshiro replied.

"You live in a box?" Naruto asked. Toshiro nodded.

"The Hokage offered me an apartment, but people just vandalize it." Toshiro replied. Naruto looked up at the sky, which was getting darker and darker.

"Why don't we let him stay in your apartment?" Kumori asked.

"That's what I was thinking." Naruto replied. He helped Toshiro stand. "Come on. You can stay in my apartment." Naruto said.

"Are you sure that's okay? You don't have any parents with you?" He asked. Naruto laughed.

"Parents. Ha! That's a good one. C'mon." Naruto said, leading Toshiro towards his apartment.

I'm so happy I got this guest room made out of the empty room. Naruto thought as he opened the door to his apartment. He led Toshiro in, and closed the door behind him.

"Wow." Toshiro whispered, looking around the living room, and through the door into the kitchen. Naruto flicked on the light, and screamed. Gaara, Konkuro, and Temari were sitting on the couch.

"How the hell did you get in my house?!" Naruto yelled, pointing.

"Gaara." Konkuro said blankly. Naruto starred at the grinning red-head.

"You guys need a place to stay, I'm guessing?" Naruto asked. They nodded. "Toshiro gets the guest room. You guys can sleep on the floor or the couches and chairs out here or something." Naruto said.

"Thanks Fox-boy." Gaara said. Naruto glared at him.







"Temari!" Temari said happily. All starred at her. "It was getting annoying." She deadpanned. Naruto rolled his eyes, and began to walk to the door that lay at the end of the hall, right next to the door that led his room.

"C'mon Toshiro." Naruto said. Toshiro ran after him. Inside the room, was basically identical to Naruto's room, except it was missing the pictures in Naruto's room. "You can sleep in here as long as you want. We can go train tomorrow with the others." Naruto said.

"Thanks Uzumaki-sensei." Toshiro said. Naruto smiled tiredly as the moon's light shone through the window.

"Call me Naruto, kay? If you need anything, I'm in the next room over. Just don't try to wake Gaara up. His siblings are fine to play pranks on, but Gaara's a light sleeper." Naruto said before leaving the room. Toshiro sat on the bed.

"Beds are so soft…I forgot what they feel like." Toshiro thought out loud.

Naruto sat up, almost screaming. Gaara was in his room, starring at him. "Your little student's awake." Gaara said. Naruto slid out of bed.

"Thanks." Naruto said, and followed Gaara out of the room. Toshiro was standing in the middle of the living room, not really knowing what to do. "C'mon Toshiro. We can stop for breakfast somewhere on the way to the training grounds." Naruto said.

"Okay. I want you to show me what jutsu you can use." Naruto said. "But I want you to show me in a battle. Come at me with the intent to kill. In fact, see these two bells?" Naruto asked, holding up two bells that he had taken from Kakashi. "You will each have to take one of these bells. If you defeat me, you get one. If I defeat you, you try again." Naruto said.

"But Uzumkai-sensei. There's only two." Sora said. Naruto grinned evilly.

"Exactly. Only two of you will pass. The two strongest who pass will be on my team. The other will go back to the academy." Naruto said. "And….GO!" Naruto yelled. The three in front of him vanished in different directions. Naruto smiled.

"They're fast." Kumori yipped.

"Yeah. But They need to work together." Naruto barked back. (Yes, he can speak Fox. Don't judge me.)

"Oooo! Since when could you speak fox?" Kumori asked.

"Don't know." Naruto replied. Suddenly, Naruto ducked, avoiding a wave of kunai. The blonde turned. "Good. Good! Now how bout you not make so much noise?" Naruto asked Akhito. Said boy growled, and vanished once again. "He'll be back. They all do." Naruto said to himself. Suddenly, Akhito was in front of his again. "Told you.' Naruto sighed.

"Fine! I admit you're right!" Kumori yelled. Naruto nodded approvingly. Akhito dove at Naruto, his fist pulled back. Naruto easily ducked underneath him, and threw his own fist up, punching Akhito in the gut.

"Ha!" Naruto yelled.

"Oh shut up!" Akhito yelled, coming in with a kunai.

"No thanks!" Naruto yelled, and jumped backwards out of his reach. Suddenly, he heard the bells that he had tied around his neck jingle, signifying that someone was trying to grab the bells. Naruto whirled around, grabbed Toshiro around the wrist, and threw him into a tree. "You're going to have to do better then that!" Naruto called. Suddenly, he was tackled to the ground, Toshiro sitting on his chest, Akhito holding one arm to one side, and Sora held his other arm. Naruto chuckled, and closed his eyes. He could feel Toshiro reaching forward to grab the bells. Naruto's eyes snapped open, the pupils slits. "Heh!" Naruto laughed. In a huge blast of chakra, the three were lifted from Naruto's body, and thrown into a tree. "Why would you attack like that, with each other?" Naruto asked.

"Because we're a team! And we help each other!" Toshiro yelled.

"We need to work together as a team! That's how we succeed in missions!" Akhito yelled.

"We need each other, and we need to cooperate!" Sora yelled. Naruto grinned, and flashed a thumbs up.

"You pass!" All throughout the village, one word was heard.


And so began to team led by Uzumaki Naruto A team that would come to be known as Team Kitsune, an elite group of ninjas. The legend of Naruto's endless life has just begun. Much lays in store for Naruto and his team. The once weak Naruto has become the one thing that Konoha needs. A hero.

Yes, this is the last chapter. But soon, I'll be making the sequel soon enough. Yeah. But first, I'm going to be working on other stories first. I wanna know what kind of story to put up next. You can decide. The poll will end 3 days after today, and will end on the 11th of June. Here are the ideas.

Title: Kitsune Shinigami

Category: Naruto/Bleach

Summary: Naruto is a fox hanyou that lives in the forest, thinking that he could never be found. But when he is, he runs away to a place he thinks that he could possibly blend in with. Karakura in the normal world. Gaining new friends, and new powers, he finally learns what a normal life could be like.

Title: Vizard Shinobbi

Category: Naruto/Bleach

Summary: Naruto dies at the age of 15 in the middle of a battle with Sasuke. Naruto was condemned to live a life of loneliness, but will death be any better? And who would want to hang around someone who is a monster, with a monster inside his soul?

Title: Legends

Category: Naruto

Summary: The world has many strange happenings that nobody can explain. But the group called 'Legends' can explain almost everything. They have strange powers that humans cant even begin to comprehend. And they're the only ones who can save the world.

Title: Ryuukage

Category: Naruto/Inheritance Cycle

Summary: Naruto never felt excepted by anyone. He wanted a friend that he could truly trust. He finally found one, and it just turned out to be a dragon! Now Naruto and his dragon must find their way to the land of Alagaesia, and find where they truly belong.

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