When I awoke on Thursday morning by myself I felt the ache in my heart begin. Whenever Edward was away on a hunting trip I was always worried, even though he had reassured me over and over that he was not in danger. I stretched in bed and held my left hand up so I could look at my engagement ring. It sparkled in even the dimmest morning light.

The ring I had at first been so reluctant to accept was now my most cherished possession because Edward had given it to me and because it meant so much to him. With the wedding only weeks away I had accepted it and although it still didn't seem as necessary to me as it did to Edward, I wanted to make him happy.

I sat up and looked around my room in the soft morning light. A dense cloud cover filled the portion of sky I could see through my bedroom window. I looked at the rocking chair where I so frequently woke up to see Edward watching me and my eyes fell upon an envelope propped up against the back of the rocker.

I sprang out of bed and snatched it up, throwing myself in the rocker before I could fall. A square, cream-colored envelope held one word in Edward's elegant script: Bella.

The envelope was lightly sealed and I carefully slid my index finger under the flap, thinking this was no time to get a paper cut. Of course there was never a good time for me to get a paper cut. With trembling hands I unfolded a single sheet of paper and read the words Edward left for me.

My Dearest Bella,

I am so looking forward to taking you where we can be alone and quiet together. I want to look into your eyes and read what's written on your soul. To me you are like a source of pure air, a clear stream reflecting a deep pink sunset.

You are as delicate as a freesia blossom and a word of love from you is more precious than the most rare Tahitian pearl. The sound of your sweet voice, the echo of your footstep, a hint of your fragrance is all that it takes to propel me into ecstasy. This feeling is so intense I can almost taste it- almost taste you.

I try every day to be worthy of your love and I offer you an eternity of strength and faithfulness. I will never give up on you, no matter how hard it is for us to be together. When I am alone with my thoughts I know that your love was meant for me, no matter what stands between us. I love you more because I have to fight for you.

While I am gone please hear my voice on your pillow, whispering to you, telling you how very much I love you. Feel my arms around you, holding you close to me. Your face is never out of my mind. Your last kiss clings to my lips like fire doused with honey. When next I see you I will do anything you ask of me, with delight,

I remain, your loving Edward

I watched a teardrop fall on the bottom of the page, near his exquisite signature. I hadn't even realized I was crying. His words touched me so deeply my response was involuntary. I felt pure joy at reading his heartfelt words. How could I have contemplated leaving this man for even a moment? No one would ever love me this much; it simply wasn't possible.

Even though he wasn't here I felt his arms around me, holding me securely. His love enveloped me in his cool embrace. I read the letter again, savoring every word. His ability to make me happy when he was miles away was astounding but not surprising. He could do anything.

This letter would tide me over until he returned. Maybe I should request he write me a note before every hunting trip. I still wished he were here with me, but I could read his letter and feel him with me, secure in his love.

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