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"Randy, are you serious?" Natalie asked, in astonishment. Natalie had heard of Harley Quinn while she did share a passing resemblance and several personality quirks (loyalty that is almost a fault, clumsiness, among others) with Randy, she never thought they could be related!

"Yeah, I think so, but the last I heard of her was she was an intern at Gotham's Arkham Asylum…"

The Gotham police officer finished Lt. Disher's sentence, "where she fell head over heels for the Joker whose treatment she was put in charge of, he busted out, Batman brought him back, that night, she broke him out and we revoked her license. They've been in hiding and in and out of Arkham ever since. Together or separate. The asylum never keeps them long. One always busts the other out or gets out on his or her own."

Stunned by the latest news on his cousin, Disher sat down. "Oh my god. I-I-I doubt even her parents know. They're so proud of her for getting out of that small town… He's twice her age!"

"Randy, I think you shouldn't be on this case since a family member is involved. I'm reassigning you to Holmes/Crick case, the arson one." Capt. Stottlemeyer said to his Lieutenant.

"No, Captain, I'm gonna go to Gotham, find Harley and straighten her ass out before her father does! I might even kick The Joker's for good measure!" Disher, said standing up and walking to his car.

"I wouldn't advise that, Lieutenant. I don't wanna come back to Gotham and order a clean up team to clean your guts up from a Tilt-A-Whirl like the last guy who messed with The Joker." The Gotham officer said.

"I've got a gun." Disher replied.

"Yeah, well he has several!" The officer said, as Lt. Disher got in his car and took off.

Before he got on the interstate, he went home to get a few things. Clothes, cash, toothbrush, ect. Once back one the road, he didn't stop driving until he got to Gotham.

Around three in the morning, Disher knew he was getting close to Gotham. Everything was darker, dirtier, and dingier. Being so close to Gotham even affected him. He started to worry about his favorite cousin, Harley.

'I wonder what he does to her? Does he rape her? Hurt her, try to kill her? Do I want to know?'

Then, he started to feel depressed and thought it was all a lost cause.

'Maybe that other officer was right…I should just turn around and go home. I'm no match for the Joker. They'll probably have to clean my guts up from five different buildings if I try to find Harley.'

Anger wasn't far behind.

'If he harmed one hair on her head, I'll murder him and they'll have to clean his guts up from six different buildings!'

Soon after that last thought, Disher arrived in Gotham. He could see why the Joker and his gang took inspiration from 'The Crow.' Gotham City look just like the city in that movie! It was dark, dirty, and depressing.

It was a haven for law breakers. In his first five minutes in the city, Disher saw five separate drug deals. Usually, the Lieutenant would apprehend the stoners, but his mind was focused squarely on finding Harley and bringing her home.

Lt. Disher formed a plan of action in his mind. He'd check into a hotel, get some food and sleep, and when it got dark, he take a walk through the slums of Gotham. Maybe he'd find something that'd lead him to her.

Though, he wasn't getting his hopes up.

Around ten that night, Disher set out for Harley.

Generally, Disher was a naïve person, but not naïve enough to walk around this particular city late at night without his gun close at hand.

He walked about ten minutes and in that time range he was offered drugs by people half his age, offered sex by prostitutes that were either half his age or he was half their age, and asked for change by homeless men and women numerous times.

Suddenly, a speeding car passed by with loud music on the speakers, followed by a second without audible music. First car had voices in there singing along. They were probably going twenty over, but the first wasn't fast enough for him to not catch a small part the song that was blaring on the speakers.

I'm just a sweet transvestite!

"That's Rocky Horror! Harley loves that movie too! That could be her in there!"

Lt. Disher ran as fast as he could, trying to chase the speeding car, but it was in vain. Sort of. He got the license plate number…

"Any luck finding your cousin? Is she ok?" Natalie asked, on the phone with Randy.

"Sorta…last night a speeding car passed me blaring a Rocky Horror song. She loved Rocky Horror ever since she was sixteen."

"What's Rocky Horror?" He heard Monk ask Natalie.

"Mr. Monk, you don't want to know." Natalie returned her attention back to Disher. "So you think it was her?"

Disher sighed, "I dunno. Got the license plate number though. I'm kinda startin' to doubt it though. She always drove kinda slow. She was always paranoid about gettin' into an accident…"

"Well, look about who she's been around for the last few years! I mean, The Joker and his gang are exactly what you'd call fine, upstanding citizens." Natalie replied. "Maybe she wasn't driving at all. Maybe she was The Joker or someone." She added.

"Yeah…yeah, I think I saw four people in that car." The Lieutenant said.

He happened a glance at the muted TV. The morning news was on. On the news banner below the newscasters was the words "THE JOKER STRIKES AGAIN".

Disher reached for the remote on the hotel bed and turned the volume back on.

"Natalie, I'll hafta call ya back…"

He hung up before Natalie could say goodbye.

"Around nine thirty last night, the notorious Joker murdered yet another DA and torched her apartment. He was not caught, but his trademark playing card; a joker, was found at the scene."

"Oh God, Harley…what's he got you doin'?"