A/N: When I saw the episode called first kiss I couldn't help but write this, it's my first AlexXHarper, I hope it doesn't sucks, anyway tell me what do you think.

Rated: K

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"You can't believe what I have foud out yesterday!" Alex exclaimed when finally her and Harper returned home after another boring day of school.

"What?" the redhead asked curious.

"Justin have never kissed someone! Can you believe that?" she asked sitting on the couch, her best friend immediately followed her.

"No, but he has a girlfriend, hasn't he kissed her?" Harper asked curious.

"You won't believe it, but yesterday, instead of kissing her, he only shook her hand, he is such a nerd!" Alex exclaimed and both girls started laughing. When they stopped they looked at each other.

"Can I ask you a question Alex?" Harper said, she seemed nervous.

"What?" the brunette replied.

"Have you ever Kissed Someone?" the question went out more like a whisper and immediately Harper blushed, Alex had the same reaction.

"Actually I…It's just that…" she started but she couldn't admit it, so she did a thing she had never thought she would do. She leaned forward and brushed her lips against Harper's. Even if it was short she felt a shivers run up and down her spine and she felt her stomach tingle, it was weird but in a good way.

"Now I have" she whispered, her lips still close to Harper's, the redhead was smiling and she leaned in for another kiss.