Hey everybody. Mr. Average here with the alternate ending to "Jimmy's Valentine" But first I'd like to thank acosta perez hose ramiro, mrmuscle, and Pikachu407 for their kind reviews. The disclaimer's in the main story. This is actually the original ending I came up with, but didn't use it cause it's pretty weird. As for them as adults picture them like they looked in "The Tomorrow Boys" except without the cheesy silver jumpsuits. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Jimmy's Valentine Alternate Ending

"I'm sort of involved with someone"

"Really, who?" Cindy said her eyes narrowing slightly.

"Me" said a familiar voice before Jimmy could answer.

"Libby?! How could you?" Cindy said on the verge of tears.

"Like this" Libby said waling up to Jimmy and pulling him into a passionate kiss. Suddenly the couple was fading away into the distance as various thoughts echoed through her head.

"You had your chance" said a voice that sounded like Libby's.

"You never had a chance with me" said Jimmy cruelly. Cindy couldn't take it anymore.


OOOOOOOO!" Cindy cried waking up in a cold sweat.

"You ok?" asked Jimmy in concern. Cindy looked at her husband.

"I'll be ok. I just had a nightmare is all"

"Want to talk about it?"

"I dreamt that we were 11 years old and you were dating Libby and then you guys started rubbing it in my face…and…and…" Cindy couldn't continue has fresh tears started to fall. Jimmy pulled her into a hug.

"SHH, it'll be ok. I love you, not Libby. Besides Libby's married to Sheen remember? They have an 18-month-old daughter and a bun in the oven" The happy couple was expecting a boy in a couple of months. They stayed in their embrace a few moments before their door opened and a little girl with Brown hair and green eyes wearing pink pajamas walked in.

"Are you ok Mommy? I heard screaming" asked little three-year-old Jasmine Neutron. Cindy smiled at her daughter.

"Yeah, Mommy's ok. Sorry if I woke you"

"It's ok" she said sweetly as she climbed into bed with her parents. Jimmy looked fondly at his family for a few moments before Sheen burst into the room singing an axe.

"What's this I hear about you making out with my woman?!" he yelled in a rage, making everyone scream.


HHHHHH!" Yelled 11-year-old Jimmy as he woke up in his lab where he had fallen asleep working on a new invention.

"That's the last time I eat dad's limburger loaf.

The End

Told you it was weird. Hope you enjoyed the alternate ending. And before you go enjoy a little preview of the upcoming sequel, "Return of the Jimi" unless anyone has a better title for it. Without further delay here's the preview.

Jimmy and Libby were hanging at the candy bar sharing an ice cream sundae when a big rock fell out of the sky and landed in the parking lot.

"Déjà vu" Jimmy said to no one in particular. They ran out side and saw an intergalactic E-mail on the side of the rock.

"Must be April" Jimmy said as he pushed the play button.

"Jimmy Neutron" said April has her worried face filled up the screen. "We're under attack by the Yolkians and are in need of your help. Please come immediately"

Meanwhile in another galaxy far away King Goobot was cackling evilly.

"Soon we will conquer the Gorlocks and then, the UNIVERSE!"

"Yes, everything's going according to plan" said a mysterious person floating in the shadows.

I hope that was sufficient. I think it explains some of the plot without revealing too much. I'll post the sequel when I get a chance to write it. Until then, R and R please.