AN: NC17, MA, graphic unadultered sex ahead. Language, sex toys use, referral to anal sex. No YIM please.

AN: Takes place between chapter 1 and 2 of "All Thanks to a Genie"

~ooO An Intimate Interlude Ooo~

Twenty weeks later Kagome relaxed into the hot mineral waters and sighed. Changing into a youkai was the best thing that could have happened to her, ever! Without her transformation Sesshoumaru would never have really looked at her and considered her for an intimate relationship. She now knew it was not prejudice but old-fashioned ideals that were still strong even in her time, among humans. He wanted the best possible partner for himself, to have children with, to raise them to the high standards required of a ruling daiyoukai. He wanted a strong mate who could not only look after herself but any offspring, to give his heirs the best possible genetic and environmental advantage possible.

His own parents mated for similar reasons and parted once he reached a sufficient level of maturity. Sesshoumaru knew little of love. He did not seek it but he did not reject it when it was offered by one he cared for. In youkai culture the males looked for strength, endurance, and protective instincts in a breeding partner. The females looked for the same, for a male who would protect her and their offspring.

Kagome knew she would never have survived the youkai courts as a miko. She was powerful but as a human she didn't have the same killing instinct, the overwhelming ferocity to destroy all that would harm what she claimed. But now she had more than proven she had the same primal instincts as any born youkai. Sesshoumaru's training had helped her accept that new part of her without regret.

The nice thing about youkai constitution was the fast healing. Kagome still enjoyed long hot soaks but today she didn't feel the need to soak for very long. She was too restless, she wanted to move, to burn energy. Where was Sesshoumaru?

She stepped out of the pool and rubbed herself dry, tugging on a yukata though she did not bother with the ties. The fabric hung down exposing all of her front though she didn't care. She had warded a large zone around the hot spring and cleared it of intruders. She paced around the edge of the pool feeling the fires building in her veins. She knew she could find a suitable target and burn off her aggressive energies but she didn't want to do that. She wanted to expend them in a more… pleasurable way.

She cupped her breasts, teasing the hardening tips, scraping them with her claws. It didn't feel the same. She pouted and sat down on a weather-worn boulder. Idly she began rocking back and forth. The motion rubbed the curves of her bum against the grainy textured stone. She froze and stroked her seat with a finger. It was rough but without sharp edges.

She stood up and walked over to grab her bag and removed a small ceramic bottle of scented oil. She poured a small amount onto her palm and looked at the stone and her groin. How was she going to do this? She had promised Sesshoumaru she would not touch herself with her hands, or use her toys. After some thought she carefully poured the oil on the stone wincing. It was a horribly expensive Feudal Era concoction. Unfortunately she could not get a cheaper substitute from her time. The Well had been sealed to both her and InuYasha since her transformation. The only comfort was that she had a chance of seeing her family again. As a youkai she could live long enough to reach her time.

Gingerly she straddled the boulder, shifting discreetly so her nether lips spread, exposing her clit. A subtle shift in angle pressed her clit against the textured stone. She began rocking on the hard, oil-slicked surface, slowly at first, then more firmly.

The pressure, the friction, it felt so good! She rocked more frantically, feeling the tension building in her belly. She wanted Sesshoumaru! She whimpered as she ground herself down on the stone, pinching her nipples with her claws. The coil in her belly was twisting harder and harder, so tight she felt like she was coming apart… but she couldn't! She could see the edge but she couldn't reach it, not without breaking the restrictions her lover had imposed on her. Oh Kami she wanted his hands, his cock, his fangs, his tongue, anything and everything! The daiyoukai was passionate, inventive and an unexpectedly playful lover, not cold and stoic like she had imagined. He was her first lover and if Kagome had anything to say about it her only.

She just needed him! Right now!


Sesshoumaru gracefully stepped off his cloud just outside the warded zone Kagome had set up. It was a favoured spot. Idly he wondered if he should order the construction of a private retreat for just the two of them. Deftly he manipulated the wards and stepped over the threshold without tripping the alarms. It was a basic technique he had taught her and one he could by-pass being stronger and more experienced than her.

A faint smile curved his lips now that there was no one around to see. In the private confines of his own mind Sesshoumaru would have to admit he was happy. His bargain with Kagome had reaped far greater rewards than he had ever anticipated. In the course of teaching Kagome to control her energy manipulation talents they discovered they could also be used in other ways. More specifically to encourage regeneration and healing. She had coaxed his body into regenerating a limb over a period of three days. Something that would usually take years if not decades. Now he had a left arm, his own flesh, he was whole and unmarred. And she did not ask anything of him, citing it was just a down payment for all that he was teaching her.

That demurral was the first to make him look at her more closely. Most would seize the opportunity to win a favour, to have a hold on a Cardinal Lord. Kagome… she had just dismissed it casually. She truly hadn't expected anything from him, for what she had done. Every other bitch, even his own dam, had expected to be repaid for whatever favours they had done for him. Not Kagome.

He saw the character traits he had observed before were true even now. She was loyal, honest, relentless, and very passionate about what she believed him. He had not planned on seducing her but found himself unable to resist. She had such a fiery nature, he wanted to know if she was as fiery in more intimate arenas. She was. He had never had a lover so willing to submit and obey, to follow his lead without fear.

The days had been filled with training and lessons to use her powers and fight, the nights with lessons of a completely different nature. With each day she grew more skilled, closer to his level, a better match to be his mate, his bitch. He looked forward to the day he could make the claim before the courts, with no concerns about her ability to defend herself.

As he walked towards the hot spring he caught traces of a familiar aroma. By the time he reached the clearing edge he had a pretty good idea of what he would be seeing. What he did see intrigued him. His bitch was rubbing her nether lips against a boulder, but she was not using her hands or a toy, which he had disallowed. From her scent and flushed sweaty flesh she had been at this for a while. She was rocking frantically against the stone. He could see the muscles spasming beneath her skin. She had not violated his instructions but she had to be punished.


Kagome was in a frantic haze. Naraku himself could have waltzed in front of her and she would have ignored him. She needed to come!

A large clawed hand pressed against the small of her back, pressing her groin and sensitized flesh down against the stone then pushing her forward, across the stone. The sliding motion and pressure abraded her swollen clit against the rough surface, on the painful side of pleasure. She bit her lip to stifle a scream and panted heavily.


"Naughty bitch," he purred in her ear.

"Your naughty bitch," she agreed between heavy pants.

"You are breaking the rules," he noted in playfully disapproving tones.

"No hands. No touching. No toys. Only with your permission" she countered between softer gasps. "Boulder. Not a toy."

He was silent and for a brief moment Kagome thought she had gotten away with it.

Then he murmured something that sparked a familiar energy within her; a spell to make the carved jade orbs within her passage to vibrate against each other, her flesh, sending tremors throughout her core and belly. It was enough to make her come screaming against the now fluid stained stone. She grabbed the boulder between her knees, to keep from falling forward, inhaling rapidly to stabilize her pulse. She whimpered when he finally lifted her off the textured stone that was now slick with oils and her juices, exposing her private parts to the cool air.

Her equilibrium wobbled as he tossed her onto a blanket, flat on her back, limbs sprawling out, exposing herself to him. He was kneeling between her spread legs petting her wet aching flesh. She was suddenly very aware of the red silk cord between her legs. At the other end of the string were three golf-ball sized jade orbs strung on the cord. Sesshoumaru had inserted the toy at dawn to help her practice her ability to deal with distractions and conflicting instincts. Throughout the day he had randomly activated the spelled sex toy, arousing her body when she had needed to be focused on other matters. Kagome thought she hadn't done so badly though it had been hard, ignoring her instincts to chase him down and jump him.

She whimpered softly but did not fight when he hooked two fingers into her slit, pulling apart her lower lips to see. He played with the red cord emerging from her clenching hole, idly circling the opening with a thumb.

She could not stop the soft whining pleas. "Please…"

"What do you want?" he asked.

Her response was immediately. "You. Inside me."

He shifted his hands, using his left hand, thumb and pointer finger to spread her apart while thrusting two fingers from his right hand into her, rubbing against the thin slick walls clenching around him. He pressed higher until he felt the hard smooth surface of polished jade. Delicately he pushed murmuring a word to make the jade orbs vibrate. She whimpered and released more fluids around the toy and his fingers. He was tempted to lower his head and lap from her opening. He resisted the urge. For now.

"This one will not fit, with the jade orbs inside you," he noted idly.

Immediately she reached down between her legs and grabbed the silk cord, to tug down and away from her. He gripped her wrist, stilling her actions.

"No," he told her. At her questioning look he explained. "Not with your hands." He smirked. "This one wants to see them emerge from you, in the same manner our pups will one day be pushed out of your womb." He laid her other hand over the lower curve of her belly, pinning her down so she couldn't squat and use gravity to draw the toy out.

She blushed bright red but did not protest. Instead she bit her lip and complied, focusing on her inner muscles, tensing and relaxing them in turn, bearing down. Slowly the heavy stone balls began sliding down her channel and towards her opening. She blushed harder hearing the wet plop as they finally slid out and the soft clinks as they hit each other before landing on the blanket beneath her legs. She was breathing heavily and embarrassed but she lifted her eyes to meet his.

They were hot and streaked with red.

"Good bitch," he growled grabbing her hips and turning her onto her belly.

Instinctively she drew up her knees, shifting her hips higher in the air. He growled appreciatively and pressed down on her spine between her shoulder blades, pinning her down. She moaned as she felt something hard and thick glide along her, then into her. Sharp claws dug into one hip, keeping her still as he worked into her. She whimpered as her body stretched almost painfully around his girth but eventually took all of him without tearing, despite her smallness and his size. His hips were flush against her ass, rocking gently into her, the friction stroking her desire and need for him, for more.

Sesshoumaru found his eyes being drawn to the cleft between her buttocks. He cupped the clenching curves and pushed them apart to reveal the tiny hole hidden between. He ran a finger up and down, slipping into the virgin orifice. He had toyed with the idea of anal sex but she was too small, too tight for his cock. She needed to be stretched before he could take her there.

He grabbed the red silk cord and lifted the toy towards the small of her back. Deftly he began manipulating the slippery jade orbs into her ass. She gasped and tensed but otherwise did not protest or fight him. When the first orb slipped past the tight ring of muscles he stroked her hips murmuring appreciative praising words. She relaxed and the second orb slipped in quicker. This time her gasps and moans were those of enjoyment. By the time the third orb was lodged inside, she was panting and he could scent her fresh arousal, the new fluids drenching him. The fluttering grip of her sheath around him… Any other male would have climaxed but Sesshoumaru was made of sterner stuff. He smirked and activated the beads.

The sensations, of his cock in her cunt, the beads in her ass, the thrusts, the vibrations… it was too much. She came hard. He did not give her time to recover or end the vibrations. She was climaxing again, and again, and again. Her whole world was narrowed to few specific points, the thick shaft thrusting into her, the vibrations in her ass, his fangs against her neck. She sobbed and collapsed allowing him to do as he wished.

He was now lying above her, pressed flush against her back, most of his weight on his elbows as he rolled his hips into her. She was exhausted, sore, marked bloody by his claws and fangs, covered in his fluids and hers, thoroughly drenched in his scent. He snarled as he thrust his hips into her one last time, his seed flooding her womb as his cock knotted to tie them together. He had been so tempted to mark her with more than his seed. She was unconscious and did not feel as he stroked the base of her neck and the tops of her arms, the points where he would bite and claw, to inject his poison and power into her, to mark her as forever his. It was not time for that yet. But one day in the near future he would mark her. Everyone would know Kagome was his and only his.

Regretfully he rolled onto his side, lifting her leg over his. She made a soft noise but did not wake as he stroked her belly. He couldn't wait to see and feel her belly swell with their pups. One day. Idly he nuzzled the side of her neck resisting the urge to wake her for another around. She needed to sleep and rest.

Sesshoumaru found he was eager for dawn to come, to begin their journeys, to eliminate Naraku, to hunt the Shikon shards and reassemble the cursed jewel, to resolve her duties and responsibilities so she would be free to commit to him and only him.