A/N: I thought this would be funny. Different channels asking for DP to be on their channel, if you have any channel ideas review!

Danny: Well our show is still canceled, what do we do now?

Jazz: Technically it's not cancelled, Butch says it's just out of production.

Maddie: Hey, who's that guy?

4kids: Hi! I'm the director for 4kids network, and I am going to broadcast your show on my network.

Danny: GREAT!

4kids: But we'll need to make some changes, first.

Danny: Like what?

4kids: Vlad you're not going to be evil anymore. The whole 'kill Jack' thing is too mature for kids today. Instead, you're going to be Handy Vlad! With the power to control candy to give to all the kids. You can still keep that dumb costume though.

Vlad: WHAT! You can't do this! And my costume is not dumb.

4kids: Whatever. Dani and Ember's clothes are to revealing. Instead you can wear this. he pulled out a black bunny suit.

Dani: but that's a bunny suit!

4kids: Well we had to make some. . . cutbacks.

Dan: What about me?

4kids: Oh, you never existed. Too much killling and destruction is bad for kids minds. they might want to try and destroy the world or something. Can't have that now can we?

Maddie: Don't worry Dan, maybe you'll be featured in one of those old videos 20 years from now. Dan pouts and then goes on an angry rampage.

4kids: Oh, and Maddie and Jack Fenton, You're going to have to get rid of those ecto weapons. They're do dangerous to use on the set. So instead, you'll be using these. he pulls out 2 water guns.

Jack: WHAT!? No one makes fool of Jack fenton!

4kids: And Sam, keep the whole vegetarian thing going. But the goth look is too scary. Instead you're going to have to borrow some of Pollina's clothes.

Pollina and Sam: WHAT!

4kids: Danny, my main man. We revised your themesong to make it a little. . . sweeter, I MEAN cooler. here it is:

Who saves the day? DANNY! Lets go outside and play the superhero way! Ready? He's cool, and he fights ghosts and stuff. He saves the world, and learns the alphabet!

He likes chocolate icecream! He is super fast and other stuff like that.

he fights ghosts. SAve THE DAY! He's all happy, and he has friends, and he sings good!

Who saves the day? DANNY!

4kids: And we also might have to change your name to Danny Happy. Now how about sighning this contract?

Dan: I wonder if Dsiney channel has room for another superhero show?