As I said before, this goes directly after episode 37.

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Recap of last Episode: Athrun betrayed the chairman and ran away, while he was trying to escape he tried to bring the fake Lacus Clyne with him but she refused. He was nearing his escape when the guards almost caught him but Meyrin Hawke safely protected him. After that they both escaped in a GOUF but was pursued by Shinn in the Destiny and Rey in the Legend. They shot him down and returned to base. End Recap

As Shinn and Rey were passing down a hallway they found Luna in the hallway as well. Shinn had a look of guilt written all over his face but kept on going down the hallway while Rey stopped. As Shin passed by Luna He said "sorry." Luna had a look of shock on her face but instead of crying she instantly got angry at shin. "You kill Athrun and Meyrin because of an order and you got the guts to say sorry! You heartless bastard. You could of captured them but no! You had to shoot them down because he supposedly betrayed the chairman. What makes it worse is that you didn't protest against the order and shot them down anyways! You freaking heartless bastard! Get out of my sight!" Luna yelled.

Shinn was shocked but in his mind he kept saying he deserved it. As tears threatened to come down he kept on going. "You know, you might want to lay off him for a bit. He did actually show some hesitation in shooting them and it's not like he actually wanted to kill them anyways. He's been through a lot and you can't just go screaming at him for something he can't control. Next time, look at it from his situation instead of yelling at him because you lost your sister and your crush." Rey said. "Oh back off Rey. You haven't lost anyone in your life so you wouldn't know how much this hurts right now." Luna said.

"Although that is true at least I don't around to people and blame them for stuff that was out of their control. Shinn lost his whole family because of ORB and that's why he's so angry all the time. He lost the girl he loved because of some freak using her for military purposes. Wars can rip people apart Luna. Next time you say things like that to people look at it from his situation." Rey replied. With that Rey continued on down the hallway.

Luna's POV

Dam that guy! He tells me to look at it from another person point of view?! I just lost my dam sister and that's all he can say! Still... Maybe he was right. Shinn did go through a lot and the look and his face didn't exactly show that he was happy about it. But still! He killed them for God sakes. That is why I can't forgive him.


This went on for several days. Shinn having the guilty look on his face. Luna scolding him for killer her sis and her crush, and Rey lecturing her about her behavior to the matter. Luna was in the middle of screaming at Shinn again when they all heard something. "All hands please report to battle stations, I repeat all hands please report to battle stations. We are being attacked by Alliance forces, please report to battle stations " the intercom clicked off.

"I hope you both die out there you filthy bastards. They got suited up and ready for battle. "Shinn Asuka, Destiny, launching!" " Rey Za Burrell, in Legend, launching. " "Lunamaria Hawke, Core- splender, im taking off."

The battle was intense. Many people were dying. Rey had to go in cause the Legend too severe damage. It was just Lunamaria and Shinn. Shinn's comlink turned on. " Shinn return to the ship, the Destiny is running low on energy, if you don't return now you'll plummet right into the ocean" the comlink turned off. As Shinn was going to the ship he was that Lunamaria was in danger. He quickly saved her but he used almost all of his energy. Before it died out he wanted his last words to be to Lunamaria. He opened a comlink to her and began speak " Luna, I'm sorry for all the pain I caused you. I probably deserve all the things you said to me. I was heartless, and I wasn't thinking straight. I never imagined the end would be like this, but im glad my last words r going to be to you. I love you Luna, goodbye," those were his last words before his comlink shut off and he plummeted to the ocean.

He loves me? No, that can't be true. He loves that extended girl. But she died already. Why did he want his last words to be to me. Unless he really meant it. But still he killed my sister! I shouldn't be caring about someone who murdered my sister. But Shinn's going to die. It hit her. Shinns going to die. He's going to die. He's going to die. Those words echoed in her brain. Just then she put on full thrusters and flew straight to Shinn's Destiny. "Shinn!" She yelled.

His mobile suit hit the water and he took a lot of damage there. Luna's mobile dived straight into the water and quickly tried to land to a nearby island. While she was doing this she was spotted and blasted. Her engines were fried and she crash landed into the island with Shinn's mobile.

Shinn, No! He can't die. He just can't. I couldn't bear it if I lose him. Please be alive Shinn. Please. She got out of her cockpit and opened up Shinn's. She could see that there was a lot of blood on him and she thought it was from the crash into the ocean. She took him out of the cockpit and landed in the said. She removed both of their helmets and started to cry to herself. Why! Why did this have to happen to me. Why did he have to save me. He could of went to the ship to save himself. But instead, he went and saved me. I'm so sorry Shinn. I never meant for you to actually die. I don't want you to die. Please live.

As tears fell on Shinn, he slowly began to wake up. " Luna?" he asked. "Shinn! Your alive. I thought you were going to die. I was so worried back there." she said through sobs. " Why did you save me? I thought that you hated me for killing Athrun and Meyrin." He said. " I couldn't let you die Shinn, back there, I just couldn't lose you, even if you killed Athrun and Meyrin. Back there, did you mean what you said?" Luna asked in anticipation. "Yeah, I meant it, I'm sorry for what I did to your sister and Athrun. Also I'm sorry, I can't change my feelings for you. Your probably repulsed by me right now." he replied as he turned his head in shame

"Shinn look at me," she said as she rested her hand on his cheek. "If I saved you, why would I hate you right now? As I said before, I couldn't bear to see you die right before my eyes. Also im not repulsed about your feelings either," she said.

"Your not?" he asked with hope in his eyes. "No, im not repulsed Shinn. Im glad, because I love you too." she replied. As they looked into each others eyes, they leaned closer and closer together until they finally kissed. It was long and passionate. When the broke off they rested their foreheads on each others'

"I love you luna"

"I love you to Shinn"

Whatever was thrown at them after today. They would face it together, because they knew, that they both loved each other.

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